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Your Guide to Wedding Favours Selection

The whole idea of planning for your wedding is stressful. You have so many things to consider: the venue, the entourage, wedding favours and of course, your wedding dress! Finding your perfect gown is a bit challenging especially if you are eying for plus size wedding dresses.

Even if you hire professional help to take care of the gruelling parts of the planning, as the bride, you still find it hard to simply take yourself out of the picture. As such, you personally take care of a few aspects of the planning, especially those that are close to your heart – such as choosing wedding favours.

Wedding favours are important because they immortalize your gratitude to your guests – meaning, even after the ceremony, your guests will remember your wedding simply by looking at the tokens that you give out. Thus, it’s important that you properly choose your wedding favours. Here are a few tips in getting the best wedding tokens:

1. Get unisex wedding favours.

While you can account for the number of your male and female guests, doing so is sometimes unnecessary, especially if this is solely for the purpose of wedding favours assignment. To save time and energy, you might want to get items that are unisex. This way, you won’t have to get stressed every time the number of female and male guests changes. Distribution will also be hassle-free since there is only one type of item to give out.

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2. Order a few extra wedding favours.

Make room for adjustments by ordering a few extra wedding tokens. This will protect you from having nothing to give in case there will be a few uninvited and unaccounted guests. Some people will always tag along a friend or a spouse and you can’t control this. So, to keep yourself from worrying about not having enough wedding favours to distribute, get a few more.

3. Align your wedding favours with your theme.

As with anything else, a wedding must be properly planned – it must express continuity. Therefore, you must get wedding favours that are in line with your wedding theme. If your wedding is a black tie event, then don’t give out tokens that feature Disney’s cartoon characters.

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4. Choose favours that are reflective of your interests.

Wedding favours are an extension of your husband’s and your life. Therefore, make sure that you choose those that have a touch of your likes and dislikes. It’s your wedding after all – it’s but proper that you choose items that you want to receive and things that have value to you.

5. Don’t hesitate to be cost-conscious.

Some bride-to-be’s are afraid of choosing cheap and less costly favours because they are worried of what their guests might think. Don’t be part of this impractical group. With the recession and incessant closing down of businesses, you need to be practical if you were to have a decent wedding ceremony. Don’ be afraid to get economical wedding favours; more often than not, you can get fabulous tokens at very reasonable prizes if you know where to look and who to tap.

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Choosing wedding favours should not be done haphazardly. As mentioned, these are the items that will continuously remind your guests of your wedding even after they’ve stepped out of the reception party. Thus, it’s but proper that you get symbolic and useful items and that you take care of this task personally – if possible. is all about plus size wedding dresses, wedding favours and everything else about the most important day of your life. Whether you are looking for your perfect wedding dress or a wedding theme idea, the site has much to offer. Visit the site now and prepare to be mesmerized by a million and one great finds!

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  1. Thanks getting married. Love these fabulous selection of yours and also we’re going to make our own gift tags using seeded paper which grows into beautiful wildflowers.

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