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The inside scoop of flower girl duties

According to the flower girl dictates, she walks down the aisle in front of the bride and the bridesmaid at the wedding. They have held an important place in wedding and till today they continue to do so. These girls have also symbolized fertility at the nuptial union and have melt most hearts with their innocent and angel looks. There is no doubt she is the sweetest and youngest guest at the wedding. Apart from dropping flower petals in front of the bride, a flower girl performs other duties as well.



Although the bridal fashion has come a long way, but flower girls dress did not change a lot. Even though it is not necessary, but most brides select her dress similar to hers. This is mainly done to create a miniature version of her. This is really a great thing, but above all the girl’s dress depends entirely on her comfort level. Apart from the bride, the flower girl’s parents also choose the dress and accessories. It is usually a tea-length dress along with a satin bow or white bonnet. She carries a beautiful bouquet and a flower basket.

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Now coming to the duties performed by the cute little flower girl. There are a couple of duties which the girl needs to perform during the wedding. Traditionally, the girl walks behind the ring bearer down the aisle and moves to the maid of honor. But along with this, it is also acceptable that she walks ahead of the bride and drop flower petals and grains on the floor from the basket. The main task is to look good while walking down the aisle. The girl also attends the rehearsal which helps her know the duties. This even helps to reduce her anxiety on the big day.

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After performing her task, she can either stand or sit with her relatives throughout the wedding ceremony. The bride decides what works best for the girl. After the wedding, the flower girl once again walks up to the aisle to the maid of honor. Along with these duties, the flower girl also appears in the family portrait with the bride. This is also an important part of the duty and it can either take place before or after the wedding.

Now coming to the bride, the bride makes sure she prepares the girl just like her miniature version. Due to this reason, in most cases, the bride selects her gown and gives her a similar look like her, at the wedding. The bride also introduces her to the guests at the end of the ceremony.

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  1. Interesting a very creative ideas, I am going to save these. Thank you so much Olga 4 sharing.

  2. I love this tradition, and it’s interesting to know a little about the origins. I just read another post of yours which talks about how to change things up in your wedding ceremony.I have to say I love the idea of the grandma flower girls. Maybe you could have one of each !

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