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How Not to Make a Nightmare Wedding Makeup: Top 10 Makeup Artist Mistakes

10 The Most Common Mistakes Makeup Artists Make on Brides

Modern brides do not do their makeup, preferring to entrust the task to real professionals. In this case, every future wife wants to look flawless – well-groomed skin, expressive look, and the makeup should not be shouty or add age; at the same time, it should match the holiday attire. It doesn’t matter whether the celebration is a simple wedding or a big celebration, the bride always wants to look beautiful.

It’s also worth noting that the profession of makeup artist in recent years is becoming more and more popular, and there are a lot of job openings. It is not surprising because many brides stopped to paint themselves for such a solemn event. Moreover, not only do future wives want to look beautiful but flawless, but makeup also absolutely does not mind having a graduate; the services of makeup artists are used for photo shoots and, in any other cases, where a woman wants to be irresistible.

You must have a beautiful dress and perfect bridal makeup to move confidently down the aisle without worrying about your appearance. While planning your look, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the ten most common mistakes during wedding makeup to ensure you look flawless when the cherished “I do” is said. 

Of course, all the significant issues regarding wedding makeup are agreed upon in advance. An important rule should be followed in this situation – the more questions, the better. It is best when the makeup artist asks the bride to specify what makeup she usually wears, what she prefers: regular or neutral lipstick, how to make up her eyebrows and many other things. With the help of these simple questions, it will be possible to get the desired result.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes a makeup artist can make while doing a bride’s makeup for her special day:

Not getting a makeup test

You don’t want to book a photographer for your wedding whose work you’ve never seen. The same applies to wedding makeup: if the bride wants to hire a makeup artist for the big day, doing a bridal makeup test beforehand is a good idea to avoid unforeseen surprises. It’s worth noting that a trial makeup will not only allow you to figure out exactly how the bride will look at the end, but it will also allow you to know exactly how much time you’ll have to spend on it. Many brides want to test makeup because, on the wedding day, they are in the center of attention and should feel impossibly attractive, not caring about the fact that the eyes are too bright, the lipstick is inappropriate and other problems. 

In addition, it’s essential to think about the festive look ahead of time and prevent potential mistakes because fixing the “day-to-day” problem – is incredibly stressful, and it is not always possible to do it. A wedding makeup test will also allow you to determine if your chosen makeup artist is right for you. The final choice of a makeup artist is influenced by many factors, ranging from personality and aesthetics to their skill at creating various looks, including the look the bride wants. A trial makeover will let you know you have found the right professional.

An essential rule for brides: it is worth choosing a makeup artist who can work with different types. For example, when applying makeup to the face of a mature bride, you should use a minimum of glitter, which may accentuate wrinkles.

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Applying too much makeup

The wedding day is far from the best time to experiment with unusual new looks. If the bride is a fan of modest images and minimal makeup in everyday life, then on the wedding day, you do not need to do bright smokey eyes with red lipstick. Makeup should emphasize the bride’s natural beauty and match her style.

The golden rule of a bride’s makeup is to take it a step above the way you make up in your everyday life. At the same time, it should be kept in line with what you do in your daily makeup so that you can be recognized by the guests for this festive event and not faze the groom. 

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Overdoing it with blush

Of course, the bride should have a slight blush on her cheeks on such an important day, but this issue should be approached as carefully as possible. The wife-to-be should look radiant, but it is worth remembering that the girl is likely to be nervous, accompanied by a blush. The best solution is to apply a small layer of blush in a natural pink shade to the cheeks. 

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Ignoring finishing powder to fix your makeup

A constantly glowing face in wedding photos, a floaty makeup that makes the bride look like a clown is the worst dream a bride can imagine. A professional makeup artist should apply a special finishing matting powder to the bride’s face to fix the makeup well if you omit this product. As a result, the makeup can float, flake or disappear at all at the end of the celebration. In addition, camera flashes can make the skin too shiny, and with matte powder, you can avoid this and get quality pictures in the end.

Using new undiscovered products on the wedding day

On the wedding day, under no circumstances should you use new products. In this situation, the bride is at significant risk from skin reactions in the form of rashes, redness and poor quality cosmetics, which can float already at the beginning of the celebration. Even if you plan to use new products, it’s best to test them during a makeup test 1-2 weeks before the event.

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Using non-water-resistant products

Often a wedding is quite an emotional event, taking all day and even a significant portion of the night to celebrate. The last thing a bride should worry about now is the quality of her makeup, especially after she sheds a tear during the ceremony or in between dances. Also, brides need to remember that it always gets hotter than usual underneath the wedding gown and the glare of the cameras. 

That’s why you need to use long-lasting products during bridal makeup to minimize the risk that by the evening, the bride will be a panda with smeared mascara and crumbling shadows, dripping blush and tone that will be imprinted on the dress. The most crucial rule is always to use waterproof mascara with silicones and a waterproof foundation that can last much longer, even if the bride cries and starts wiping away tears.

Overdoing it with foundation

Previously, before the advent of photo retouching, many brides resorted to putting a massive layer of foundation on their faces to make their skin look flawless. But with the development of modern digital technology, a completely different approach has become relevant: it’s best to use a lightweight but water-resistant foundation on the face so that the bride’s skin has a natural look, rather than looking like she’s wearing a wax mask. 

It is also worth noting that some makeup artists advise their clients a few days before the festive event to apply self-tanner to the face. But this is not worth it. You need to find out the result. In addition, if the face is a solid contrast to the body, it will look unnatural. Such experiments are best abandoned, leaving your skin tone naturally.

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Inconsistency with the context of the venue

For example, suppose the marriage ceremony concept is that the bride will marry barefoot on a sandy beach in the middle of a hot day. In that case, the makeup artist should not do her black tuxedo-ace and apply burgundy lipstick. If the ceremony is held in a luxurious hall and the bride has chosen a queen’s outfit, she definitely should not look like a commoner. That is why it is worth discussing in advance with a makeup artist what will be the background of the celebration – the concept of marriage, what will be the wedding dress and so on. Also, be sure to consider your image’s vision through the bride’s eyes and her wishes. 

Not applying makeup to the ears or the breasts

A busy and exciting day can significantly affect the bride’s skin – red ears and breasts will not beautify the hero of the occasion. After the hair on the head is constructed, the makeup artist should apply a skin tone concealer on the ears and the chest – a thin layer of foundation with shimmering particles. After applying the products, use a fixing spray so the makeup doesn’t rub off the dress.

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Incorrect eyebrow makeup and false eyelashes, which weighs down the image

Brides (and all women) must remember that your eyebrows shape your face. If you give them a pronounced graphic shape or trim just before the wedding, there is a good chance that you will face a natural disaster during makeup. It is best not to be stingy and go to a good beauty salon for professional eyebrow modelling with wax, and it is best to do this procedure seven days before the wedding date.

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Also, for forming expressive looks, the eyebrows are responsible for eyelashes. It is worth thinking twice before you glue false eyelashes during the wedding makeup. Often, they are a mistake, especially if the bride has not resorted to such beauty manipulations before. The false eyelashes can be too bulky, bring discomfort while wearing or even fall off right during the celebration. In addition, they can create a huge shadow under the eyes in photos. It is best to replace the false eyelashes with quality mascara. 


Brides devote all their attention and energy to choosing a wedding dress. But makeup is no less significant part of the solemn image. Almost everyone will look at the bride’s face today, and the photos will remain for years. To have a flawless look in the pictures and not regret how you looked on the day, you need to avoid the most common mistakes described in our article.

By avoiding the most popular ten wedding makeup mistakes, the bride will feel attractive, confident and relaxed on the day she celebrates her love. Remember, the best wedding makeup is the one that allows you to appear to your groom as the best version of yourself.

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Summary: Wedding Makeup Mistakes

  • Not getting a makeup test: Brides should always have a trial makeup session with the artist to ensure their look is perfect and to understand how long the application will take.
  • Applying makeup that doesn’t match the bride’s usual style: The bride’s wedding makeup should be a slightly elevated version of her everyday look.
  • Overdoing it with blush: Excessive blush can look unnatural and should be avoided.
  • Ignoring finishing powder to fix your makeup: Matte powder helps to fix makeup, preventing it from smearing or flaking and the face from appearing too shiny in photos.
  • Using new, untested products on the wedding day can lead to unexpected skin reactions or poor-quality cosmetics spoiling the bride’s look.
  • Using non-water-resistant products: Given the emotions and longevity of weddings, water-resistant products are essential to avoid makeup smudging or melting.
  • Overdoing it with foundation: A light, water-resistant foundation is recommended for a more natural look.
  • Inconsistency with the context of the holiday: The makeup should suit the context and style of the wedding, for example, beach vs luxury hall.
  • Ignoring other visible skin areas: Makeup should also be applied to the ears and chest to ensure consistent colour.
  • Incorrect eyebrow makeup and false eyelashes: Professional eyebrow modelling is suggested, and false eyelashes can be replaced with quality mascara to avoid discomfort or unnatural appearance.

FAQ: Common Bridal MUA Mistakes

Why is a makeup test important before the wedding day?

A makeup test allows the bride and makeup artist to plan the bridal look, ensuring it meets the bride’s expectations. It also helps to estimate the time needed for makeup on the wedding day, and it provides an opportunity to test new products to avoid adverse skin reactions.

How should the makeup artist adapt the bride’s everyday look for the wedding?

The makeup artist should enhance the bride’s everyday look, taking it a step above while staying true to her style. The makeup should emphasize the bride’s natural beauty without introducing dramatic changes that might make her uncomfortable or unrecognizable.

Why is it crucial to use finishing powder?

Finishing powder helps fix the makeup, preventing it from running, flaking, or disappearing throughout the celebration. It also counters the shiny effect camera flashes can create on the skin, ensuring high-quality photos.

Why should new products not be used on the wedding day?

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New products risk unexpected skin reactions, such as rashes or redness, and they may not last as long as tried-and-tested products. These problems can spoil the bride’s look and the wedding day. If new products are to be used, they should be tested during the makeup trial.

What should be considered when selecting products for the bride’s makeup?

Products should be long-lasting and water-resistant to survive the emotions and duration of the wedding. It’s also essential to avoid heavy foundations that might create an unnatural look, instead opting for light, water-resistant ones. Finally, the products used should harmonize with the wedding context, complementing the bride’s dress and the wedding’s concept and location.

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