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4 Fun and Meaningful Unity Ceremony Ideas to Consider Anywhere

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Written by Rev. Julie Nourish from Custom Las Vegas Weddings

You may use these fun and interesting ritual additions to your ceremony anywhere you decide to get married. I am a wedding officiant in Las Vegas and I have performed each one of these ceremonies. Whether you get married in Vegas or decided to have your wedding somewhere else, these ceremonies.

To make your wedding in Las Vegas more memorable, consider these unique yet interesting unity wedding ceremonies to solemnize your wedding in the best way possible. These ceremony choices are great ritual additions that can truly define a lasting union between you and your partner.



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The glass breaking ceremony has been a Jewish tradition but theoretically anyone can incorporate it into their wedding ceremony. A ceremonial glass-breaking stands as a rite of passage signifying the lasting endurance of your marriage. Think of it to remind you and your spouse that feelings and the fragility of love is sensitive.

At the same time, the difficulty in bringing back shattered glass pieces is parallel to the unbreakable love characterizing your marriage. Glass-breaking, of course, helps signify that thought, in that the fragile nature of glass introduces feelings of resolve to make relationships work – quite like a symbol that reminds you and your spouse that your marriage will last forever.


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Wine has historically been used in wedding ceremonies. Using alcohol, specifically wine, as a symbolic means of solemnizing your union remains a novel idea. To facilitate this ritual into your ceremony, it’s important to have an eclectic mix of two kinds of wine: red and white.

The wine-pouring ceremony would involve you and your spouse taking turns drinking from a “common cup,” in which both red and white wine is combined. Said combination promises both an abundance of love, embodied by the red wine, and everlasting strength of marriage, represented by the white wine.


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Roses have long been considered as a symbol of love. Roses have always fit the theme of weddings. If using this sentiment is something you and your spouse would appreciate, then certainly this ritual exchange of roses would work well.

Giving a rose to the love of your life may take on a world of lovely meanings: “please forgive me,” “I love you with all my heart,” and “you’re very special to me” being among the words you may intend to say. When done as a wedding ritual, rose-giving enables you to express your feelings of everlasting love even when you’re already at a loss for words.


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Lastly, but certainly not the least interesting, the hands-fasting ceremony symbolizes the unbreakable bond between you and your spouse. It actualizes the idea of “tying the knot,” an idiom often used to refer to weddings. The wedding ritual is a simple yet distinctive way of making your wedding official – an interesting way to make your wedding permanent.

In case you and your partner are wondering, hands-fasting isn’t a symbol of bondage to one another. Rather, the ties that bind is intended to remind the both of you that marriage makes being there for one another as more than just an obligation – that it’s an agreement borne out of your souls’ perpetual connection with one another.

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A guide to choosing two wedding dresses for the big day

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The wedding dress you choose as a bride, plays a remarkable role in determining whether you look sexy and sophisticated or feminine and elegant. Choosing a different gown may change your look entirely.

It is in fact, not easy to determine a single look that will be perfect for your wedding day. In certain cases, it is better to consider two gowns instead of one. Let us look at few reasons why this is a better option than limiting yourself to just one dress.

Two looks for more impact

Your wedding day is the one occasion when you want all eyes to be on you. While you can amaze everyone with your wedding ensemble when you walk down the aisle, this interest may dwindle by the time of the reception. The best way to recreate this impact is by wearing another stunning dress for the reception and you can be certain that your guests will be amazed once again!

For practical purposes

Let us face it, layers of organza or tulle in a ball gown skirt with an elaborate and flowing train look fantastic at a traditional ceremony, but it may get in the way of dancing comfortably during the reception.

Stunning wedding dresses that look classic and elegant may not be practical for a fun and action-packed reception. A bustled train is still heavy, and can impede your chances to jiggle to the fun tunes at the ceremony. This is why more brides are opting for shorter and lighter dresses for the reception. This allows them to move freely and not feel restricted.

To match the ambiance of the venues

You may like to consider two different wedding dresses to match your appearance to the décor and ambiance of the venues where each function will be taking place. If you are getting married outdoors, on the beach or in a garden and then proceed to an indoor venue for the reception, the ambiance of each venue is entirely different. Hence, the light weight romantic wedding dress for the outdoor venue could give way to a more poufy or fashionable wedding dress for the ball room.

When you decide to go for the two-dress look, an obvious question is when do you change dresses? A good idea is to do so during the cocktail hour, or before you cut the cake. This way, you will have sufficient time to photograph for portraits in your ceremonial dress, and your guests won’t miss you as they mingle and meet each other.

If you are pressed for time or cannot afford two entirely different dresses, you can also consider a convertible gown such as the Mori Lee 5316, which incorporates two looks into a single dress.

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With the tulle over-skirt, you obtain a classic A-line silhouette for the ceremony, and when you remove the over-skirt you are left with a stylish mermaid gown for the reception.

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For more wedding tips and ideas, as well as to find the perfect wedding dresses for your big day, visit Best for bride.