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Tips on Designing Bridesmaid Dresses for Beach Weddings

Many a bride has found that designing bridesmaid dresses present a challenge worth taking. You have to consider many factors like differences in skin tone, body and face shape as well as personality when designing a fairly uniform bridesmaid dress that will make all the bridesmaids happy. You will soon find that choosing your own bridal dress for your beach wedding was a breeze, pun intended, than choosing the bridesmaid dresses!

Fortunately, you can keep these helpful tips in mind when deciding on the bridesmaid dress that all your beautiful ladies in waiting can wear with smiles on their faces to rival the radiance of the sun during sunrises at the beach.

Weather Conditions

Depending on the location of your beach wedding, weather conditions will vary. For example, if you get married in Florida, you can either experience a subtropical climate or a true tropical climate depending on what region of the Sunshine State you are in. And there is also a difference between being married on the lakefront and on the riverfront.

Thus, you must design the bridesmaid dresses according to the prevailing weather in the wedding locale. If you get married during the autumn, be sure to include wraps to shield your bridesmaids for the cold. If you tie the knot in summer, then tube tops and spaghetti straps are excellent ideas.

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Dress Construction

The bridesmaid dresses must be made of materials that are breathable, skim the body gracefully and present a picture of ethereal beauty. Ideal textiles for this purpose usually include cotton blends, silk, satin and chiffon. Rich fabrics such as wool and velvet have absolutely no place in a beach wedding!

Also, you have to ensure that the dress construction allows for the abovementioned ideal textiles to flow smoothly over the bridesmaids’ figures. Think of the images of sea goddesses rising out of the sea with their flowing garments moving with the wind and you get the idea – no stiff corsets and whalebone skirts please!

Beach-y Length

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Have mercy on your bridesmaids. Their bridesmaids’ dresses must allow them freedom of movement in the sand and sea. Of course, they are not expected to take a dip but at least they should be able to walk without restraint on the soft sandy beach!

Thus, the length of the bridesmaid dress must be ankle-length at most. Knee-length is ideal although you also have to take into consideration the wind conditions as you don’t want your bridesmaids to be holding on to their skirts to prevent peep shows from happening. Not everybody wants to be Marilyn Monroe, after all.

Minimal Embellishments

When it comes to beach weddings, the less embellishments on the dress, the better. You have to avoid formal details like beadings and sequins because these do not belong on the beach. Instead, opt for natural-looking embellishments like thin ribbons and subtle lace overlays, maybe even a corsage instead of a bouquet.

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Again, designing bridesmaid dresses present a challenge for most brides. But with beach weddings less formal and more casual, your life as a bride will become so much easier.

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