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How To Be A Beautiful Autumn Bride

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Cool-weather weddings have their own particular charm…for example, the stunning landscapes and the emotions evoked by the beauty of autumn can create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic fall wedding.

If you’re considering tying the knot this autumn, there are some things you should know about wedding decor ideas, wedding dresses, and bridal dress accessories. With our expert guidance, you can look your most beautiful, while also organizing autumn nuptials that fulfill all of your dreams and desires.

Now that the warm days of summer are gone, use the bonfire beauty and turning leaves of autumn to your advantage…get creative to be a truly stunning autumn bride!

Tips For Autumn Brides-To-Be

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To create the right look for autumn, cover up a little bit by choosing dresses for wedding with matching jackets, such as the gorgeous, fitted combination shown above. Another option is adding a lace shawl, faux-fur cape, or long, dramatic veil to a ballgown-style bridal dress, such as the one displayed at the very top of this blog post.

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Covering up adds appropriate elegance that is just right for an autumn wedding, and you’ll stay warm and comfortable throughout the proceedings. Wedding photos taken outdoors will look perfect when you don a little jacket or shawl that covers your shoulders.

Bridesmaid wedding dresses should probably have sleeves, or be worn with little fitted cardigans. Take advantage of the cozy spirit of fall to style your wedding outfits, from your groom-to-be’s tuxedo, to your own wedding ensemble.

Choosing cream over pure white can also be a fine choice for many women…creamier tones work well with the natural palette of the season. However, your natural coloring is the most important variable. If you’re cool complected (pink undertones), pure white is the best choice. Warmer undertones (yellowish) will look stunning in off-white or cream.

Makeup and Hair Tips

Makeup should be elegant and not too sheer – rich cranberry-toned lips (cool complexion), or honey-pink neutrals (warm complexion) with plenty of pigment will look wonderful.

Skin should not be too tanned for a natural autumn effect. Use a dusting of peachy-pink blush (Cover Girl Rose Silk Cheekers Blush is perfect – and very, very cheap!) to cast a glow over dark or pale skin – without adding too much color.

Top your lip color with a satiny gloss for an elegant effect. Hair should be shiny, with lots of low lights, rather than bright, summery highlights. Experiment with looks before your wedding day, and take photographs of potential wedding hair and makeup in typical fall light (muted sunshine, or overcast skies) to see what works best for you.

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Looks For Your Wedding Party

Exciting autumn-inspired looks for your wedding party could match this palette for cohesive style. Here’s one wonderful example of a mother of the bride dress with a rich, vibrant autumn palette:

mother of the bride dress

As you can see, burnt orange or cinnamon red aren’t the only mother of the bride dresses options that evoke the spirit of fall. Dark, rich and elegant taffesta with luxurious ruffles is also the perfect complement to an autumn-themed wedding!

For cheap bridesmaid dresses, rich brown is a wonderful look that is so refined – a dress such as the pretty sheath shown below could be accessorized with a cardigan in saffron yellow, cranberry or deep forest green for a custom effect that looks beautiful for autumn. One advantage of this lovely deep brown shade is that it’s so wearable after the wedding is over…

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We’re Here To Help

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Wedding decor for autumn should feature the right tones and textures…from table linens in deep red to flowers in orange, tobacco-brown, and crimson. If you need help pulling it all together, you’re not alone. However, we’re here to help, so reach out to Best for Bride!

Our team of caring and experienced wedding specialists can help you organize almost every aspect of your autumn wedding. We are here to take the pressure off, and our services are so affordable. In fact, we even offer financing to help brides-to-be find the dresses of their dreams, and wedding decor Toronto to help our clients plan the fairy-tale weddings they’ve always imagined.

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