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15 Best Wedding Officiants in Toronto and GTA 2024

Top Wedding Officiant Toronto

Officiating a wedding is a lovely art form, and everyone has their own personal preferences and flair. We’re here to assist you in finding the most professional and competent wedding officiants in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We opted to rank these officiants alphabetically because everyone has their own style and specialization. Best for Bride has selected the Top Wedding Officiants in Toronto and the GTA. Enjoy exploring all the different wedding officiants and the services they offer!

If you are a wedding officiant and you believe you deserve to be included in the Top Wedding Officiants in Toronto and GTA area, please email us the following information at to be considered: why we should choose you, a unique description of your business (200-500 words), logo, links to your website and social media, 3-5 examples of your work to be featured. This feature is free of cost because if you can pay to list, then is it really the best business?

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4 Fun and Meaningful Unity Ceremony Ideas to Consider Anywhere

wedding Ceremony

Written by Rev. Julie Nourish from Custom Las Vegas Weddings

You may use these fun and interesting ritual additions to your ceremony anywhere you decide to get married. I am a wedding officiant in Las Vegas and I have performed each one of these ceremonies. Whether you get married in Vegas or decided to have your wedding somewhere else, these ceremonies.

To make your wedding in Las Vegas more memorable, consider these unique yet interesting unity wedding ceremonies to solemnize your wedding in the best way possible. These ceremony choices are great ritual additions that can truly define a lasting union between you and your partner.



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The glass breaking ceremony has been a Jewish tradition but theoretically anyone can incorporate it into their wedding ceremony. A ceremonial glass-breaking stands as a rite of passage signifying the lasting endurance of your marriage. Think of it to remind you and your spouse that feelings and the fragility of love is sensitive.

At the same time, the difficulty in bringing back shattered glass pieces is parallel to the unbreakable love characterizing your marriage. Glass-breaking, of course, helps signify that thought, in that the fragile nature of glass introduces feelings of resolve to make relationships work – quite like a symbol that reminds you and your spouse that your marriage will last forever.


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Wine has historically been used in wedding ceremonies. Using alcohol, specifically wine, as a symbolic means of solemnizing your union remains a novel idea. To facilitate this ritual into your ceremony, it’s important to have an eclectic mix of two kinds of wine: red and white.

The wine-pouring ceremony would involve you and your spouse taking turns drinking from a “common cup,” in which both red and white wine is combined. Said combination promises both an abundance of love, embodied by the red wine, and everlasting strength of marriage, represented by the white wine.


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Roses have long been considered as a symbol of love. Roses have always fit the theme of weddings. If using this sentiment is something you and your spouse would appreciate, then certainly this ritual exchange of roses would work well.

Giving a rose to the love of your life may take on a world of lovely meanings: “please forgive me,” “I love you with all my heart,” and “you’re very special to me” being among the words you may intend to say. When done as a wedding ritual, rose-giving enables you to express your feelings of everlasting love even when you’re already at a loss for words.


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Lastly, but certainly not the least interesting, the hands-fasting ceremony symbolizes the unbreakable bond between you and your spouse. It actualizes the idea of “tying the knot,” an idiom often used to refer to weddings. The wedding ritual is a simple yet distinctive way of making your wedding official – an interesting way to make your wedding permanent.

In case you and your partner are wondering, hands-fasting isn’t a symbol of bondage to one another. Rather, the ties that bind is intended to remind the both of you that marriage makes being there for one another as more than just an obligation – that it’s an agreement borne out of your souls’ perpetual connection with one another.

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Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress: 4 Telltale Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Wedding Gown!

Princess-style ball gowns, stunning mermaid-inspired dresses, elegant A-line dresses—the options in wedding dresses are endless. Your wedding shopping is the experience of a lifetime, one where you buy the most important dress you’ll ever wear. While you may come across several fabulous dresses at your bridal boutique appointment, how do you know which is “the dress?”

Let us look at the signs that your dress is the right one!

  1. You forget all about the other dresses you tried on when you wear this one

via Best for Bride

When you find the dress of your dreams, all the confusion about whether the dress with the beautiful neckline is better than the one with the stunning back details suddenly disappears. You do not think of any other dress but this one. This is because this is “the dress!”

  1. You suddenly feel emotional, or someone accompanying you tears up seeing you in the dress.

The normal reaction for a bride who has found the perfect dress is to feel emotional suddenly. But, if you aren’t the person for tears, there is still a chance that someone who has accompanied you will be tearing up. The right dress will amaze everyone when they see you walk out in it. When you find everyone glassy-eyed and unable to take their eyes off you, you should know that this dress is perfect.

  1. You feel you’ve never looked this beautiful before

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The magic of the perfect dress is that it makes you feel like a Goddess. You feel you look flawless from head to toe. Everything, or almost everything, about the dress, flatters you, and you cannot think of anything that you want to change in this dress. You do not want to take it off and are mesmerized by how well it suits you from every angle. If you feel your dress is the best you’ve worn all your life, don’t think anymore—buy it.

  1. You begin imagining your wedding day already.

When you find a dress that fits your expectations, the first picture that comes to mind is walking down the aisle and getting married. Images of your big day are formed in your mind, and you imagine the wedding ceremony. You may need to make a few changes and alter it to fit you perfectly, but you can’t wait to wear it and amaze everyone with how beautiful you look in it.

  1. All your previous ideas for your wedding dress seem insignificant when you try this dress.

You may have decided to settle for nothing but a ball gown skirt or be unable to imagine anything but a sweetheart bodice, but when you find the right dress, all these thoughts disappear from your mind. Even when the silhouette, neckline, sleeves and pattern are entirely different from what you had envisioned, you will not want to look at another dress. This is a sure sign that you have found your dream wedding gown.

To find the perfect dress for your wedding day and for more wedding tips and advice, visit our website at Best for Bride.

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Eco-Elegant I Do’s: Inspiring Ideas for a Sustainable and Planet-Friendly Wedding!

wedding dress

Today, many brides consider the environment while they plan their wedding ceremonies and receptions. Avoiding waste , ordering planet-friendly supplies, and conserving energy at a grand celebration can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

Planning a “green” wedding can be a remarkable experiment that most guests will really appreciate. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your wedding is as environmentally conscious as it can be; here are some excellent tips to help you get started:

Choose A Local, Sustainable Menu

Supporting local farmers and local businesses can be an excellent starting point when planning a planet-friendly wedding. After all, so much fuel, energy and packaging is wasted when food products are imported. Choosing local, sustainable ingredients is a perfect way to support your community and protect the environment. Look for fresh produce in season, and choose a menu that celebrates the hard work of local farmers.

Buying food products grown in your locality can be a great way of ensuring that everything served at your wedding is as fresh as possible. While certain types of food, such as wild-farmed salmon, organic beef and chicken, and organic fruits and veggies can cost more, they are free of harmful pesticides, hormones, and other nasty additives. Your guests will taste the difference, and you will support environmentally-conscious local businesses. Ensure your friends and family know you’ve chosen a fresh, local menu – they’ll love the idea!

Use Recycled Paper For Save-The-Date Notes, Invitations, Place Cards, and Menus

There are plenty of excellent ways to use recycled paper and cardboard to create gorgeous wedding invitations, place cards, and menus. If you’re outsourcing these items from a local designer or printer, be sure to request the materials you want – any reputable printer or artist will be more than happy to comply with your wishes.

To create lovely decorations, invitations, place cards and menus from recycled paper – get creative! Use appliques, ribbons, stencils and rubber stamps to give your work a chic, homespun vibe. A hot glue gun can be a great way to add embellishments to planet-friendly recycled wedding favors and invitations. You might also want to look for envelopes made from recycled materials…

Keep Things Simple And Old-Fashioned

A low-fi, old-school approach to wedding entertainment can give your reception a lot of charm. Instead of a noisy rock band or cheesy, loud wedding singers, consider a folk-rock musician who only needs a single mike, a couple of amps, and an acoustic guitar. Even a string quartet can provide amazingly beautiful music during a wedding ceremony, and they won’t need much “juice” to do it. You may also want to conserve power by planning a simple, outdoor ceremony with bright sunlight. Candlelight can be a romantic, planet-friendly option for your wedding reception. Votives and natural beeswax candles can be fragrant, flattering, and lovely to behold.

Plan A Natural Bridal Look That Reinforces Your “Green” Theme

bridal gown

Looking pretty, natural and fresh-faced will complement your wedding’s healthy, planet-friendly feel. Look for a bridal dress that is simple and not too sexy.

If you love funkier, edgier style, express yourself with an unusual gown, such as the cool bridal dress style shown above. Be yourself by choosing a white wedding dress that really reflects your personal taste and sensibilities.

A pretty laurel of flowers in your hair will be lovely choice – brides have worn this style since the Middle Ages. Keep your hairstyle soft and natural – avoid hairspray and a lacquered, fussy look. To highlight your bridal gown and hair, do natural makeup focusing on soft, neutral earth tones – pinky-brown lip glosses, such as MAC Lust, will add enough color and shine. Glowing cheeks can be achieved with a simple swipe of peachy blush, such as the popular Nars Orgasm. The foundation should be used sparingly and designed to create a soft, dewy effect. Almay’s lightweight, sheer bases are a great choice for this kind of look.

Your bridal rings should be carefully chosen to reflect your overall style – generally, the type of woman who wants a “green” wedding won’t need a lot of bling. Subtle Feri jewelry and a small bouquet of wildflowers can be enough to set off your natural beauty as you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress. If you’ve overspent setting up your green wedding, consider shopping for cheap bridesmaids dresses to save a little money; online bridal boutiques, such as our Best For Bride wedding emporium, offer high-quality designs for a reasonable price.