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Things to remember when buying your wedding dress second-hand

Nothing beats a brand new wedding dress, but we all know how expensive it can be! It may not be possible to find that perfect wedding dress you always wanted, if you are on a limited budget. So, let us think of what is the next best option. You can either buy a second-hand gown, or rent your wedding dress from a reliable wedding store.

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Buying your wedding dress second-hand is not a bad idea, as it will have been used just once before. If you are lucky, you may even find a gown that still has the tags on, if the bride who originally bought it later changed her mind after buying it. Either way, one thing is certain; the price will be a lot lesser. Nevertheless, there are a few questions you should ask when taking this route, and here they are.

Was the gown professionally preserved?

A once-worn wedding gown can quickly age, if it wasn’t preserved properly. So, it is wise to find out whether the gown has been preserved professionally following the wedding. Although a gown can be priced at less than 50% of the original cost, it isn’t always worth the price, if the gown hasn’t been properly cared for. A well-preserved wedding gown, on the other hand, will be as good as new, and you can be assured that you are getting the best deal for your money.

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Are the alterations reversible?

Any bride who buys a wedding gown will have performed minimum alterations, so it fits her exactly. Since it isn’t likely that your measurements will match hers, you may have to further alter the gown to fit you. So, it makes sense to check on what alterations were carried out, and if they are reversible. This article on the Bridebox suggests that you ask for the actual measurements of the second-hand gown, and not the measurements that it originally came with, to understand whether it is the right choice.  Remember that it is always better to buy a bigger gown that you can take in.

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Always deal with a trusted and reliable seller

The last thing you want is to buy a gown that is a knock-off, when you want to start off your marriage on a perfect note. Avoid this by asking your seller for proof of purchase. This will also allow you to check when the dress was purchased. If it was professionally preserved, ask for receipts of that as well. This will allow you to check whether the gown was preserved immediately after the wedding, and not when the seller decided to put it on the market. Since you will most likely be keeping the gown after your wedding, you must make sure that it received good care from the time it was out of the box.

Exercise caution and pay attention to the details, when you buy a pre-owned wedding dress. This way you can not only realize your dream of wearing the perfect wedding dress, but can do it with satisfaction.

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9 thoughts on “Things to remember when buying your wedding dress second-hand

  1. I never thought about asking whether a used dress was “professionally preserved”. That would make a huge difference for me.

    1. I think you are right to be concerned about the storage of the dress. That is a big deal.

  2. Reversible alterations! That is a very good point. I am going to have to add that to my list of questions for the seller.

    1. This is a great tip. You have to look closely as most are done very well and hard to see.

  3. I would assume this would go with using your mothers or grandmothers wedding dress right?

    1. I would think the same thing. Just be cautious and make the right call.

  4. It is hard enough to find a dress to buy, now you have a list like this to worry about. Getting the dress can be so stressful!

  5. Looking at the reviews of the shop that you are dealing with will give you some insight of what you can expect from them. Good luck if you are going this route.

  6. Good tips. These should all be considered when buying a dress that is used. I get that you will save money, but there are some bear traps out there you do not want to get your hands in.

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