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The Wedding Scene And Trends

Weddings are some of the most memorable events of our lifetime as they bond two people who are in love. Both parties take an oath to stay by each other side despite challenges and illnesses which is a perfect illustration of love. Almost every unmarried person has plans to have a nice wedding someday. It is also one of the oldest practices known to man and all cultures have some form of wedding traditions, ceremonies and preparations. However, the wedding scene has evolved over ages as our society continues to change. There are many new ideas, inspirations and additional activities that go along with the ceremonies.



New wedding ideas

The ceremonies have not changed in a big ways but rather include new ideas that improve the wedding experience and bring more memorable joy. Traditional weddings and related ceremonies were held at a location close to the bridegroom’s home. Today, ceremonies can happen in foreign countries, uptown hotels and backyards, parks and various places that are far away from home. The ceremonies involve a day time activity and night parties that include only a select number of guests. It is important to plan in advance and make all the necessary arrangements weeks before the actual wedding. There are many ideas for decor including garden, ballroom, loft, seaside, barn and destination among others. Cake ideas range from white to blue, green, pink, gold and yellow including all preferences and unique tastes. Flower ideas include bouquets, centerpieces, decoration placements and boutonnieres. When looking for wedding inspirations just watch along and see what other couples are doing. The modern scene is full of brilliant ideas and imagination. The good thing is that weddings are 100% customization.



Wedding trends

There are new trends in every aspect of wedding ranging from the dress to entertainment systems, parties, food and photography among other things. When planning for a wedding, checking existing trends may help land incredible deals for venues, cakes, dresses and entertainment. Current trends include bands and celebrity appearances, closed door weddings, beach side after-wedding parties and destination trips across different cities. Although it is advisable to have a wedding planner who handles various aspects of the wedding, choosing services from a single contractor may not yield desirable conveniences. It is better to outsource services from various clients for different requirements. Choose the best for each requirement and make sure there are a couple of alternatives.



Wedding is supposed to draw inspiration, love, excitement and positive energy. It is therefore important to do everything because there is only one big day and no chance should be given to disappointments. Ensure all the planning is done in advance and contract only the best for photography, scene decoration and meals.

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Getting the Best Possible Out of Your Wedding Photos

Pictures are worth more than thousand words, therefore your wedding photos must include some perfect combinations of humorous, serious outrageous and sentimental shots, because they are the ones you will treasure for the rest of your life. Here are some tips you should consider.


For your pre-wedding meetings, make sure you set up some consultations with your chosen photographer at the venue of your wedding because it helps in all cases. Try to organize a consultation with your photographer late in the afternoon because that is the time mostly scheduled for couples’ photo-shoots. You need to make plans with your photographer, especially how the day’s events will unfold. For instance, your photographer needs to know when will the couple walk into the reception hall, and He needs to know where you want your pictures to be taken from. Adequate preparations for timing, and lightning will save you from any likely embarrassments.


You need to book your engagement shoots ahead of time. The quality of photos taken at your engagement will help you work with your photographer ahead of the proper wedding. Engagement photo-shoots can serve as wedding photo-shoot trials and the quality you get can help you determine whether you can hire him for the next phase of your wedding program.

Dani Leigh Photography

The venue of the wedding must be arranged early so that your photographer can take pictures of the wedding decor earlier in the day, and just before the arrival of your guests. It is almost impossible to get excellent decor photos when your guests are already at the venue. Make arrangements with your photographer and ensure that he arrives not later than 3 hours before the start of the wedding ceremony.


Preparing your venue for the wedding photo-shoots is important. Make sure you choose a large hall with lots of windows to provide natural lightning. Make sure you plan the overall look and feel of the wedding venue by de-cluttering and making the room as neat as possible.


Try to get your wedding ceremonies done at one venue as much as possible, this will save you the hassle of moving your guests from one place to another as such can disrupt the effectiveness of your photographer. This will also save you some money, considering the fact that you are paying your photographer on an hourly basis.

Try as much as possible to keep the total number of your family photos to between 8 and 12 in order to save time and give the lists to your photographer as well as someone in your bridal party who can gather people when they are needed to take pictures.

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Tokens of Gratitude: Unveiling the Deep Significance of Wedding Favors!

The tradition of giving favors to wedding guests goes back centuries and was to thank guests for making the occasion special. We proceed with this custom today however wedding favors differ impressively, so what were the first wedding favors which were given hundreds of years prior? This article takes a gander at the history and hugeness of wedding favors.

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Some Interesting Wedding Practices and their Origins

engagement ring

Weddings represent some of the best moments in a person’s life and that of his family and friends. Various cultures hold wedding ceremonies filled with all sorts of traditions, some which are controversial. Increase in globalization has led to common adoption of certain mainstream practices which may still have some local touch. The following practices are now common in most weddings around the world, but have you ever wondered to think about their origins? You could be in for a surprise!

The Wedding Ring


Rings were valuable items often used in barter trade in the Middle East and Asia. They were made from precious metals such as Gold or Silver. Till today, rings are exchanged as dowry. However it was Pope Innocent III who popularized the wedding ring worn on the finger through a decree. There is some debate as to why it has to be worn on the third finger, but the popular belief is that it originated from an ancient Egyptian myth that this finger is directly connected to the heart.

Wedding banns or Marriage License


Although the announcement of wedding banns is losing popularity in favor of marriage licenses, they are still quite common in countries with strong Christian following. It is believed that there were introduced to prevent incestuous relationships. During this time anybody could make a claim on the wedding not going ahead because of a possible blood relation between the couple. The modern marriage license only restricts weddings on legal grounds.

The “Best Man”


Until the late 18th century it was common for the bride to be kidnapped from home before the wedding. The suitor/bridegroom often set out with a party of friends to conduct the kidnapping. The one who showed the most skill or bravery in the kidnap became the “best man” at the wedding.

The “White Wedding”


This practice is so common in modern weddings that many may overlook its origins. In fact this practice never existed until two hundred year ago. The bride simple used to appear on the wedding day wearing her best dress. It was Queen Victoria who commissioned a white laced dress for her wedding to Prince Albert.

The “Honey Moon”

Couple on a beach

In ancient Rome, newly married couples would retreat to seclusion for a period of one month. During this time family members will take turns to deliver “honey wine” which was thought to aid fertility.

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