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Modern-day “Glass Slippers” For Your Wedding Day

If you’re looking for a modern-day “glass slipper” to wear as you walk down the aisle, you’ll need a delicate high heel that is embellished with glittering crystals. The perfect fairytale wedding requires plenty of attention to detail, so you should plan to spend a little time choosing the right footwear for your white wedding dress.

The best wedding shoes will be unforgettable – this is not the time for sensible shoes! However, since you will need to be on your feet for hours, comfort should always factor in. Ultimately, glamour is probably most important, so do be sure to indulge yourself with a fashionable “glass slipper” style design that will evoke all of the romance of Disney’s exquisite animated film, Cinderella.

To help you choose what’s best for your special day, we’ve put together some stunning, shimmering designs that will make you feel like a princess…

Sparkly Choices For A Fairytale Effect

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Icy faux diamonds evoke the lustre of a true glass slipper, and they are very affordable. This feminine sandal is adorned with lush rows of intertwined rhinestones that catch the light; these high heels are designed to show off a professional pedicure to its best advantage.

If you’re planning to perform the “garter” ritual in front of your wedding party, you’ll be proud to show off your sparkling sandals while your new husband removes your silk or lace accessory!

These sandals should always be worn with bare legs (no stockings, please) – this style of wedding shoe also requires moisturized and perfectly waxed (or shaved) legs for the ideal effect. Be sure to choose a fun shade of toenail polish for your wedding day – ballet pink is a favorite with brides-to-be, but any color can work!

Our shimmering sandals are so pretty, you’ll be sure to treasure them after your wedding is over…

Ankle Straps Are Sexy And Flirty…

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 Ankle straps add a sexy, flirty edge to your wedding outfit – without spoiling the fairytale fantasy. Highlight the lovely lines of your foot and lower leg with shimmering rows of clear gemstones!

Ankle strap sandals also offer a little more security as you walk down the aisle – since these types of high heels are fastened in place, they will minimize the possibility of tripping, or suffering from some other wedding-day “wardrobe malfunction” – you will have less chance of slipping out of this sandal than you would with a mule or slip-on pump…

Princess-Style Bridal Gowns Will Complete The Look

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Best For Bride specializes in helping brides-to-be to make their fairytale dreams come true. To get the whole Cinderella look, choose a gown with a fitted bodice and a full, voluminous skirt. The one-shouldered bridal dress shown above is festooned with gorgeous, silken blossoms and layers and layers of filmy tulle!

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Also, be sure that your bridal rings and “glass slipper” wedding shoes coordinate with your overall look. Our bridal shops in Toronto are a great place to begin your hunt for the perfect wedding dress, cheap bridesmaid dresses, wedding cakes, and wedding invitations…plus everything else you need to plan your dream wedding.

We also offer a convenient online bridal store, so you can get the bridal dress you’ve always wanted, right from the comfort of your own home…

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