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Wedding Invitations Don’ts

Much is already written regarding wedding invitations – the do’s and the don’ts as well as some budget tips. Well, this article will not be in so stiff a competition against those pieces as this will only focus on the “what not to do’s” in wedding invitations.

1. Don’t forget to double check

Most of the time, your wedding invitations are printed at once – together. Therefore, if one has a tiny error, all the other invitations will have that same mistake. Still, it doesn’t hurt to recheck. You may have not noticed that one invitation has an ink smudge. Surely, you don’t want to send a partially dirty invitation to your guests.

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In addressing your invitations, don’t forget to recheck if the names and addresses are spelled out correctly. There’s nothing worse than sending out a card to a friend whose name you can hardly spell. This act looks sloppy and insincere.

2. Don’t let someone with a messy handwriting address your wedding invitations.

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Etiquette requires you – and any couple who is planning to get married – to hand write your invitations. This allows you not only to save on printing costs; this also makes the whole invitation gesture more personalized.

As such, it is important that the person tasked to write on the wedding invitations has a legible handwriting. If you cannot find a close friend who will fit this qualification, you can always hire the services of a professional calligrapher.

3. Don’t forget to use full names

When addressing your wedding invitations, always use your guests’ full names. While using nicknames somehow shows that have a very close relationship with your guest, you don’t want to ruin the “formality” of the event. Remember, weddings are a formal occasion – this is precisely the reason why mother of the bride dresses are as expensive as wedding gowns!

Thus, use Mr. and Mrs. Mackinley Taylor rather than Mr. and Mrs. Mac Taylor. Of course, in writing the names of your guests, use the proper titles. Know who are the doctors, the engineers, and the honourables.

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4. Don’t send out envelopes with spelling mistakes

When you committed an error in the name of your guest for example, don’t scratch out that mistake. In fact, you must never send the invitation using that envelope at all. Instead, use fresh envelopes -start again. With this, it is important for you to order a few extra envelopes from your wedding invitations supplier.

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5. Don’t write “and guest” on the envelope

If you don’t know who your single friend will be inviting as her date, then don’t write “and guest” on the envelope. It looks awkward. Instead, put the note inside the envelope. This gesture still connotes that you will welcome whomever she will be bringing to your wedding but you did not announce this fact to the whole world.

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Wedding invites may only account for a small budget in your overall wedding financial requirements. These little cards will have lesser budget whether you are shopping for wedding dresses in Toronto or in Montreal. Still, you cannot deny the fact that their significance to the success of your wedding is inversely proportional to their size -and budget! Without them, no one would come to your wedding.

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