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Looking for Consignment, Used & Preowned Wedding Dresses in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie

Important: Until further notice we do not accept dresses on consignment

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If you are a soon-to-be bride, you must be quite eager to find your dream dress. But, does the cost of new wedding dresses worry you?

We know that the current COVID situation may have affected your wedding plans. You may be looking for ways to cut down on wedding expenses. In these uncertain circumstances, you may even wonder if it is wise to splurge on a wedding dress?

But it is your wedding day, after all. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Haven't you dreamt of this day since you were a little girl? How can you be a fantastic bride without a gorgeous dress?

We understand your dilemma and would like to help. So, we came up with the idea of Consignment wedding dresses!

Preowned wedding dresses at Best for Bride (Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie) is the next best thing to new wedding dresses. It is a beautiful selection of second-hand wedding dresses in perfect condition.

Let us explain how this works.

Many brides are eager to sell their wedding dress after their wedding. If the dresses are clean and in good condition, we readily accept them into our bridal dress consignment collection.

If you are a bride on a budget, you can check out this section in our store. Our bridal consultants will help you with your choices. Now, suppose you need alterations to make a suitable dress fit. Our seamstress will tell you if it is possible.

You can buy the dress if and only when you are 100% satisfied with every aspect. So, you will not only get a bargain price but also an enjoyable bridal shopping experience. Does it get better than this!

Benefits of buying a consignment wedding dress from Best for Bride

Have you ever wondered why wedding dresses are so expensive? Well, these dresses use large quantities of expensive fabric. Designers also spend a lot of time on each dress. In short, the price justifies the cost of material, effort, and time involved.

Unfortunately, we know how disappointing it can be when you cannot afford these pretty dresses!

If cost is not the concern, you may be worried about the sustainability aspect of a wedding dress. Isn't it a shame that most wedding gowns are worn only once? Meanwhile, the construction process and materials have a huge environmental impact.

It does not matter whether your concern is the cost or carbon footprint. Say goodbye to your worries with our preowned bridal gowns!

The dresses in our wedding gown consignment section are in pristine condition. Before adding them to our collection, we make sure that they are clean and damage-free. We inspect each dress in detail and guarantee quality. If you are lucky, you may even find unused dresses that are out of the original packing. The best part is that, for all these benefits, the prices are unbelievably low.

Now, if you are not too keen about the shopping experience, put aside your concerns! Forget about scouring through shabby dresses in used wedding dress stores. And no more settling for what is available in your size.

Our team believes that every bride must enjoy wedding dress shopping. So, we offer the same customer service for second-hand bridal gowns as new dresses. We will make you feel special when you shop with us. Our consultants will clarify your doubts. We will help you make an informed decision. If you need wedding dress alterations, we can even assist you with it.

At Best for Bride, what you see is what you get! There are no unpleasant surprises. So, what do you say, ready to dive into our consignment dresses?

Frequently Asked Questions - How to buy Consignment and Preowned Wedding Gowns

1. I want an environment-friendly wedding. Is a consignment dress a sustainable choice in Toronto?

Yes, consignment bridal dresses are more eco-friendly than new wedding dresses. Wedding dresses have a significant environmental footprint. They use a lot of material and labor. However, most of them remain in a closet, never used again after the wedding.
By choosing a consignment wedding dress, you will be giving such dresses a fresh lease of life. It compensates for the materials and labor that went into the construction of the dress. You can also avoid the use of any new resources for your wedding. Hence consignment wedding dresses are sustainable and eco-friendly.

2. Will I be able to find a consignment dress in my size in Toronto? Are consignment dresses available in all sizes?

The wedding dress consignment section at Best for Bride has a large variety of dresses. We accept well-maintained, damage-free bridal dresses in all sizes. So, you should be able to find a selection of dresses in your size in our collection. Nevertheless, do not worry even if the dress you like is not your size. Our seamstress will check if it can be altered to fit you. If it is possible, you can use our alteration services to make it fit.

3. Are consignment dresses better than rented wedding dresses?

Consignment wedding dresses are second-hand preowned gowns. Rented bridal gowns are store samples. However, when you choose a consignment dress, you get a beautiful designer wedding dress at a bargain price. As the owner of this dress, you are free to alter it or customize it as you choose. Meanwhile, you have limited options to alter a rented dress. Although some consignment bridal gowns maybe more expensive than rented wedding dresses, they are not as costly as new dresses. You do not have to return a consignment dress. You can keep it or even sell it.

4. How is shopping for a consignment wedding dress different from shopping at regular second-hand Toronto wedding dress stores?

Many brides dread second-hand wedding dress shopping as the choices are awful. This is often true of regular second-hand bridal stores. However, our bridal consignment section at Best for Bride in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie is different. The dresses in our consignment collection are in excellent condition and free from damages. We offer the same service to brides, whether they are shopping for consignment dresses or new dresses. Our experienced bridal consultants assist you to choose they style of your dream dress. We also have alteration services for consignment dresses. Overall, you can enjoy a fantastic bridal shopping experience with bridal consignments.

5. How soon should I shop for my Toronto consignment wedding dress?

Since consignment wedding dresses are not made-to-order, start your search early. If you want a specific designer or style, you need more time to find the right one. Inform the consignment store in advance and they will update you when your preferred piece is in stock.
Start shopping at least nine months before the wedding. However, if you are open to options, you can shop in the last few months leading up to the wedding. Nonetheless, leave enough time for alterations. If the dress is not the right size, you may need one or two alteration sessions to make it fit.

Why you should sell your bridal gown through Best for Bride

We perfectly understand your sentimental attachment to your wedding dress. After all, it is the most special dress you will ever wear in your lifetime.

But, let us be practical - do you think you will ever use it again?

Many brides hope to gift it to their daughter in the future. But is there any guarantee that she will use it?

Then, why don't you sell your beautiful wedding dress? Imagine how happy you would make another bride!

Also, did you know that a used wedding dress in good condition can sell for 50% or more of the original price? So, how about recovering some of the money you spent on your wedding! Or make a little extra to get something special for your home?

Now, the hard part is finding a reliable and serious buyer. This is where we come in!

If your wedding dress is in good condition and clean, we can find a place for it in our consignment section. Don't worry if you haven't dry cleaned it yet. We can help with a professional dry cleaning to keep your dress in perfect condition at a small additional charge.

Still unsure? Let us tell you about the benefits of letting us handle your wedding dress sale.

Firstly, you will not have to answer hundreds of phone calls, texts, and messages related to the sale. Even better, forget about having to entertain strangers who come home to check out the dress.

Instead of going through this trouble, leave the hard work to us. Hundreds of brides visit our store every month. So, your dress will be accessible to all these potential buyers. Additionally, our bridal consultants will expertly identify the right buyers. By directing them to your wedding dress, your chances of selling it just improved.

Many brides base their decision on whether they can alter a wedding dress. This single option will sometimes make or break a sale. Fortunately, we have a talented seamstress to handle this task.

Once the sale is complete, we collect our commission and transfer the rest of the money to you. Could it be any easier?

Just in case we are unable to sell your dress before the consignment period, don't worry! You can either take the dress back or renew the consignment period.

So, are you interested in selling your wedding dress through Best for Bride?

Then, please email us at following info:
  • Your Full name
  • Contact phone
  • Dress style
  • Designer
  • Color
  • Size
  • Purchased From & Year Purchased
  • Original Purchase Price (before tax & alterations)
  • Description of any alterations
  • Dry cleaned (Yes/No)
  • Share a few pictures of your dress

If it satisfies our selection criteria, our team will contact you to discuss the rest of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions - How to sell Preowned and Used Bridal Dress

1. What does consignment wedding dress in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie mean?

When you consign your wedding dress, you entrust your dress to Best for Bride for a specified duration. However, you will continue to be the owner of the dress during the consignment. Best for Bride will market your preowned wedding dress to our customers and try to sell it. Once the dress is sold, we will take a part of the money as our commission. The rest of the amount will be transferred to you.

2. How much is my used wedding dress worth?

The resale price of your used wedding gown will depend on its age, condition, and the collection it belongs to. A dress that is less than two years old can be up to 50% of the original cost before taxes and alterations. Used high-end couture designer dresses can sell for more than 50% of the price. For a better estimate, contact our team. We will evaluate your dress and suggest an accurate price.

3. When do I get paid when I consign my wedding dress?

In a wedding dress consignment, you will be paid only after the dress is sold. The dress will be in our custody and we will market it during the consignment. However, you will continue to be the owner. When the sale happens and we receive the payment, we will collect our commission and transfer the rest to you.

4. Is it better to sell my dress online or through Best for Bride in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie?

Your prospects of selling your bridal gown are better when you choose Best for Bride Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie. Hundreds of brides who visit our store will see your wedding dress. Most brides prefer to see and evaluate a wedding dress before buying it. While giving them this opportunity, we also take the burden of entertaining strangers off your shoulders. We further assist with the sale by offering services like alterations and customization. These options are not available online. So, it is a hassle-free, convenient solution for your needs.

5. What happens if you are unable to sell my dress during the consignment period?

Our team will discuss the duration of the consignment with you before the contract. We will most likely be able to sell your wedding dress in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie during this period. In the rare case that this does not happen, you have two options. You can either take your dress back. Otherwise, you can choose to renew the consignment at a reduced price.

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