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Beat the January Blahs with Proper Diet and Exercise

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All brides-to-be want to look stunning during their upcoming spring or summer weddings; however, holiday eating and cold weather conditions tend to pile on pounds and inhibit workouts. If you’re susceptible to the dreaded “January Blahs”, there are some ways to make this month more stimulating, invigorating, and beautifying. By planning ahead and adopting a healthier lifestyle, you’ll be ready for your close-up when your wedding day rolls around.

Use this month to become your very best self! Remember that results from dieting and exercise take time – therefore, it’s much better to start a few months in advance of your very special occasion. Of course, the bonus of eating correctly and working out is that you will feel amazing and handle stress much more effectively. There is no downside to taking care of your body – the work you do will always pay off in a big way.

Here are some tips on lifestyle changes that will help you look fabulous in your white wedding dress…

Eating Correctly Will Slim You Down and Make You Feel Better 

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Cutting excess “bad” fats, sugars, and white flours out of your diet is the best way to provoke the kind of weight loss that also makes you feel healthier (rather than tired or deprived) and gives you a glamorous look in fashionable wedding dresses. After all, these empty calories do nothing for you, and they tend to wreak havoc with your metabolism, your complexion, and your moods. Processed foods are always a poor choice – instead, treat yourself to whole grains, lean proteins and sauces in the correct portion sizes. In time, you’ll feel confident enough to begin shopping for wedding dresses in Mississauga or wedding dresses in Barrie.

If you’re having trouble losing weight and you’re not a big junk food eater, it’s pretty probable that you don’t understand what a typical serving size is. A cup of grains (brown rice, spinach pasta, couscous, etc.), 2/3 cup of topping (such as lean chicken, tofu or tuna), and a tablespoon of sauce or condiment (for example – olive oil, hot sauce, low-fat mayo, or fat-free salad dressing) should form the basis for most meals – then, you should augment with lots of pure water, veggies, and fruit. Next, imagine a typical Lean Cuisine microwave meal container – this is correctly portioned, and, as you’ve probably noticed, there isn’t a great deal of food on the plastic plate! Salads and fruit will fill you up if you’re still feeling hungry after consuming your “portioned” meal. You should also drink five big glasses of water or herbal tea every day.

Eating smaller portions is challenging at first, but your body will soon adjust, and you will definitely lose weight. Cutting out the wrong foods and portioning the right foods is the best strategy for New Year’s weight loss. It takes discipline, to be sure – but you can do it.

If you are planning to lose weight for an important event, why not make your skin look fantastic in the process. Many diets will help you take off some pounds and increase the collagen cells in your body, and you can read this article from Proper Good to learn more.

Find Joy in Exercise This January

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Healthy lifestyle choices don’t have to be a chore – in fact, you set yourself up for defeat when you hate what you’re doing; therefore, exercise that is fun to do should always be the goal. To choose the suitable activity for your personality and fitness goals, do a little self-analysis…for example, if you’re quiet and bookish, home fitness equipment will be a perfect choice. You can read a great novel while you ride an Exercycle or use an Elliptical machine, and you won’t have to bother fighting the crowds at a gym.

If you’re social and extroverted, fitness classes that feature Zumba exercise may be ideal – Zumba offers a great workout system that tones your body. All of the action is set to lively Latin and international music. Other great options include swimming at a gym, Pilates, or hiking. Mixing it up is a good strategy – balance indoor and outdoor exercise for the best results. Getting fresh air – even in miserable weather – is very healthy, as long as you’re bundled up…

Reward Your Successes By Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown and Accessories

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In order to stay on track, you need to plan rewards – treating yourself is truly the best way to stay motivated. Instead of focusing on sweet treats or salty potato chips as rewards, why not plan your rewards to make your upcoming wedding even more special? For example, if you lose five pounds, give yourself permission to choose a stunning wedding tiara, wedding shoes, or bridal rings. Since you need these items anyway, choosing them as “milestones” along a New Year fitness program can be great fun. Of course, choosing your bridal dress will be the most important milestone of all…begin looking early in the New Year, so you know exactly what you want when you’re at peak fitness in a month or two. Create a shopping calendar that gels with your fitness goals – and beat the January blahs as you get ready to walk down the aisle.

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Happy New Year from Best for Bride!

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