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Most Popular Bridesmaid Trends


Choosing your bridesmaids is important when planning your wedding and there are always trends that have been set in place by other women who are getting married this time of year. Whether you have a handful of women who will be sharing the stage with you or a dozen, you want your special day to be filled with the people that you love and who have brought joy to your life.

Asking for their Devotion

One of the biggest trends that are currently being found in the wedding industry is the exact way that women are requesting their friends to be their bridesmaid or maid of honor. Coming up with fun ways to ‘pop the question’ can add some excitement and laughs to your wedding planning. Don’t be afraid to be creative when you are planning your wedding; you might just find that some of the stress is eliminated when you add a little fun to the process as well.

Choosing the Dress


Another trend that is on the rise comes in the way of the bridesmaid dresses themselves. For starters, many designers are now designing dresses that have a shorter hemline. While traditionally, bridesmaid dresses were designed as long flowing dresses, designers are now starting to go with shorter, flirty versions. This can be a benefit because your girls are more likely to wear them again in the future.

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Color is also something that has changed about bridesmaid dresses. Instead of the soft colors of the past, you can now find brightly colored versions that are a little more exciting than the traditional colors that we are accustomed to. When you are choosing your wedding colors, you can now be brave enough to choose your favorite color, regardless of how bright or non-traditional it might be.

Planning the Party

When it comes to your bridesmaids planning you bachelorette party, a new trend is combining the bachelor and bachelorette party into one huge event. Rather than splitting out the two parties, many couples are now choosing to plan them together.

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One fun thing that many bridal parties have started doing when it comes to the parties is to start out on a separate venture and finding their way to a joint location by the end of the night. This can be a fun way to celebrate the pending union together while still having some alone time with your best friends.


Your bridesmaids are some of the most important members of the wedding party. They are likely to be the people you feel the closest to and will be there to help you through all the milestones of getting ready for your big day.

There are many roles that your bridesmaids play and it pays to have a fun time when experiencing new things with them. Whether you are choosing your wedding gown or spending time together at your bridal party, you are sure to have a blast as you prepare and celebrate your big day. By trying out some of the trends that are currently popular, you will be able to enjoy the time you spend with them even more.

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  1. Nice, I want an elegant options and dramatic color but i don’t want to commit to a dark shade, must try the gunmetal or shiny object syndrome. And of course short gown. Thank you 🙂

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