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Fun Wedding Reception Ideas


One of the best parts of a wedding is getting the opportunity to share your celebration with your family and friends, many of which probably help keep your love alive with your new spouse through the experiences that you shared with them before you were married. This celebration typically takes place in the form of a reception where your guests are able to share a special moment with you in order to offer their congratulations and celebrate with you properly.

Many couples choose to make the reception a formal event that is filled with fancy foods, desserts and wines. Most often there is a dance floor that can allow the happy couple to continue to be swept up in their fantasy while they listen to special people make heartfelt speeches on their behalf.

While this is a fun and exciting way to celebrate your special union, there are also some whimsical and perhaps funny ways that you can celebrate with your guests as well. If you are looking for a more laid back approach when it comes to your wedding reception or are simply looking for a way to make the time you spend with your guests more fun, the following ideas are a great way to accomplish this.

Remember the Good Times


Chances are your guests were a huge part of your life when you were going through the dating process with your new spouse and you probably have quite a few memories that you have developed with them.

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One great idea that can help make your guests feel as though they are truly a part of your special day is to include pictures of them with you as a part of your reception décor. This will be a great item to add as the guests make their way to the reception area and find their seats.

Party Games – They aren’t just for birthdays


When we think of party games, we typically think of a kid’s birthday or a baby shower. However, there are some creative ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding reception as well.

Instead of allowing guests to wait in boredom for you to make an appearance, give them something to do instead. One cute idea is to provide each person at the table a puzzle piece to a puzzle that must be solved before they can find what is on the menu for the evening. This small game will give them just enough time to enjoy themselves while you are preparing to make your big entrance.

Make an Entrance

When it comes time to steal the show and present yourselves to your guests at the reception, don’t be afraid to go big. This can be a huge icebreaker and you will have fun adding this fun element to your wedding planning.

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Some cute ideas might be, riding in on a scooter or some other vehicle, dancing through the doorway, having a band or your musical selection announce your entrance or, something braver, like swinging on a rope.

Surprise your Bride/Groom

Nothing captures the moment better than presenting your new bride or groom with something that can help them remember the day even better. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Some people have written songs for their new spouse and others have read a poem aloud to them.

Whatever your own special talents are, don’t be afraid to show them off for your guests and for the person that you love the most.

Your wedding reception can be an exciting time to celebrate your new life with your friends and family. Whether you are looking for a serious time or something a bit more amusing, there are some great ideas out there that can help you remember your day even better and to make your guests enjoy themselves as well.

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  1. Such great ideas! I have read hundreds of magazine’s these days, but your post made me excited, we’ll diffinetly try these.

  2. Love these ideas, there are some really original ones in there! And we’ll also add a GLITTER DANCE FLOOR to get everyone to dance.

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