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Engagement Ring Shopping 101: Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Choice

Engagement Ring Shopping 101: Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Choice

Are you getting hitched while standing on the verge of your engagement, wavering, waiting to find suitable adornments while attempting to make everything perfect? If you are, you must know the wedding ring is one of the most critical choices. It will be a stepping stone towards a new life, a new wonder, and it has to stay with you for a very long time. If you agree to it, you must know more about an engagement ring and what you want it to bring into your life.

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Tulle Wedding Dresses: Tips, Trends And More [2024]

Tulle Wedding Dresses: Tips, Trends And More

Regarding wedding dresses, the tulle fabric is synonymous with romance, elegance, and grace. Known for its delicate and ethereal appearance, tulle has been the go-to fabric for wedding dresses for generations. It’s like the whimsical friend who knows just how to make you shine. But how do you navigate the wondrous world of tulle without getting lost in its layers? Buckle up, dear reader, for a delightful adventure into the realm of tulle wedding dresses!

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Why Loose Curly Hair is Perfect for Weddings

simple curly wedding hair

I am due to get married to my long term partner at the end of November and because I only ever plan to get married the once, I want absolutely everything to be perfect. Like most brides however, my biggest concern is regarding how I will look during the ceremony and as such, I have spent the last few months experimenting with different styles of makeup and hair. I am still undecided regarding which colour of eye shadow and lip gloss I will don for the event but I have decided that I will be wearing my hair in ringlets.

But why I have I chosen to have curly hair for my wedding? Here are just three reasons I want to wear a curly do on my big day:

  • Curly hair is a traditionally romantic style
  • Curly hair is far more comfortable than other styles of wedding hair
  • Curling you hair for a wedding is easier than you might think!

Loose curly hair is a traditionally romantic style

I studied a module of Greek mythology during my time at university and I have to say that I have become pretty obsessed with Greek Goddesses since then. Many of these fabricated – yet powerful and classically beautiful – women had long curly hair, including Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) and Hera who is fittingly, the goddess of marriage, women and childbirth. Curly hair was considered the most beautiful hair style in Ancient Greece and there are worse things to look like on your wedding day than a goddess!

Numerous studies have also been conducted with men over the years to determine the “flirtiest” of hair styles and unsurprisingly, curly hair came up on top. Maybe that has something to do with the temptation to twirl such around your fingers? A recent news story even announced that some academic research has discovered that those women who don curly hairstyles in the work place are also taken less seriously by their male peers due to the supposedly flirty aesthetic.

It might make me sound like I am not pure enough to wear a white dress but I like the idea of looking a little flirty and attractive to other male onlookers at my wedding – why wouldn’t I want people to be jealous of the groom?

Loose curly hair is far more comfortable than other styles of wedding hair

Although many traditional wedding “up dos” look pleasant enough, they are usually pinned to the head quite tightly and this can cause the scalp to pinch. Some women might be happy to live by the sentiment that “pain is beauty” but I don’t want to be uncomfortable throughout that day that is supposed to be the happiest of my life!

Arguably, I could wear my hair up for the ceremony and undo it for the reception but after affixing an up style using several styling products, the hair is not easily reworked into another style due to the build up of product – I definitely will not have time to wash and restyle my hair between the two sections of the event.

Wedding up dos are also usually also built up around the position of the veil. I really don’t want to have to wear mine all day and because mine if the kind that has a hair grip built into either side of the band, it will be far more easily removed from locks that are loose than those which are tightly bound with bands and hairspray.

Curling your hair for a wedding is easier than you might think!

My hair is naturally poker straight and as such, there would usually be a little pain involved in transforming my locks into beautiful curls due to overnight techniques such as ragging, pin curling and hair rollers. Thankfully, I discovered a product that makes sleepless nights whilst curling a thing of the past; Curlformers.

I don’t want to bore you with the details regarding the application of these wondrous curling tubes (details of this can be found on the official website) but here are the reasons I love the product so much;

  • They do not require heat to work and so they do not ravage your hair;
  • They are incredibly easy to apply and remove from the hair;
  • Curlformers produce incredibly defined curls for whoever uses them;
  • The curling tubes are really flexible and so are not uncomfortable to sleep in;
  • The tubes are of really high quality and are pretty much indestructible and so make for a very worthy investment;

If my marriage lasts as well as the curls one can achieve with Curlformers then I’ll be in marital bliss forever!


Jacqueline Green is convinced that there is no better way to achieve curly hairstyles than with Curlformers kits – she really has never used a better hair curler!

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Whimsical Wonders: Romantic Wedding Accessories to Make Your Heart Flutter!

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts. – William Shakespeare

It’s February 14th, and the spirit of Saint Valentine, who sacrificed so much to unite lovers, lives on in all of us! Today, candy, paper hearts and velvety red roses are used as tokens of affection, and enthusiastic brides-to-be become even more excited about their own upcoming wedding days!

To celebrate the beauty of romance and commitment, we’ve compiled an exciting list of the loveliest wedding accessories…these special touches will add polish, glamour, and style to your bridal gown.

To be the most romantic, stunning bride you can be, choose these ideal wedding “extras” and wear them with your own white wedding dress. You groom-to-be will be thrilled when you walk down the aisle, adorned in all the traditional wedding accessories of a truly gorgeous bride.


To feel like a princess as you marry, don a sparkling, shimmering wedding tiara worthy of royalty. Today’s affordable designs offer old-fashioned beauty and a reasonable price tag!

Luckily, rhinestones and cubic zirconium look like icy diamonds without the sticker shock! Indulge by placing a glamorous tiara upon your head – you will feel amazing! Your groom-to-be will have tears of joy in his eyes as you stand before him.

When you wear a tiara, you will still have many options for beautiful wedding hairstyles. Buy your tiara early on, and spend some time experimenting with different looks. Work with a stylist to find the perfect hairstyle for your white wedding dress and headpiece – you can go for a sleek, shiny blowout or an ornate updo – either style will compliment the twinkling gemstones on your special “crown”.


The perfect wedding shoes offer comfort, sleek, satiny fabric, and total coordination with your gown, veil, tiara, bridal rings, and other wedding accessories. You’ll feel like Cinderella with her glass slipper as you find the perfect choice for your own outfit.

Today’s hottest designs offer fashion-conscious embellishments that add an extra shot of beauty to traditional slingback or sandal styles – crystals and pleating are popular details that make the prettiest wedding shoes stand out.

If you’re tall, or averse to wearing high heels, you can even enjoy a feminine ballet slipper in pure white!

Whatever you choose, make sure you go all out! When you’re at the bridal shop, make sure you remember that you will keep these precious shoes forever and treasure them for years to come! Some brides opt for a little shot of colour in their wedding shoes – pale pastels won’t stand out too much, so these shades are pretty appropriate with pure white wedding dresses. Silver and gold metallic styles also compliment any wedding gown – and Carrie from Sex And The City would definitely approve!

Capes And Jackets

Evoke old-world romance with a cute little fitted jacket or wedding cape. This soft, romantic style will add a sense of timeless beauty to your bridal gown. A cape or jacket is a beautiful way to add visual impact and originality to your outfit, and these designs can be affordable.

If you want to add individuality and romance to your wedding outfit, slip a cuddly yet sophisticated cape or jacket over your wedding dress. Faux fur makes these choices animal-friendly and reasonably priced. If you’re so inclined, slide on a pair of long satin gloves as well. For cool-weather weddings, this accessory can be practical as well as beloved. Your friends and family will smile when they see you all decked out like a queen on your special wedding day.

Treat Yourself To The Best Wedding Accessories…You Deserve Them!

Many women compromise on wedding accessories and then feel sad when their outfit doesn’t quite measure up. Don’t deprive yourself of the right accessories for your wedding – you deserve to make your dreams come true. Wedding dresses are major purchases, and they represent a significant investment – therefore, they must be balanced with the correct accessories.

Every bride wants fairytale romance – and every bride-to-be deserves to feel special on her big day. When you plan carefully and choose the headpiece, shoes, and other accessories of your dreams, you will be happier, more confident…and more beautiful! Your wedding photos will become treasured keepsakes that evoke the most romantic memories ever! Whether you love low-key elegance or wild, trendy styles, you will find something perfect at our bridal boutique!