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New Wedding Trends For Environmentalists

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to get in the way of being an environmentalist. There are some new trends for 2015 that are environmentally friendly but don’t require you to sacrifice any aspect of your wedding day.

Boho glam is the new theme for weddings in 2015. A Boho glam wedding involves locally cut wildflowers in your bouquets and on your guest tables. It lets you get away with wearing colorful feathers in your hair without the need for any other accessories.  Though if you do want other hair accessories flower halos or headbands are also a good choice. You can even have a wedding crown made of dried flowers, some of which give off a scent you and your guests will love. You also have a great excuse to avoid wearing makeup that was tested on animals by choosing wedding makeup that is environmentally friendly.

While we all want to treat our guests to some sweet and sugary desserts at our wedding there is an environmentally friendly alternative to offering a dessert bar. Oversized treats such as large lollipops made from natural ingredients and organic cookies with or without organic frosting are better for both the environment and your wedding guests.

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If you love being outside but would rather hold your wedding inside it’s perfectly okay to include outdoor décor in your indoor wedding. You can always line the aisle with branches and dress your wedding reception up by stringing up lights around the dance floor. The lights can be made using real flowers in order to bring a little bit of the outside world inside. The tables can be decorated using plants and moss.

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Simply doing your part to preserve the environment might not be enough to satisfy you so if you want to give back even more, consider having a wedding for a cause. You can do this by informing your guests that the gifts they purchase off of your wedding registry will go to the charity of your choice. Other choices include asking your guests to simply take the money they would have spent on your wedding present and donate it to charity instead. If you have one near and dear to your heart you can ask your guests to support that particular charity or you can encourage each guest to choose the charity they prefer.

A lot of couples in 2015 will be continuing to give back by incorporating some volunteer work into their honeymoon. You can easily do this without sacrificing the majority of your honeymoon in order to help others. It might even be the case that performing volunteer work on your honeymoon will bring you and your new spouse even closer together while helping out those who need it.

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In the coming years weddings will likely become about more than just the couples getting married. Best For Bride is a great source for anyone who wants to plan a wedding that involves giving back to the world.

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  1. Its helpful for me and also for all. We’ll be using the one most sustainable materials on earth for the decoration – Bamboo. And of course, mini stalks of lucky bamboo are always a favorite favor. Thanks, Happy life XD

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