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Beautiful bridesmaids dress styles you simply cannot go wrong with


Your bridesmaids are special women—ones who deserve to be beside you when you say “I Do.” So, why not dress them up in something they actually love?

Of course this should be dresses that compliment your bridal look and are suitable for your theme. After all, your bridesmaids are also a big part of your wedding scenery. How you dress them will affect the way your wedding photos turn out. Does that sound like too many conditions to satisfy?

Do not worry, for it isn’t too difficult to find dresses you like and your bridesmaids will actually look forward to wearing. Today, I will tell you about certain dress features that are popular crowd-pleasers. Consider one or more of these factors in your bridesmaids dress choices, and your bridal party will most likely be a happy lot.

You cannot go wrong with dark neutrals like black

Why do you think every woman has a little black dress in her wardrobe? It is a universal favorite that works well on various occasions. Colors that come close to black in the spectrum also look good on most body types. They also suit women of different ages.

Although most brides no longer have issues including black in the wedding, some still try to avoid it. So, if you are looking for alternatives to black for your wedding that are just as appealing, choose navy, charcoal gray or dark brown.

The dress in this picture is a smart number from the Mori Lee collection. The modified A-line skirt and V-neckline make it naturally slimming. The shimmer of beading on lace and the cinched waistline and sash adds to the dressy effect. It is a dress your girls can all sport, irrespective of their age or shape.

Midi dresses

If you want the bridal party look to complement your style, but look distinct, here is an idea! Dress them up in midi dresses in the same fabric as your wedding gown. This will create a cohesive look, but allow you to stand out from the others.

Don’t be surprised if your bridesmaids aren’t too sure about this choice. For there is a popular misconception that you have to be tall to look good in a midi skirt. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem as long as you manage to get the hemline just right. All you have to do is make sure that the dress ends below the knees and just above the calf muscles, and you are good to go.

Take a look at this ravishing beauty in red from the Alfred Angelo collection. The length is just right to create an illusion of slender, long legs. This is something that your bridesmaids will definitely love for its beautiful details, punchy color and overall style.

Dresses with overlays in the bodice

Many common dress styles like the A-line and fit and flare draw attention to the middle. This can make your girls conscious and unhappy about wearing a fitted style. Dresses with overlays in the bodice are good choices if there are women in your bridal party who aren’t particularly happy with the width of their waistline. Cropped bodices or overlays will appear as separate from the skirt, and help to counter the issue. There is no concern about the waistline not lining up with the waist of the dress. Overlays camouflage this area and look easy. The best part is that they look good on a variety of body types.

Take a look at this dress from the Alfred Angelo collection to see what we mean. The slightly extended bodice overlay shifts attention from the waistline towards the hips and legs. The sequinned design is opulent and perfect for a wedding where your girls should look glitzy and glamorous.

Tapered dresses

Any body type can easily carry off a dress that clings beyond the waist and tapers downwards. The idea is to choose a slim but not tight fitting dress and work with the elements in the top to create a balanced look. Short bridesmaids can dress in tapered dresses with high waists that elongate the torso. Dark solid colored dresses that taper just a bit are right for pear-shaped women. Straight body shapes can wear tapered dresses with more volume in the lower half. So, keep the tapered style feature as the cohesive element in your bridal party look. Then experiment with different colors and bodice designs for an interesting effect.


Here is a bridesmaid dress from the Alfred Angelo collection that features a tapered lower half. The upper textured bodice balances out the lower half, and the thick waistband adds a definition to the overall shape.

The illusion neckline

The illusion neckline is a dress feature that is favored by almost everyone, and rightly so. There is something unusually attractive about an almost transparent neckline as an overlay for the bodice. When embellished with a scattering of tasteful details, it looks even more alluring. For it has an exquisite charm and is very feminine. Let this be the common feature in your bridal party dresses, and we are sure your bridesmaids won’t have a reason to complain. With illusion necklines available in a variety of design styles, it won’t be difficult to pick one that suits the body structure and style of each woman in the group.


How amazing is this Mori Lee bridesmaid gown with a sheer neckline studded with lace embellishments. Although it fully covers the neck and bust area, the sheer effect has a dreamy, whimsical impact. The lace appliques in the bodice continue along cap sleeves that complete the overall look with elegance. A dress like this will bowl over your bridesmaids, and it will only be a matter of time before they use it again after your wedding.

The sheath

One of the most romantic and sexy dress-styles of all times, the sheath is a classic that looks good on most body types. It accentuates natural curves and even creates the illusion of a curvy figure, where there are few curves. It is immensely forgiving that way. Additionally, the sheath camouflages wide waistlines and thick hips when chosen appropriately. So, if your bridesmaids have different body types, go with the sheath silhouette for their bridesmaids dresses. So, you needn’t worry about finding separate dresses that flatter each of them.

This relaxed sheath silhouette features all-over shimmering details that are bound to impress. The sweetheart neckline and feminine structure of the dress instantly add a romantic touch. The soft fit looks comfortable and it balances out the extensive use of embellishments throughout this statement style dress.

Asymmetrical draping in the dress

This is one style that you should consider for your bridesmaids if you want a fashionable look. The fashion world is abuzz with asymmetrical details like ruchings, single straps and more. Asymmetrical draping that concentrates in one area of the dress is appealing.  Loosely draped ruchings are casual, while tightly gathered drapes enhance the look for a formal gown. It is possible to choose dresses with different types of asymmetrical drapes to suit different body types. Dropped waists will suit taller women in your group.  Smaller and full-figured girls can enjoy a slimming effect with draping that forms a textured bodice and highlights the length of the skirt.

Loosely gathered pleats come together at one side of the waist in this dress from the Mori Lee Bridesmaids collection. The effect of the asymmetrical draping to one side is enhanced by the ruffled layers that extend to full length. The textured look is undeniably feminine and this dress is one that will definitely be used more than just once by your bridesmaids.

Fit and flare dresses

Many women are reluctant to try on fit and flare dresses as the name is often misleading. Since the lower half flares out beyond a point, we often tend to believe that this will enhance an already bulky lower half. Fortunately, it isn’t so.

Finding the right dress that flares out to camouflage or highlight a body feature is the only tricky part. When chosen correctly, fit and flare dresses can create the illusion of curves for a rectangle body type, highlight the beauty of an hourglass figure and camouflage thick or thin thighs and hips by having the flare begin at the right point.

Here is an example. This dress which is also from the Mori Lee collection cinches at the waist, and flares out beyond. The slightly elevated waistline and extensively pleated skirt can easily camouflage a thick waist and shift focus to slender legs. This dress has a very youthful look and is perfect if you want your bridesmaids to look smart and chic.

The Modified A-line

The A-line dress looks great on women with a well-balanced figure. However, it may not look particularly good on bridesmaids who are either top or bottom heavy. However a small modification to the style gives us something that is suitable for almost all women. It is the modified A-line.

This style features a fitted style beyond the waist, and resembles a dropped waistline. It then continues into an A-line pattern from the dropped waistline. The benefit of this feature is that it doesn’t draw attention to the actual waistline, but shifts it to the top and bottom halves. It also has an elegant appeal which is different from the very casual A-line.


Take a look at this beautiful blue dress from the Mori Lee bridesmaids collection. The silhouette snugly fits all the way from the neckline to the waist and slightly beyond. It flares out from the hips, creating the illusion of a fuller figure. The finish in satin makes it dressy and attractive. The modest scoop neckline enhances the effect and makes this a dress that everyone in your bridal party can carry.

Now that we have seen the various dress styles that suit bridesmaids of all body types, tell us which of these features do you like best?

Finally, a word of advice. It isn’t always possible to please everyone, even if you really try to. Consider it a success, if the majority of your bridesmaids are satisfied with your choice. Here is an article on the Brides blog that tells you what to do if a bridesmaid really detests your choice. If a simple tweak or customized detail will help her tide over her discontent, it is best to accommodate it. However, if the root of the problem is something else, simply overlook it and go ahead with your plans.

All the dresses we saw today are available in our bridesmaids dress collections at Best for Bride. These designs are available in different sizes and also a range of colors. Click on the links for each dress for more details on it. Also, don’t forget to explore the various other options we have in our collection. With designer collections like Mori Lee, Alfred Angelo, Dessy bridesmaids and more, you will find a dizzying variety to choose from. Click here to visit our gallery of bridesmaids dresses and enjoy your virtual shopping experience today. Or visit us in-store and we will be happy to assist you find the dress that perfectly matches your expectations and makes your bridesmaids happy.

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Special Ways to Choose your Bridesmaids


Some of the most important people who will be sharing your big day with you are your bridesmaids. They are usually close family members or women who have been standing beside you for a great number of years. If you are looking for a unique way that you can ask them to be a part of your special day, be sure to try out a few of these fantastic options for yourself.

The Ring Pop

This is a fun way to ‘propose’ to your bridesmaids. You simply purchase or create some cute boxes that resemble a ring box and that will be big enough to hold a ring pop. Then you can create labels with the girl’s names on them as well as a cute message on the inside of the box. For even more fun, you can have a small party where you announce your engagement and ask them to be your bridesmaids at the same time.

A DIY Card

With this fun item, you will be doing a bit of crafting on your own. Take some card stock that you can purchase from your local craft store and create a simple card requesting that your friends accept the responsibility of being your bridesmaids. Then you can add a bit of confetti to the card so that it will fly out when they open their card. You should also add some fun envelopes to the mix as well to brighten up the event even more.

Fun Game


Gather your bridesmaids for a party at your place. Before they arrive, hide some gifts for each of them around your space with clues that will help them guess their fun surprise. In the end they will have so much fun discovering that you want them to share your special day with them, that you won’t even have to ask the question. This is a fun way to make both the announcement of your engagement and to ask your bridesmaids the question.

Cookie Puzzle

With a little creativity, you can create a special cookie that asks the question for you. Simply print the question on the icing of the cookie and divide it into small pieces. You can then arrange the pieces in such a way that your bridesmaids will need to spend a bit of time rearranging their cookie to find the hidden message. This can be a fun game to play with your bridesmaids and you may even decide to offer a gift for the person who figures it out first.



The women that you choose to stand beside you on your wedding day are important to you. You have chosen them for a reason and are asking quite a bit of responsibility from them. It is important that you make them feel special during this process so that they will understand who important that they are to you. By asking them to be your bridesmaids in a unique way, you will be showing them how much you care.

Best for Bride

Best for Bride is a full service bridal shop that offers a great number of bridesmaid gowns as well as gifts for the special women in your life. Be sure to stop by one of their locations when you are looking for the best options for your bridesmaids’ gowns and supplies.

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Most Popular Bridesmaid Trends


Choosing your bridesmaids is important when planning your wedding and there are always trends that have been set in place by other women who are getting married this time of year. Whether you have a handful of women who will be sharing the stage with you or a dozen, you want your special day to be filled with the people that you love and who have brought joy to your life.

Asking for their Devotion

One of the biggest trends that are currently being found in the wedding industry is the exact way that women are requesting their friends to be their bridesmaid or maid of honor. Coming up with fun ways to ‘pop the question’ can add some excitement and laughs to your wedding planning. Don’t be afraid to be creative when you are planning your wedding; you might just find that some of the stress is eliminated when you add a little fun to the process as well.

Choosing the Dress


Another trend that is on the rise comes in the way of the bridesmaid dresses themselves. For starters, many designers are now designing dresses that have a shorter hemline. While traditionally, bridesmaid dresses were designed as long flowing dresses, designers are now starting to go with shorter, flirty versions. This can be a benefit because your girls are more likely to wear them again in the future.


Color is also something that has changed about bridesmaid dresses. Instead of the soft colors of the past, you can now find brightly colored versions that are a little more exciting than the traditional colors that we are accustomed to. When you are choosing your wedding colors, you can now be brave enough to choose your favorite color, regardless of how bright or non-traditional it might be.

Planning the Party

When it comes to your bridesmaids planning you bachelorette party, a new trend is combining the bachelor and bachelorette party into one huge event. Rather than splitting out the two parties, many couples are now choosing to plan them together.

One fun thing that many bridal parties have started doing when it comes to the parties is to start out on a separate venture and finding their way to a joint location by the end of the night. This can be a fun way to celebrate the pending union together while still having some alone time with your best friends.


Your bridesmaids are some of the most important members of the wedding party. They are likely to be the people you feel the closest to and will be there to help you through all the milestones of getting ready for your big day.

There are many roles that your bridesmaids play and it pays to have a fun time when experiencing new things with them. Whether you are choosing your wedding gown or spending time together at your bridal party, you are sure to have a blast as you prepare and celebrate your big day. By trying out some of the trends that are currently popular, you will be able to enjoy the time you spend with them even more.

Best for Bride

Best for Bride offers a wide range of bridesmaid gowns and gifts that can help make the special members of your wedding party feel loved and appreciated. From choosing the dresses to finding the perfect pair of shoes, you will be able to find everything that you need at one of the four Best for Bride locations.


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Tips To Choose a Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid Dress

Like most women, your wedding is going to be one of the most important events in your life. Therefore, you should select your bridesmaids very carefully after much consideration and time. Once this is done, it can be fun to find beautiful dresses for your bridesmaids to look their best on your wedding day. Some tips are provided below to help choose a bridesmaid dress.

These tips will come handy if you are looking for dresses for more than one bridesmaid. Some dresses will look great on slim figures, while others are ideal for the more voluptuous bodies. Therefore, you need to find a bridesmaid dress that can work for everyone.

Tips To Choose a Bridesmaid Dress

The first tip is to choose a dress with something in common with or one that echoes the theme your wedding gown. If you have a slinky and sleek wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress with lacy frills will not look good beside it.

Next, your bridesmaid dress should be comfortable. Most wedding ceremonies are long and drawn out events, especially when the reception goes on for hours. Your bridesmaids will be grateful if their dress style and fabric is comfortable enough to wear and not just a dress to be modeled.

In addition to that, bridesmaids’ dresses must be well-built for the same reasons why they should be comfortable. It would not look good if the bridesmaid dresses start to break away at the seams even before the ceremony is over. So, the best tip is to choose a bridesmaid dress that can last long.

You should also consider the season and choose the most appropriate dress for your bridesmaid. Taffetas and crepes are great for summer, while velvets will look beautiful for weddings in winter. Some of the bridesmaid dresses have formal and classic elegance that can work for all seasons.

A good suggestion is to look at all the aspects of the bridesmaid dress to ensure that the style can be worn on other occasions. This will make your bridesmaid really happy because the dress can be worn after the wedding.

Bridesmads by After Six

Choose outfits with designs that you can alter in case everyone cannot fit into their bridesmaid dresses. Perhaps the most important tip is to choose a dress that is made to fit all the ladies in the bridal party.

The last tip to help you choose a bridesmaid dress is for you to look at ways to shop at sale events and save money. The clearance sales offer great savings for persons on a budget. You can take full advantage of the sale events if you decide on the plans for your wedding before the date or even if you are planning a last minute event. Just be sure to select a dress that can make you and the bridesmaid happy. You can select your bridesmaids here.