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No-fail ideas to keep kids busy at your wedding

Many couples prefer not to include children in their wedding reception. It could be the difficult task of keeping them occupied, or the worry that they will cause too much distraction. So, if you have a list that includes these young guests, you are being very considerate.

Having young children attend your party means more planning than before. Nevertheless, many wedding parties involving children have happened without many hiccups, and you can do the same at yours. All you need is to plan some entertainment to keep them engaged throughout the evening; give them great food, and they should enjoy it just as much as the other guests. Here are some ideas to try at your wedding, so the little ones are engaged and have fun.


Plan a play space

You cannot expect children to sit still, and enjoy a serious party like adults do. If you do, they will simply squirm and whine, and spoil the fun of the party. So, plan a separate space for the children, which will be filled with activities to keep them busy. Art-and-craft centers are favorites, where they can entertain themselves. Just make sure that you go with options that aren’t messy, and there is plenty for all of them to indulge in.

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Appoint a babysitter and/or hire an entertainer


While most of the parents will manage their tiny tots, at least a few would appreciate the chance to engage in some conversation and enjoy themselves in the other activities at your wedding. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of another responsible adult, who can manage the kids. Consider hiring the services of a babysitter or two, to attend to the children. If there are quite a number of children from different age groups at the wedding, set up an entertainment plan for the kids and hire a professional who can either put up a show or plan games for them. Face painters, clowns, comedian, puppet artists and magicians are always loved.

Plan their menu carefully

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If most of the kids are very young, seating them down to a five course meal wouldn’t be a good idea. Rearrange the menu choices and throw in child-friendly food choices, when planning their meal. The service should be such that they will not be forced to wait. Substitute gourmet adult food choices with those that kids love, in their menu. You can also consider sending out a few options, and having parents choose what the set menu. This will eliminate confusion, and they will get what they are most likely to enjoy.

Make arrangements so they can rest and nap

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If the guests are really young and your reception is in the evening, they will most likely be tired and sleepy before the evening is over. Take this factor into consideration and make arrangements for them to rest or nap comfortably, should they require it. This will allow their parents to relax and enjoy the evening, without disrupting their child’s schedule.

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With a little planning and preparation, you can easily make your wedding party child-friendly. And, don’t forget that kids love gifts. So, choose some awesome party favors. For more wedding tips and advice on planning your lifetime celebration, visit us on Best for Bride.

6 thoughts on “No-fail ideas to keep kids busy at your wedding

  1. Always one of the great challenges and honestly one of the things that I am trying to figure out myself. Having a “babysitter” or play ares seems like the best option.

  2. If you are going to have a later wedding and reception, encourage your guests to leave the kids with a babysitter, right?

  3. Children can be hard to wrangle in to begin with, now get them all together and for a few hours at a time. I like the “play area” idea and will most likely look into that. You can always “employ” an older teen to take care of it 🙂

  4. This is why I would prefer a smaller wedding with just adults. I do not think it is a bad request.

    1. I think this is just fine. If the couple cannot comply, they can stay home, right?

  5. This is one thing that I have been thinking a lot about. Paying a “babysitter” sounds like a great idea and at least you know the children will not be getting bored.

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