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Personal gestures that mean a lot: Write your own Thank You notes

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The gifts have begun arriving, and aren’t you a Happy Girl!

While receiving gifts is fun, do not forget the associated task of sending a thank you note for the thoughtful gifts you receive.

Your wedding can really drain you of all energy, and by the time you are settled into your newly married status, you may just have had enough of wedding-chores. It may seem a practical solution to get your thank you notes printed at a commercial service, and mail them to your wedding guests, but that doesn’t sound so thoughtful, does it?

There is an old-fashioned pleasure to sending a thank-you note, and the receiver will also appreciate your gesture. It isn’t impossible to do, and also conveys that you value your relationship with the person. So, make it a point to personally write your thank you notes and here are some tips to help you with it.

Send your thank you notes on time

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Thank you notes have to be sent out soon after the gifts arrive, and you should make sure you do so within at least a month after your wedding. So, don’t postpone writing your notes, as it is easier to get through the list if you do so soon after you receive the gift. Make a list of who sent you what, and sit down to write your note soon after. You can either mail them all after the wedding, or send them out a few days after they arrive. If you are making use of stationery with your married name on it, make sure you do so only after you are married.

Use good quality stationery

Rather than getting the entire thank you message printed by a commercial vendor, have your fold-over notes printed with a monogram with your initials. Choose good quality paper in white or ivory, or heavy card stock and send your notes in style. You can even match the color to your wedding invitation or wedding color palette, so it forms a befitting conclusion to the rituals related to your wedding.Write with a good fountain pen or felt-tip pen, so it looks neat. Make sure you write the message yourself, and the receiver will be pleased you did so.

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Keep it personal

Don’t rush through writing your notes, or use the same impersonal wordings for all. Find inspiration from samples on the internet, but make sure you make yours unique. Make it a ceremony, and do just a couple at a time. Write them when you are free and in a good mood, and make each one out separately.

Acknowledge the gift you received from the person, and convey your gratitude with a few simple words. This will help you remember the gift you received in the years to come, and also tell the sender that you genuinely appreciate their gesture. If you received cash, mention what you intend to use it for. Sign your name, stick the stamp and send it out.

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2 thoughts on “Personal gestures that mean a lot: Write your own Thank You notes

  1. Helped me to get out of my slump, like it, at least in the 1st month would be nice to send out!!

  2. Using your own notes is the best option without any doubt. They are more personal and mean that much more.

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