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Capture the Magic: Compelling Reasons Why a Wedding Video is an Absolute Must-Have!

You have booked your wedding photographer, and you are pretty certain that photos are all that’s needed to capture your milestone event. Many brides who took a similar stand, now regret not having had their weddings videographed. So, before you make this decision, look at why you should consider a wedding video, even when you already have a wedding photographer.


Videos capture moments as it is

However capable your wedding photographer is, photos are what they are called—Stills!

To remember and enjoy the exact moment as it was, a video is better. It also captures all the in-between moments between photos. Another thing to remember is that videos are not choreographed, and so it is the best way to capture people naturally. If you are a bride who is conscious in front of the camera, you do not have to worry about looking stiff and posed in a video, like you do in photos.

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It is a keepsake of the beautiful moments at your wedding

Your father’s speech, the tears of joy that rolled down your mother’s eyes as she watched you walk down the aisle, the laughter and cheer while dancing at your reception, the commotion when you threw your bouquet—there is no way photos can recreate this like a video can. Videos have sound and motion, and hence allow you to preserve every moment of your wedding day as it occurred. It is the perfect way to remember the day as it was, and you will enjoy watching it again on your anniversary or other special days in the future.

Keep it short and it will be interesting

Your videographer may have been around for the entire day, but that doesn’t mean your wedding video should go on forever. Have him capture and edit the highlights, while also adding the special moments and interesting things that happened. Videos also allow you to remember the fun moments on the day, like the jokes you shared with your bridesmaids as you dressed up. Another factor is that it is almost impossible to get your video wrong. While the quality of your photographs depend on how talented your photographer is, you can be certain that your videos will cover it and make up for anything your photographer may have missed.

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It allows you to remember everyone long after they are gone

Photos can achieve this too, but videos are the way to remember the older members of your bridal party as they were in flesh and blood, long after they are gone. Similarly, children at your wedding party would love to see how they were, long after they’ve grown up. Your video holds the key to the past, and it will be wonderful for your children and grandchildren to see all the people they’ve only heard of, when they watch your wedding video.

If you are still wondering if video is a must or a maybe at your wedding, we say go for it! After all, it is not everyday that you get married. So, capturing every moment of your big day is worth every dime you spend.

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6 thoughts on “Capture the Magic: Compelling Reasons Why a Wedding Video is an Absolute Must-Have!

  1. These days, almost everything is done with video. It really adds to the event and can do so much more than a couple of nice photos. Plus, during the reception, it is nice to get guest reactions to the big day.

  2. These are great ideas for sure. Of course it was not surprise when most of them no the video were just having a great time!

  3. Video just adds another memory element to the event. If you can find a photographer that includes the person with a video camera, you are headed the right direction!

  4. Using it as a reminder of what guests were they, shooting video is a great idea!

  5. I am fine with a wedding video. I would prefer that the photographer that we hire do that part as well, then there is fewer people to manage.

    1. If you hire a professional videographer for your wedding, this should not be a concern for you. As a wedding videographer, have worked with different photographers and allow them to set up the shots that they need to get. I have found that I can just shoot without the need to bother the couple and direct them to do something special just for the video. The best moments I’ve recorded have been natural moments. A good videographer will be able to get great shots without getting in your way.

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