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12 Fashionable and flattering dress styles for the mother-of-the-bride

Shopping for your daughter’s wedding is very exciting. In fact, your daughter’s wedding is an occasion that gives you the opportunity to relive the excitement of shopping for your own wedding dress. This occasion is in fact more fun, since there are fewer rules, but more options. Although you may no longer be 20 years old, you are still fabulous and deserve to look your best on your daughter’s special day.

Nevertheless, there are certain factors to keep in mind when you buy your MOB dress. Let us look at what they are.

  • Every wedding has a color scheme and style. Be considerate and find a dress that works with the colors and the formality of the wedding your daughter has planned.
  • Look glamorous, but don’t upstage the bride with your dress choice. Make sure that your look won’t compete with that of the bride.
  • Although the above rule holds, this doesn’t mean you should dress down for your daughter’s wedding. Dress smart by making a choice that flatters your body type and makes you feel beautiful.
  • Make sure your dress works well with the wedding setting. It should be suitable for the weather at the time of the wedding, convenient to move around in and appropriate if there is a religious or cultural dress code for the event.

For more essential shopping tips for the mother-of-the-bride, we suggest you take a look at this post on the Knot website. 

Now, let’s move to the interesting part—Fashionable dress styles to choose from for your daughter’s wedding.

Every season shines the spotlight on new and evolving trends. Shopping isn’t the same when we cross 50, as our body starts to display signs of ageing. Nonetheless, there are plenty of stunning choices for women your age. All you have to do is keep an open mind. You are bound to find one that ticks all the boxes. Dresses for mature women are just as interesting as those for young ladies. The secret is to find a style that flatters your body type and is fashionable too.

So, first identify your body type. This will help you recognize dress styles that are sure to flatter you. This detailed guide on the 40 Plus Style website provides all the information you need. Check it out!

Then take a look at our list of fashionable and flattering dress styles available for mothers of brides. You are sure to find a hot and happening style that perfectly matches your vision here.

Dresses with sleeves


Most of us are reluctant to show off our upper arms, as these often show the signs of ageing. If this problem affects you, we suggest that you choose a gown with half or 3/4th length sleeves that covers up this area. You can further shift focus to another area of your body with a suitable design. We suggest a dress with a dramatic neckline or skirt to show off assets you are proud of. Remember that dresses with sleeves need another wow factor, to look beautiful. So, make sure your dress isn’t drab by choosing one with a statement style element that compensates for the long sleeves.

Fit and flare silhouette

This is a universally flattering silhouette, as the fit and flare suits almost every body type. While simple, it has an elegant finish and can be adapted to any dress length. The silhouette basically shows off the natural waistline, and has a skirt which flows away from the body. This makes it ideal for camouflaging thin or thick hips. Find a fit and flare dress of the length that enhances your body structure. Consider adding an accessory like a belt or sash, if you want to draw attention to your waistline. Choose short dresses if the wedding has an informal tone. Long fit and flare gowns are stunning, and the perfect choice for black tie weddings.



This versatile dress style is comfortable and perfectly suited for events in the summer. There is an undeniable sophistication and maturity to this dress style. Hence it suits older women. Mix and match pieces, or go for a set that flatters you with its colors and details. It is a good idea to choose separates with textures that differ in the upper and lower halves to make it more interesting. With the mix and match option, you can easily pick pieces that blend with the theme and also reflect your personal style. Peplum tops are also a fantastic choice that you can pair with pencil skirts or trumpet skirts for a stylish finish.

Draped dress style

The draped style as a trendy introduction to the fashion scene continues to be very popular. Your dress can feature draping in any area. It could be at the neckline, at the waistline or even in the skirt. The best part of this style element is that it instantly highlights the said area. As a result, it can be used to distract from a less attractive area. The draping can be tight and neat, for a formal look. Choose a looser drape for a less formal setting. With such a dress style, it is best to avoid other embellishments in the rest of the dress, or you may end up with a cluttered look.

Column or sheath dress

This silhouette is one of the most flattering for mature women. It has a simple, streamlined look and extends to full-length or features a shorter hemline. The sheath flows naturally, embracing natural curves. The benefit of this style is that it creates the illusion of curves, even while emphasizing a naturally curvy figure. This is a great dress style if you have a straight body structure, since it adds more curves than you actually have. Sheaths are available with lace details, in satin or  chiffon and other breathable fabric. The simple style makes it perfect to pair with statement accessories and jewelry for an elegant look.

Lace dress

Another classic that keeps reinventing itself, the lace dress is a safe bet for the mother of the bride. These come in a stunning range of options in fabric, design and style. Nonetheless, lace has a timeless charm that makes it an unbeatable choice. Either go with an all-over lace dress or choose one with smaller, scattered lace details. For a modern twist, opt for laser-cut lace or 3-dimensional lace details that make it more attractive than traditional lace designs. So, if you want to look your charming, feminine self at your daughter’s wedding, lace it is!

Color blocking

This is another style that allows camouflage of less desirable assets, while accentuating the areas of your body that you love. Color blocking can be done vertically, horizontally, or even in geometric or alternating patterns. The style you choose will determine the overall effect you achieve with it. It works on both tall and short women, and you have options in both long and short dresses. Make your color choice wisely, since this will decide the overall effect. Colors that are close to each other on the wheel have a slimming effect, while contrasting colors have a more dramatic effect.

Empire waistline

This is the perfect style to hide bulges in the waist and stomach area. The empire waistline rests above the natural waistline, with a bodice that cuts just below the bust. Most dresses with this feature have layered voluminous skirts that entirely hide the waist and hips. It creates a statement look, and is just right for a formal effect. Dresses that come with long, flowy fabric skirts are also suitable for outdoor weddings in garden settings or even the beach. The style shifts attention to the neckline and bust, adding more dimension to this area. So, it is a style to consider if you are naturally small-busted.

Bold prints

Best-suited for fun and casual themes, bold prints instantly uplift and make a dress look cheerful. So, let this be your go-to dress style if your daughter has a casual-theme wedding. Choose from geometric prints, stripes, florals or classic designs to find one that matches the theme. With bold prints, you do not need many accessories to complete your look. In fact, we suggest you keep the accessories to a minimum, so it doesn’t look too busy. Just a pair of statement earrings, or a pretty clutch should be sufficient to complete your look.

Rocking red

Red is a color that immediately steals the show, and hence one you should consider wearing. It has a cheerful, energetic vibe that will help you look ultra-stylish. So, choose a shade of red that matches your complexion, and you do not need more to be noticed. Red dresses, whether short or long, are equally attractive. Take care that the cut and fit flatter your natural shape and the silhouette fits snugly along your natural curves. Keep the jewelry and accessories simple, as the color speaks for itself. If you aren’t too sure of wearing the brighter shades of red, settle for maroon or wine red for a subtle effect. You may also want to make sure that the red you choose will go well with the colors in the wedding theme, before you commit to it.

Pastel and neutral combination

Here is another combination that will turn heads your way. Most neutrals combine beautifully with pastel shades to add elegance and sophistication to an outfit. These are age-appropriate combinations, that also give you plenty of accessory options. Pair it with a printed clutch, glitzy earrings or a statement necklace and shoes to be a glamorous mother of the bride. The combination goes well with pearl jewelry, and it also works with silver, gold or platinum finishes.

Embellished neckline on long dark silhouette

If there is one detail you should nail when choosing your outfit, it is the neckline. Most women over 50 prefer to avoid deep and low-cut necklines, that draw attention to their chest and jaws. So, pick a dress with a high neckline, like a halter or scoop with embellishments in the area. The benefit of this style is that it is simple, yet stylish. Embellishments like embroidery, sequins or even crystal and rhinestone details look beautiful against dark colors in the rest of the dress. When such details appear on a full-length gown, it is easy to adjust the rest of your look for the formal occasion. You can also find plenty of shorter dresses in our collection with details confined to the neckline alone. These are better suited for semi-formal and casual wedding themes.

Now, tell us which of these styles do you like most?

Do you prefer the glamorous deep dark colors or classic lace and prints that will never go out of style? Take your time to decide. For it isn’t everyday that your daughter gets married. So, plan your look carefully for this special once-in-a-lifetime occasion and make sure everyone remembers how happy and beautiful you looked on this day.

All the dresses featured here are from our Mother-of-the-bride collection at Best for Bride. They are available in a range of sizes and some of the dresses are available in color variants. We suggest that you take a look at the Mother of the bride dress collection here for more details on these dresses. You can also see the rest of our collection here.

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Valentine’s day Wedding Ideas

Valentines day

Valentine’s Day, the official day when love and lovers are celebrated worldwide, is almost here. Could there be a more romantic day for a couple in love to be married on?

This article on discusses the many legends about St. Valentine. One of them suggests that this day is celebrated in memory of a saint who defied Emperor Claudius’ rules that outlawed marriage of young soldiers. He took it upon himself to conduct the weddings of young lovers in secret, thus defying the law. So, you do understand that there is a tale that associates this day with weddings. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that this is one of the most romantic days ever, and you do not need a reason whatsoever, to get married on this special day.

If you are indeed planning, or even considering getting married on Valentine’s day, here are some ideas to perfect your special day. So, here we go.

Colors for your theme

red bouquet

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s day? Is it a red heart? Or perhaps it is red roses! Whether it is either or these, or anything else, there is a red hue associated with it, isn’t it?

Valentine’s day has and will forever be linked to the color red. So, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see red ruling your wedding color palette too. However, you can always change the style of things to bring your own unique element into your wedding day. I liked this idea on the Knot, that suggests you go with another color palette like black and white, and incorporate the red in subtlety. You can do this by simply using red as your accent color, and adding it in moderate quantities throughout your décor. You could perhaps accessorize your bridesmaids with red bouquets or waistbands with a different color for their dresses. Or, you could use red ribbons to bring your flower arrangements together. Either way, the idea is to not overpower with red and make it obvious, but to use it in moderation so the impact is subtle but still there.

Wedding invitations

Your guests will expect your wedding day to have motifs and symbols of love, when you announce your wedding on Valentine’s day. So, don’t try too hard to step away entirely from this idea, or it may seem disappointing to at least a few of them who are excited about the romantic aspect of getting married on this special day. Set the stage for a grand celebration with a wedding invitation that is romantic, but doesn’t go overboard with Valentine’s day details.

We have two stunning wedding invitations to suggest. Both these suggestions are entirely different from each other, but are equally perfect for the theme. Take a look.

The first card brings together the two essential symbols of this day—hearts and roses, in an enchanting design. The tri-fold invitation features the bride and groom’s names on the top, within an open heart with a rose slipping through. It seals the deal without too much red. Find more details about this card at this link.

Our second card is an extravagant expression of red, with white being the accent color that highlights the deep red heart symbol and makes it so special. A pocket invitation with beautiful cut-out details, it is a work of art in every way, with a satin ribbon in your preferred color adding a touch of luxury. Don’t you think it is beautiful? Find out more about ordering this card for your special celebration by visiting our website here.

Wedding Cake and Flavors

Did we hear someone whisper “Red Velvet?” The traditional Valentine choice, we think your guests will also expect the same. So, how about surprising them with an ombre cake that will also be a spectacle in pink and red, instead of a simple red design all over. You can also consider cakes decorated with rose petals for a romantic and definitely attractive effect. Now, if you aren’t a total fan of red, consider keeping the cake nice and pretty with pink instead and having a surprising flavor like strawberry that is appropriate, but unexpected.

We think it is a brilliant idea to keep the colors subtle, but focus on the shape instead. A heart shaped cake is a romantic icon like no other, and this is what we would love to see at a Valentine day wedding.

Take a look at this tiered beauty from our Natalya cake collection, which is simply elegant in its simplicity. A simple mixing of pink and white are used to create a classic cake that everyone is bound to love. To see this cake, and more designs from our cake vendors, visit this link on Best for Bride.

Bouquets and Flowers in the decor

Red roses are synonymous with Valentine’s day, and using them will add unparalleled charm to your wedding day décor. Make it a part of your wedding bouquet, and use roses and petals in the décor to create a romantic ambiance that everyone is bound to associate with the special day. Now, if you are to be married in a stark white wedding dress, your red rose bouquet will simply pop against the brilliant white, making you a mesmerizing beauty.

Now if you aren’t such a great fan of bright red, you can choose maroon, merlot or even pink flowers for your bouquet and décor. You could even mix up the deep dark red flowers with white or pink for a textured look. Here is a sample bouquet from our florist. Don’t you think it is great for a Valentine wedding.

Other flowers that are equally striking in their red hues are tulips and carnations. So, if you don’t want roses, these are the other options you can consider.

Wedding dress in red

You don’t have to think twice about wearing red lipstick on your wedding day. But, if you want to really max up on Valentine’s day in every way, how about choosing a wedding gown that is bright red and superbly stunning? Here is a wedding dress from our Alfred Angelo collection that is just perfect for the Valentine’s day look. A fairy tale ball gown in brilliant red, the sweetheart neckline and flower detail at the waist make it stunning and elegant.

Now, if you would rather prefer to go with our initial suggestion of working with a neutral palette with just the right hints of red as accents, we have the right gown for this too.

This beauty from the Alfred Angelo collection, is a unique statement gown with just a hint of red in the neckline in the front of the gown. The actual magic lies in the back, where the corset back leads to a wide band of red all the way down to the semi-cathedral train of the gown. The pretty detailing on the borders of the dress are what make it truly spectacular. Your guests will certainly make note of this unusually attractive design, as you stand with your back facing them during the wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaids in red

If there is one way a bride can make sure her bridesmaids will be happy, it is by choosing a dress that they can wear again. When you opt for a red bridesmaid dress, the chances of this happening are rather high. With another Valentine’s day to arrive in the very next year, they will definitely consider hauling this dress out of their closet for it, if not before this on another occasion.

If you visit our bridesmaid collections at Best for Bride, you can find any number of red bridesmaids dresses. This one-strap bridesmaid dress from the Mori Lee collection is a definite winner, since it is both flirty and fun.

The ruffle details on the side, as well as the neckline make it a dress that anyone is bound to love. We are sure that your bridesmaids will eagerly await your wedding day, when they can dress up like a Valentine in this beauty. Check out this dress as well as the other options we have in bridesmaids dresses from this collection here.

Wedding favors

There are plenty of options in wedding favors for a Valentines day wedding. You will not need red to make your chosen favor perfect for this day. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm ifyou do so either. This article on the Candystore blog page suggests jam jar favors where red preserves and jams are arranged in transparent jars and covered with pretty cloth and bow tie decorations that feature hearts.

Now if you don’t want to make it all about the red, an option you may like is the Fused in Love double heart wine stopper from our wedding favors collection.

fused in love wine stopper

In a delightful twist to the traditional heart motif, this wedding favor features two hearts fused into one in a stunning silver finish crafted out of aluminum and alloy. It is a stylish and functional gift which your guests will enjoy using, and it will constantly remind them of the Valentines day they celebrated your wedding on. .

Another favor you may like to take a look at, especially if you have your heart set on a casual wedding style are these “Bet on Love”, heart shaped playing cards that are also very interesting.

playing cardsFind out more about ordering them by visiting this link to our Best for Bride wedding favors page.

Red shoes for the bold bride

red shoes

Here is an idea for the bold bride, who wants an air of mystery around her. Consider switching your traditional white wedding shoes for ones in red. Since it will be hidden under your wedding dress for greater part of the day, it will be that secret something that only you may know about. But once you are on the dance floor and twirling around to the notes of the music, we are sure your guests will quickly notice the bright red that occasionally peeps out when your dress slightly moves. Don’t you think it will be pretty exciting? Or the other idea is to simply use shoes with red soles or a red sticker on the sole for an equally intriguing and mysterious effect.

Wedding décor with rose petals

roses and candles

Here is a brilliant and equally romantic idea we spotted on the All women’s talk blog page  They suggest decorating the ceremony aisle with a rich bounty of rose petals. How romantic is the idea of marking the path towards your wedding altar with red petals that are the very symbol of love itself. When freshly strewn on a white aisle runner, we are sure they will create a spectacular effect and also that your wedding photos taken at this time will pop from the lavish dose of color.We think this is definitely one of our favorites, and an idea you should try for your big day.

Now, listen to this idea for your reception table decor—we think you should decorate the tables with beautiful centerpieces that have lovely scented candles resting among a scattering of rose petals. Choose dim lighting for your venue, and your guests will enjoy their own candle light dinner, and love the romantic ambiance that you conjure up with this arrangement.

We hope we’ve shared some practical and feasible ideas for your Valentine wedding. You can use these ideas even if you aren’t having a Valentine wedding, but are planning one on similar lines, any time of the year.

Visit us at Best for Bride for more inspiration on planning your dream wedding. Whether you want a red wedding dress or a white one, and for every one of your other wedding day needs, we have the solution you need. Check out the different services we offer by visiting the Best for Bride website, and get in touch with us for any assistance you may require.