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Want to be the Perfect Wedding Guest? Here are a Few Pointers

Are you invited to a friend’s or a family member’s wedding? If so, then you might be checking your closet now for the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and of course, the perfect handbag that will go with your planned outfit. Or, you might be concerned as to what the dress code specified by the bride and groom really means? When they say formal, do they mean that it’s a black tie event where wedding dresses, including guests’ dresses, need to be full-length and dressy? Or, are you concerned that when you go there, you won’t have friends to talk to or socialize with?

To appease you from all these unnecessary worries, you might want to take note of the following reminders. These cover almost all aspects of the wedding ceremony, from wedding gowns to wedding favors and socializing skills.

1. Follow the dress code

Wedding invitations usually bear the preferred dress code. So before you hop from one shop to another, you must first understand what the couple requires you to wear. You might already be checking bridal boutiques that sell expensive wedding dresses and formal gowns when all you really need to wear is semi-formal attire.

Now, the last thing that you want to happen is to be over- or under-dressed for the occasion. The other guests may not be that vocal about their side comments on your out-of-place attire but analyzing what their stares mean is very stressful for you.

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Therefore, to keep this scenario from happening, you must know and understand what the dress code means. If you are not sure, ask the bride or the groom. It’s better to be sure than sorry.

In addition, refrain from wearing white as you might compete with the bride’s gown. There’s a purpose why wedding dresses are white – that is, to distinguish the bride from all the other ladies in the room, including you.

Some cultures discourage wearing black during weddings as well. If yours is one that adopts this tradition, then follow it.

2. Socialize

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A wedding is a social event. Therefore, you must interact with the other people in the ceremony. This comes with the invitation.

Of course, since you have spent a fortune for your perfect outfit and your make-up, might as well put that “more beautiful version” of yourself into better use. Who knows, you will meet your Mr. Right there. So, the next time that you go shopping, you will be spending your time in the bridal dresses section already.

3. Come with a wedding present

Out of courtesy to your friend or your family member, do bring a wedding present. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gift that caught your fancy while you passed by the wedding dresses racks. You can always get inexpensive yet useful items such as kitchenware.

To be invited to a wedding is a privilege – much more if you are part of the entourage. Therefore, if you have been invited to one, make the most out of it. Do everything in your power to be the perfect wedding guest!

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2 thoughts on “Want to be the Perfect Wedding Guest? Here are a Few Pointers

  1. Thank you so much it is really helpful, also I always put in mind that if only your name is written on the invitation, Only you are invited. Lol

  2. Thank you so much been looking for one just like it, I am going to a small church wedding next month and i have had no idea what to wear. Just few pointers but so much helped!!

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