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How to Look Beautiful in Wedding Photographs

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Your wedding day is your day to shine…and your wedding photographs should capture your radiance, joy and beauty to perfection. However, now and then, women find themselves disappointed with their wedding pictures, which just don’t seem to flatter as they should. Often, “bad” wedding pictures are the result of improper makeup techniques, the wrong angles, and non-professional photography.

By knowing what to avoid, you’ll have more control over the final product. Whether you’re using a professional wedding photographer (this is recommended) or relying on friends and family to commemorate your special day, you will increase your chances of perfect wedding photographs by following these helpful guidelines…

Know Your Best Angles

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Every woman, whether she is voluptuous and Rubenesque or delicate and waifish, will have certain angles that are naturally flattering to her unique natural beauty. To find out your best angles, go through old pictures and select the shots you love and hate – then, look for the angles that do – and don’t – work for you. If you get great shots when your body is turned a certain way, or your head is tilted slightly upwards or downwards, use these poses when your wedding photographer is taking pictures.

Models and actresses always know their best angles – to get more ideas about successful angles and poses, look at red carpet photos from events like the Oscars or Golden Globes – you’ll notice that female celebs often pose carefully (one hip thrust outward, one leg forward) to ensure that their pics are ultra-flattering. Don’t be afraid to practice posing in your white wedding dress – have a friend take some preliminary snaps to test great angles. It may feel silly, but remember – at your wedding, you are the star of the show, and all eyes will be upon you. It’s perfectly ok to practice posing and whatnot as you prepare for your wedding day!

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Professional Makeup Tips for Better Wedding Photos

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Experienced makeup artists know all of the tricks of the trade, and they always understand how makeup needs to be applied for the camera. Today, many makeup artists rely on high-def makeup powders and bases to get their client’s complexions looking flawless for glamour photography.

While you may not need these pricey HD cosmetics, you will need to consider the way your makeup “reacts” with the camera’s lens. Basically, the photographer’s lights will drain you, and his or her camera flashes will wash you out – to counteract these influences, use stronger makeup that you would for everyday, or even for a night of clubbing.

You need a good-quality base foundation, lots of powder to create a smooth matte effect, and good definition of eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones, jawline, and lips. While “contour” makeup is definitely out of date, makeup designed for the camera will refine the features in a subtle way. For example, many makeup artists use a darker shade of foundation under the chin to create the illusion of a leaner jawline.

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For your wedding photos, you really need a full face of makeup – it’s actually the only way to get a “Hollywood” look – that’s why Hollywood actors and actresses are consistently powdered down by makeup crews between shots. If you hate wearing makeup, consider a light application for your ceremony and reception – then, book a private sitting with your groom (and wedding party, if you like) for some proper glamour photos. At this photo shoot, get your makeup done professionally for the best effect. This way, you can avoid wearing a lot of paint on your big day, and still have a set of great wedding pics that’s you’ll always treasure.

Pale skin needs contrast – ivory complexions will look best with reddish-brown, magenta, or plum lips and cheeks. Golden complexions are warmer, and they don’t need as much contrast – they will be flattered by soft coral pinks, bronzes, and baby pinks. Again, look at celebrity makeup – what works for porcelain skinned actresses, such as January Jones and Evan Rachel Wood, will not work for gorgeous olive or dark-skinned ladies, such as J-lo and Jennifer Hudson.

Hiring a makeup artist who will instinctively know the best makeup shades, finishes and techniques for you may be a worthwhile investment. If you’d rather do your own makeup, invest in some high-quality cosmetics that are known to be popular with professional makeup artists and film crews – MAC, Smashbox, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown all produce high-end products that actually get results. If you can’t afford such expensive cosmetics, use cheaper drugstore versions, such as Cover Girl or Revlon – you may need to apply more of these products as they are often less pigmented.

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When it comes to planning a wedding, you need capable helpers who offer years of experience and skill…after all, your special day should be one of the happiest days of your life, and the buildup to your wedding should not be stressful or difficult. While choosing the right wedding makeup is important, it’s just one facet of creating the ideal wedding look; to make it all come together at your nuptials, you also need perfect wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, and help with wedding invitations, wedding flowers, and more…

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