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Tokens of Gratitude: Unveiling the Deep Significance of Wedding Favors!

The tradition of giving favors to wedding guests goes back centuries and was to thank guests for making the occasion special. We proceed with this custom today however wedding favors differ impressively, so what were the first wedding favors which were given hundreds of years prior? This article takes a gander at the history and hugeness of wedding favors.


In days passed by, European blue-bloods, especially those from Italy and France, would give every visitor a sugared delicacy in a trinket box. Sugar symbolized riches and sovereignty and was a lavish thing. The trinket boxes were made of porcelain or metal and enriched with valuable stones. They contained these sugared desserts known as Bonbonnieres. Extra minutes sugar got to be less expensive and to a lesser extent an extravagance. Subsequently, the act of giving wedding favors spread to those of lowlier means thus was no more elite to the rich.

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As time went on, Bonbonnieres were supplanted by almonds and these were given to wedding visitors. In the thirteenth century, the almonds got to be sugar covered and were known as Jordan almonds. These favors are still normally given at today’s weddings.

Weddings were seen as a lucky event, so the spouse and husband-to-be would give their visitors five Bonbonnieres or Jordan almonds as a method for offering this good fortune. These five desserts were to speak to great well-being, riches, ripeness, bliss and long life.

The wedding support additionally went about as a memento of the event and still does today, something which the visitors could take away and recollect the day by the kind of wedding favors utilized today change significantly, yet the custom still proceeds with and is famous amongst societies around the world.

These days the sort of support given to visitors may rotate around the wedding topic or maybe identify with the spouse and grooms way of life, there truly is no restriction. And giving embellishment to the tables, the wedding favors might likewise give a wellspring of excitement to the visitors or an argument.

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The convention of giving favors was not constrained to weddings. Visitors were given a trinket of the occasion at other extraordinary events and birthdays. Giving favors was a motion of much obliged and was an imperative piece of any wedding or extraordinary event.


There truly is no restriction to what you can give visitors as supports nowadays. Despite the fact that the custom of giving a blessing to say ‘thank you’ to the visitor proceeds there is no formal rules to what the favors ought to be There is a gigantic decision of ready-made wedding favors to purchase or you can make your own, which ever you pick it ought to be close to home to you and your wedding.

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4 thoughts on “Tokens of Gratitude: Unveiling the Deep Significance of Wedding Favors!

  1. Great information regarding favors. Thank you for keeping it in perspective and seemed genuinely interested.

  2. I always looked at the wedding favors as a way to say thanks to those that helped out. Whether it has to do with planning the wedding or even just helping people parking their cars. They deserve some recognition.

  3. Very traditional and once you know the background of something like this, picking one out for the wedding party is a little easier.

  4. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this tradition. The friends and family all helped in one way or another and they should be shown appreciation for that.

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