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String Lights for Weddings

A single strand of little white lights may not give the impression that it can be an amazing wedding lighting option. This affordable lighting can transform a wedding venue or reception in remarkable ways. You can achieve a variety of lighting effects by using string lights in different ways.

String lights can be used to create a wedding ceremony backdrop. A panel of string lights in gradually decreasing lengths forms a backdrop of cascading light. The cascading effect frequently is used on trees around outdoor weddings and the ceilings of tents and rooms used for receptions. For outdoor weddings, the lights are best used for evening or sunset weddings.

These lights are wonderful for complementing other lights. For a fun twist to the cascading string lights, hang them from chandeliers or lanterns. One couple had a backdrop of old-fashioned light bulbs strung together and hanging from the ceiling floor with string lights hanging between them.

Other types of ceremony backgrounds can be enhanced with twinkle lights. The lights can be used to cover the wall behind the couple or around a gazebo or pergola. Arches decorated in lights can be a great touch for an evening outdoor wedding.

Instead of a cascading line of lights or a covered panel, clusters of lights descending from the ceiling can have an interesting effect. Take a couple strands of lights and hang them from the ceiling so that they fall to the floor. Then, wrap the lights loosely in white tulle. This simple lighting has a unique effect. They could be used as part of the reception lighting or for the ceremony.

Random strands of lights across the ceiling can have the appearance of a starry night sky. Some couples use clear tents outdoors and string the lights across the ceiling for added nighttime sparkle. When used against white tents, the lights can be surprisingly elegant.

Twinkle lights can be used like lighted streamers. Consider hanging the ends of a group of string lights placed closely together at one end of the room. Hang the other ends farther apart on the other side of the room. The effect is a spreading, draped light.

The string lights can have practical applications as well. If the reception or areas of the building are dim, carefully placed string lights can help guide guests. For a darkened reception indoors, string lights have been used to show where guests can find coffee refills or lead them to the restrooms. A dimly lit stairwell may get a boost with string lights tied along the underside of the banister.

Some couples have added mason jars to their string lights. The lights might be hung with a portion of the lights hanging inside the mason jar. This gives the illusion that the jars are like light fixtures. String lights also can be used with table runners or centerpieces.

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Unique DIY Wedding Reception Decorations


When you are planning your wedding, you will find that one of the most expensive pieces is the wedding reception. During the reception, you will need food, drinks and decorations for everyone and this can quickly add up. However, there are many things that you can do to help keep your wedding reception budget low and still have an awesome time.

One of these ways is to create some or all of your own wedding reception decorations. You will find many options online through a number of websites and will find that there are many that are easy to recreate on your own. Below are some simple and inexpensive ideas that you can use to decorate for your wedding reception.

Tissue Paper Pom-poms

These are extremely easy to make and you will not need to worry about spending a lot of money on them. They are also great because you can easily make them in any color that you choose, as long as you can find the right color of tissue paper. For instructions on how to make these cute and romantic additions to your wedding, you can easily find videos online that will help you with the simple process.

Paper Lanterns


This is another DIY item that is typically used at weddings where a tent has been incorporated into the design. They can be purchased at your local craft store for about $3 – $5 each, but you can make them yourself for around $1 – $2 each. These fun additions to your wedding reception create a fairy tale look for you and your guests.

Wheat grass

This is a popular decoration that can be used for spring weddings. The best thing about it is its cheap and easy to grow. You can add this to your décor so that you give your reception a modern and clean look. Just plant a few wheatgrass seeds in your containers a few weeks before the wedding and you will be ready to go with this decoration.



Candles are always a popular addition to weddings and easy to use because they are so readily available. They are also something that comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you won’t need to worry that you won’t be able to find the right style for your wedding. You can also light them to create a romantic feel for your wedding reception.

There are many ways that you can create a wedding reception that is budget friendly and still beautiful. By adding a few of these elements to your wedding, you will have memories to enjoy for many years to come. Plus, your guests will love the way you put your own unique touch onto the wedding design.

Best for Bride

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The Hottest Wedding Décor Trends

As weddings are being planned at an ever increasing rate if you are among the couples planning one then you will definitely want to know what the hottest trends in décor currently are. This includes new trends in cakes, dresses, accessories and flowers as these all come together to make your wedding unique from anyone else’s.

For example, one thing you will want to know is that when it comes to the boutonniere the groom and his groomsmen wear the more delicate they are the better. Men are starting to move away from the notion that having a “manly” looking flower affixed to their tux is their only viable option. This picture illustrates the use of a yellow rose to adorn their tuxes. And the best part is that it is now not only acceptable, but refreshing to include the color yellow or anything from the groom’s tie to their shoes. A yellow flower can be placed in one of these areas in addition to in the boutonnieres.

As we know, your wedding décor is more than just the colors and decorating scheme you choose to use. As the bride you are part of that décor as your wedding dress and accessories likely reflect your chosen theme. And since a big part of your wedding theme and décor is the flowers you choose for your big day you’ll be excited to know that even your headpiece can now include your wedding flowers. Many brides planning a 2015 wedding are finding a headpiece known as a flower crown. If you are planning a wedding with a bohemian feel to it (which is another exciting trend to look forward to in 2015) then a flower crown will fit in with the theme perfectly. With your flower crown matching your bouquet your wedding will become breathtaking.

lilyrose wedding dress

To have the trendiest wedding dress you will want to gravitate towards either the vintage look or embroidered dresses with high neck lines and deep cut v neck lines. If you want to go in a completely different direction with your wedding dress will be the year of colored dresses for brides instead of simply for bridesmaids.

Let’s not forget the invitations you send to your guests as this will be their first real taste of what your wedding will feel like. Don’t worry if fancy invitations aren’t your style because they don’t need to be. The emphasis on invitations will be strictly on the font used in them. This trend means that the words you chose to invite your guests to your special day will be what are really important. The trendiest wedding invitations will include silver lettering, whereas in the past gold lettering had been the trend.

Following these trends will help you plan a wedding that will impress your guests and will make as lasting of an impression on them as it does on you. is your best bet when it comes to finding out all the latest trends in wedding planning.