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Choosing the perfect wedding cake

Most brides look forward to choosing their wedding cake as this experience seems like it could easily turn into their favorite part of the wedding planning. However, even with that seemingly simple and fun task, there are some things you need to take into account.

1. Design

It’s best to start considering what you’d like as soon as you’ve chosen your venue and the style of the wedding. You can think of a design by yourself or use wedding photographs in magazines or on Pinterest as inspiration. The cake’s design should complement the design of the whole occasion. For formal weddings, for example, the cake design implies something ceremonial and grand – usually a structured, multitier cake.


2. Flavor

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Narrowing down the flavor options for the cake can actually help you choose the design, as well. Traditional cake layers are white or yellow, but you can easily tailor your cake to the reception menu. You can add fillings such as whipped cream, chocolate fudge or lemon curd to bring in more flavor.



3. Finding the right baker

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Choosing the best baker to make your cake is in fact as vital as choosing the design or flavor. You can ask them for samples, portfolios or photos of previous cakes. Your baker will know how to select and combine the ingredients to achieve the best results. For instance, almond cakes go well with berries or other delicate fruits. If you’d like to pair your cake with flowers, your baker can tell you which one are edible.


4. Arrange for a cake-testing

You need to make sure that you love the taste of the cake before the day of the wedding. You can arrange for a tasting before the cake is ordered to make sure that it tastes exactly as it should. Even basic tastes, such as chocolate or vanilla depend on how the cake is made. Arrange for a cake-testing before the big day – it will save you a lot of worries and troubles!

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  2. Simple and elegant! I want the biggest cake on my wedding lol.. Great job!

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