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Planning your Wedding Cake

One of the most remarkable moments in any wedding ceremony is when the new couple gets to cut the cake in front of their family members and friends. It is therefore very important for both the bride and groom to ensure they have the best cake that is special and personalized to create a long lasting romantic memory in their lives. The wedding cake usually sits beautifully throughout the ceremony and all invited persons will be gazing as the newly wedded couple cuts their fast slice.



It is very common when choosing your wedding cake to correspond it up with the theme or style of your wedding. While some couples go for traditional wedding cakes, others are more adventurous and hence go for a very unique cake or even cupcakes which are easier to distribute. The value of each wedding cake varies depending on the amount of hours spent in designing them and the value of ingredients used As such, you will have to bring your financial status into perspective to ensure that you are able to have a remarkable and affordable wedding ceremony.



It is always important to hire your wedding cake in advance to ensure that last minute rush that can have undesirable effects on your D-day’s. In most cases, the designer brings the cake to the designated wedding venue on the day of the ceremony and sets up appropriately. However, if you decide to bake your own cake or buy it from a supermarket, you can opt to have it brought to the venue on the morning of the wedding or on the day before so that it can be set up by the staff.

It is very economical and fun to bake our own wedding cake but you need to have the necessary skills required to ensure that you don’t mess up. Not only will you have the chance of considering your style, but also get to decide on what to go for as a filling. Some of the most common fillings that accompany most wedding cakes include chocolate, sponge, carrot, vanilla or cheesecake.

Your weeding can even be more entertaining and beautiful if you decide to have a wide variety of fillings for the guest. This gives them an opportunity of having their favorite flavors and fillings hence enjoying the event even more You can inspire your wedding cake ideas by searching various wedding sites on the internet to get meaning information that will make your ceremony more intriguing.

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Choosing the perfect wedding cake

Most brides look forward to choosing their wedding cake as this experience seems like it could easily turn into their favorite part of the wedding planning. However, even with that seemingly simple and fun task, there are some things you need to take into account.

1. Design

It’s best to start considering what you’d like as soon as you’ve chosen your venue and the style of the wedding. You can think of a design by yourself or use wedding photographs in magazines or on Pinterest as inspiration. The cake’s design should complement the design of the whole occasion. For formal weddings, for example, the cake design implies something ceremonial and grand – usually a structured, multitier cake.


2. Flavor

Narrowing down the flavor options for the cake can actually help you choose the design, as well. Traditional cake layers are white or yellow, but you can easily tailor your cake to the reception menu. You can add fillings such as whipped cream, chocolate fudge or lemon curd to bring in more flavor.



3. Finding the right baker

Choosing the best baker to make your cake is in fact as vital as choosing the design or flavor. You can ask them for samples, portfolios or photos of previous cakes. Your baker will know how to select and combine the ingredients to achieve the best results. For instance, almond cakes go well with berries or other delicate fruits. If you’d like to pair your cake with flowers, your baker can tell you which one are edible.


4. Arrange for a cake-testing

You need to make sure that you love the taste of the cake before the day of the wedding. You can arrange for a tasting before the cake is ordered to make sure that it tastes exactly as it should. Even basic tastes, such as chocolate or vanilla depend on how the cake is made. Arrange for a cake-testing before the big day – it will save you a lot of worries and troubles!

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Expensive Wedding Cakes

wedding cake decor

Wedding cakes, mmm! Delicious! It’s your wedding and you want everything to be in the right order, so that everybody present will be glad and will feel ok. Therefore, you must take care of the cake. What will it be: a classic, traditional wedding cake or something really special, different from any other wedding cake anyone saw before? And then again, how much money do you have available to spend on a cake?

I’m sure you heard about famous confectioners and confectioneries, that employ confectioners that in my opinion are artists, nevertheless. Their imagination is flowing and they are creating delicious masterpieces! The problem is… the better they are, the higher the price you have to pay to have at your wedding the craftsmanship of these people. But you won’re regret it, it will be unforgetable!

They went so far that they even used Swarovski crystals in one wedding cake. Over 50,000 individual crystals were used. It was a masterpiece and the first time Swarovski crystals were used in a cake. Who would’ve thought these crystals would end up among chocolate, cream and other sugar-based ingredients?

Some other expensive wedding cakes imply cushions, an amazing lace work or even details resembling filigree work. The confectionres must really be masters in what they are doing to craft such impressive wedding cakes! Are you willing to pay big sums of money for such cakes? Only if having a unique one at your wedding means something to you. When you look at them, you don’t even want to cut them and give slices to the guests, they’re like a cake you won’t even touch because you are afraid you will ruin all the work the chefs put into it.

Well, those are almost nothing among the really expensive wedding cakes. For example, the most expensive one in the world was unveild in 2006 in Beverly Hills. It is said it was worth $20 million. It was covered in unique and almost priceless diamonds. It was probably not eaten, taken into cosideration it’s value. Of course, it was guarded each second by a very well trained security crew. Trying to take its place, another confectionery and jewel makers make in 2010 another weddign cake, said to be now the most expensive. It is decorated with sapphires and diamonds, but its price reaches only $1,3 million, in comparison to the one displayed in 2006.

So what do you think, are these expensive cakes worth something? Could you eat something like this? I belive they lost their meaning from the moment it was decided they have to be like porcelain dolls: see, but not touch. A wedding cake should be eaten! What will you do if you swallow a diamond while eating from this extraexpensive wedding cake? Did you ever thought of that?