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How to add color to your bridal outfit

The traditional wedding gown is white, and it is an eternal favorite that is difficult to replace. You can always choose a colored gown if you want to defy tradition, but let’s face it, nothing says you are a bride, like a white wedding dress.

Nevertheless, you may wish to look unique on your big day, and create a statement look with something that sets you apart from the hundreds of other brides you see everyday. And, color is the way to do it. Just a few doses of color in the right place will enhance your wedding day look, and here are our suggestions on how to do it right.

Brightly colored shoes


The extent to which your shoes will be on display on your wedding day will depend on the length of your dress. However, there is no denying that a colored shoe adds personality to a wedding outfit. How about choosing a blue shoe, for your something blue? Or, if you have a colorful palette, match your shoe to the colors in your décor, and it will blend in perfectly.

Colored Wedding dress linings

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Add a colorful shadow to your white wedding outfit with colored dress linings or an underskirt. This article on the Offbeat bride introduces the idea of colorful bridal petticoats in crinoline for the perfect pop of color in your bridal outfit. This works perfectly with a short hemline, and would add a stunning casual vibe to an informal wedding. Don’t you think it will work great at an outdoor garden wedding? It isn’t overwhelming, but is very interesting.

Bright bridal jewelry


A stylish and sophisticated way to add color to your wedding outfit, bridal jewelry using colored gemstones are both striking and appropriate. You options include: emeralds for green, turquoise for blue, quartz for pink, garnet for brown etc. Or go for bright chunky necklaces and bracelets if your wedding has a colorful theme with bright tropical colors. Accessorize to match the colors in your wedding theme, and you will have just the right accents for your wedding dress. Choose your hairpieces with these colors, and imagine how beautiful your wedding photos will be.

Colored waistbands

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Colored satin waistbands were one of the hottest bridal trends on bridal shows for 2015-16. Neutral colored waistbands were featured with pure white wedding dresses, and trust me when I say the effect was stunning! Why don’t you add this simple, but stunning addition to your wedding wardrobe, and make your wedding dress more attractive. Match it to the color of your bouquet, or to the other colors in your wedding palette.

Colorful stole, wrap or jacket

Suitable for cool weather, this is an idea that will allow you to sport the all-white look at your wedding ceremony, and then add an interesting element to your outfit in your wedding photographs. Perfect for strapless and sleeveless dresses, choose your warm wedding accessory in a bright color that goes well with your wedding palette, and you will have a versatile option that keeps you warm while looking great too.

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Which of these ideas will you be incorporating into your wedding?

Whether you want a colorful wedding dress, or a gorgeous white dress, check out our collection at Best for Bride. You are bound to find one that you will love.

8 thoughts on “How to add color to your bridal outfit

  1. Because so many people choose a white wedding dress, I always recommend that jewelry is the best way to add the color.

  2. For the youngsters out there, the pink shoes fit the bill!

    1. I thought the same thing. They stand out like a sore thumb and really speak volumes.

  3. These are good ideas. I think you could add color with the bouquet or just flowers in your hair?

  4. Jewelry is the best option, right? It is something that can be subtle, unique an add just the right amount of color.

    1. I was thinking the same thing….there are so many options when it come to a necklace or earrings. They are easy to change out and can add just the right shade to any type of dress.

  5. This is a fun topic. I’m an older bride (40s) so I wanted to break a bit more rules. I went with magenta (major wedding theme colour) tango shoes + going to have the bouquet/stem wrap be in magenta as the flowers are mostly white with some accent lime (minor wedding theme colour). Jewelry, other accessories & dress will be more traditionally coloured, white.

    1. I agree with you. Colors at your wedding are important and as long as they match well, you should be good.

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