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Mermaid-Inspired Beauty For Your Wedding Day

A mermaid-style, or fishtail wedding gown fits closely all along the torso and legs (to the knee or just above), and then erupts into a frothy profusion of lace, tulle, or taffeta that brings to mind a mermaid’s shimmering tail.

These sorts of gowns are carefully designed to highlight the lovely curves of a woman’s body, and they are often the perfect complement to an hourglass silhouette.

Dramatic and romantic, mermaid-inspired wedding looks are a perfect choice for women who enjoy a touch of fantasy and magic…the best mermaid-style gowns will tend to feature embellishments and appliqués that show off the lines of these perfect wedding dresses.

Hair and Makeup Tips

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Certain makeup and hairstyles will naturally suit a fishtail wedding dress…which direction to go in should depend on how simple or ornate your fishtail gown is. For example, if the dress is sparkly or embroidered (as the gown shown above is), a more formal up-do or half-up/half-down style will work well. Makeup should be dramatic, with strong eyes and lips, or a softer palette that still has lots of shimmer and shine.

For simpler mermaid-inspired evening dresses and wedding gowns, long-rippling waves or loose, unstructured braids will look lovely. Simple bridal dresses will benefit from simple makeup with a delicate rosy or berry hue.

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Consider the painting at the top of this blog post as the ideal template for a simple mermaid gown’s hair and makeup…you may want to add a laurel of flowers or a beautiful sheer veil to your natural-looking tresses…keep the look delicate and feminine for the best effect…

Here are some exciting mermaid-style wedding dresses you’ll love!

More Gorgeous Fishtail Designs…

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Sweeping and glamorous, fishtail wedding dresses in Toronto guarantee that you will make a splash as you walk down the aisle. This gown looks lovely in motion, lending grace and delicacy to your movements…

These sorts of gowns are very fitted, and they require a certain confidence level; however, you’ll be pleased to know that this style looks fabulous on curvier bodies, as well as traditional and balanced hourglass figures.

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Lush feminine curves will shine when they are encased in silk, satin or lace that shows them off to perfection. Only the leanest builds will probably not be flattered by this style, unless there is significant bustier fitting in the bodice to create the right proportions.

Lean Canadian brides will be perfect candidates for traditional strapless princess-style wedding dresses Mississauga that flatter their small waistlines and pretty arms…

Magical Beauty…

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Beautiful embellishments add tons of visual impact to the gorgeous mermaid-style gown shown above. This stunning design really captures the magical appeal of this type of fairy-tale wedding dress look.

Accessories can be minimal, as the lines of the dress really require little adornment. However, some metallic, strappy sandals or delicate satin pumps are a must. Drop earrings, beautiful gemstone necklaces and Feri jewellry will all add more ethereal beauty to the look – consider pearls, emeralds or aquamarines for a truly ocean-inspired effect!

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