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Wedding Embarrassing Moments and How to Avoid Them

Embarrassing moments can happen anywhere, but they seem to stand out when they occur at a big event like a wedding. Some wedding embarrassing moments can be avoided. These true wedding horror stories may have left one bride blushing, but they don’t have to happen to you.

Many brides spend weeks if not months choosing the perfect dress. Not as much thought is usually put into the shoe selection. Often, the shoes are covered by the gown. The wedding day is an emotionally and physically demanding day. One bride regretted her shoe choice when she landed face first on the dance floor in her 5″ spike heels. To avoid such a disaster and sore feet the following day, choose a stylish, yet sensible shoe. Also, practice walking in the shoes days before the ceremony.

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One surprisingly common problem embarrassing moment during the wedding ceremony is the groom passing out at the altar. Several video clips of unconscious grooms falling to the floor have been passed around the internet and even appeared on television. The fainting is often blamed on heavy alcohol consumption the previous night or low blood sugar from a lack of eating.

Heavy drinking can cause numerous problems the next day. Dehydration can be severe after binge drinking. One suggestion is to celebrate a few days prior to the wedding to avoid intoxication or dehydration during the big day. The groom and bridal party may want to either avoid alcohol or drink in moderation the night before the wedding. If the groom or bride are avoiding eating due to nervousness or nausea on the wedding day, consider eating some toast or plain crackers to at least be able to remain upright at the altar.

Tumbling wedding cakes are another common embarrassment. A large cake can be considerably heavy. Flimsy tables collapse under the pressure. Please make sure the table is up to the task of holding the cake.

Wardrobe malfunctions are another embarrassment. The bridal gown has never been worn for an extended period of time before the wedding. Therefore, the bride is not likely to be aware of potential hazards. Broken straps, unsupportive tops, ripped skirts, holes, and tears can leave any bride blushing. One recommendation is to keep an emergency sewing kit for quick repairs handy at the venue. Also, brides should inspect the craftsmanship of the dress prior to purchase. There’s nothing wrong with buying an affordable gown, but the gown should still be of good quality. Keep an instant stain remover at the reception for a quick touchup of any small stains.

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Texting at the wedding is poor etiquette, especially if the one guilty of texting is the bride, groom, or member of the wedding party. Remind everyone to turn off cell phones prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

We can’t control all sources of embarrassing moments. Family members and friends may act impulsively or drink too much and embarrass themselves. Though we can’t prevent those types of faux pas, we can prepare to reduce the damage from a situation when it occurs.

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  1. Agreed! That was super-awkward. I saw also in a wedding that the wedding ring stuck around the middle of the bride’s ring finger during that all-important exchange of rings. Haha, did get a laugh out of it!!

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