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Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress: 4 Telltale Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Wedding Gown!

Princess-style ball gowns, stunning mermaid-inspired dresses, elegant A-line dresses—the options in wedding dresses are endless. Your wedding shopping is the experience of a lifetime, one where you buy the most important dress you’ll ever wear. While you may come across several fabulous dresses at your bridal boutique appointment, how do you know which is “the dress?”

Let us look at the signs that your dress is the right one!

  1. You forget all about the other dresses you tried on when you wear this one
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When you find the dress of your dreams, all the confusion about whether the dress with the beautiful neckline is better than the one with the stunning back details suddenly disappears. You do not think of any other dress but this one. This is because this is “the dress!”

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  1. You suddenly feel emotional, or someone accompanying you tears up seeing you in the dress.

The normal reaction for a bride who has found the perfect dress is to feel emotional suddenly. But, if you aren’t the person for tears, there is still a chance that someone who has accompanied you will be tearing up. The right dress will amaze everyone when they see you walk out in it. When you find everyone glassy-eyed and unable to take their eyes off you, you should know that this dress is perfect.

  1. You feel you’ve never looked this beautiful before
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The magic of the perfect dress is that it makes you feel like a Goddess. You feel you look flawless from head to toe. Everything, or almost everything, about the dress, flatters you, and you cannot think of anything that you want to change in this dress. You do not want to take it off and are mesmerized by how well it suits you from every angle. If you feel your dress is the best you’ve worn all your life, don’t think anymore—buy it.

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  1. You begin imagining your wedding day already.

When you find a dress that fits your expectations, the first picture that comes to mind is walking down the aisle and getting married. Images of your big day are formed in your mind, and you imagine the wedding ceremony. You may need to make a few changes and alter it to fit you perfectly, but you can’t wait to wear it and amaze everyone with how beautiful you look in it.

  1. All your previous ideas for your wedding dress seem insignificant when you try this dress.

You may have decided to settle for nothing but a ball gown skirt or be unable to imagine anything but a sweetheart bodice, but when you find the right dress, all these thoughts disappear from your mind. Even when the silhouette, neckline, sleeves and pattern are entirely different from what you had envisioned, you will not want to look at another dress. This is a sure sign that you have found your dream wedding gown.

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  1. That time when you look in the mirror and are like, “Perfect!”.

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