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Bridal jewelry suggestions for different fashion styles

Once you choose your wedding dress, you are only half-done with dressing up for your wedding day. You still have to choose your hairstyle, makeup and most importantly, the accessories to bring together your overall look.

Just like there are thousands of options in wedding dresses, there are plenty of choices in wedding jewelry too. Finding the right balance in size, structure and impact created by the chosen accessories, is important to fashioning your overall wedding day look. Neither should you go overboard with accessories that it competes with your wedding dress, nor should it be too simple that it doesn’t help you to stand out as a bride.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding day jewelry.

  • Buy your wedding dress first: We always recommend buying your wedding dress first and then choosing matching accessories, as it is easier to do things in this order. The only exception is if you will be wearing heirloom jewelry or have already spent a fortune on jewelry that will be the signature element in creating your look.
  • Find the right balance: If your wedding dress is simple, choose statement jewelry that enhances your overall look. On the other hand, if you have chosen a richly embellished wedding dress with plenty of detail, opt for simple jewelry so your overall look isn’t cluttered.
  • Choose jewelry that suits your features: Always try on jewelry before you buy it, so you can make sure that it complements your facial features. Certain styles look better than others on different face shapes. So, make sure that the accessories you choose highlights your most attractive features.

Now you know what you should be looking for, when choosing your wedding jewelry.

With more and more brides preferring themed weddings, it is necessary to find jewelry that will contribute to the style they sport on their wedding day. Let us take a look at some inspiring wedding jewelry ideas for the most popular wedding themes we find these days.


This style is non-traditional, bold and vibrant. It is colorful, wild and has an unconventional edge that is both endearing and unusual, and is significantly different from anything traditional. When you are a Boho bride, your wedding dress will usually be dramatic enough. It isn’t necessary to find matching accessories for your wedding dress, as this style allows you to mix and play with entirely different styles to create your own signature look. Here are some ideas.

  • Instantly add style to your look with a unique headpiece that screams out your style statement. Feathers, flower crowns, oversize beaded head pieces and colorful headbands are all suitable for this style.
Image Credits: Faylyne, via Flickr
Image Credits: Faylyne, via Flickr
  • A colorful necklace with a lot of texture, like fabric strips, beads and stones, is a must-have. This will not only add color, it will also be a unique piece.


  • Prints and patterns appeal to Boho brides immensely, and there are many ways to add these to your ensemble. Consider wearing a earrings with colorful prints to instantly add a pop of color to your face.


  • Unexpected pieces of jewelry like toe rings, anklets or other foot jewelry are an amazing way to make a statement, especially if your wedding dress just skims your ankles and exposes your dainty feet.



The name says it all—the classic bride prefers timeless trends that never go out of fashion. There is a refined sophistication to this style, and these brides usually have an affinity for pearls and diamonds in simple but stunning designs. Classic wedding dresses feature traditional silhouettes like ball gowns or A-line dresses, with or without sleeves. The makeup is usually quite simple, and the hair is done in simple styles like chignons, buns or simply let down. Here are the jewelry choices that complement this style.

  • The choice of necklace depends on the neckline of the gown. If the dress features an embellished or high neckline, the necklace can be eliminated. If not, these brides usually prefer a string of pearls or a simple necklace with a stone studded pendant. If the bride opts for color, this can be achieved with gemstones like emeralds, rubies or sapphires.
  • While some brides choose large studs and dangling earrings decorated with pearls or stones, others prefer to keep it simple with a single stone stud. Basically, aim to strike the right balance between the earring size and necklace. If the necklace is elaborate, it is best to avoid earrings or stick to simpler ones.

  • Hair accessories like little brooches, scintillating classy headbands or pretty beaded headpieces can be used to dress up your hair in a sophisticated way, especially if you aren’t using much jewelry in the rest of your outfit.


Each vintage era has its distinct characteristics, and your jewelry should go well with the era that has inspired your wedding plans. If you are just aiming for an old-fashioned vibe, there are common elements like lace and pearls that suit almost all the styles. Let us take a look at some samples of what accessories would be suitable for a vintage style wedding dress.

  • Pearls and stones are a must-have, and the more elaborate the necklace, better it will match the vintage theme. Strings of pearls, like those featured in this picture, will bring the vintage effect alive in your outfit. If you want more drama, club different sized strings of pearls to come up with your own stylish interpretation of a vintage piece. Else search through your mother or grandmother’s jewelry collection to pick out necklaces that were trendy in their days.

  • Finish off your vintage hair up-do with a vivid headpiece with enough sparkle to make a statement. Whether you choose to place it around your crown, above your bun or as a string on just one side, it is bound to add that finishing touch to the perfect hairstyle.

  • Add a touch of vintage glam to your face with the help of oversize shiny loops in your ear. The more jazzy they look with shiny stones, the better it will be. With a pair as magnificent as in this picture, you can even skip a necklace, as they are absolute showstoppers.

Beach style

There are many brides who would have it no other way, than have their nuptials at the beach. Since these weddings are casual, fun and full of the essence of the sand and sea, their dress and accessories should reflect this tone too. While the wedding dress itself should best feature soft, lightweight, breezy fabric, the jewelry can be loud, with plenty of inspiration drawn from the frolicking waves and blue skies that characterize every beach location. Here are a few ideas.

  • Start with a nautical inspired headband. Here is one with starfish and flowers as blue as the ocean. The best part is that it weaves into the hair seamlessly, so it looks like it is a part of the hairdo. Could it get any better than this?
Image Credits: Faylyne, via Flickr
  • Pearl earrings and studs are perfect for a beach wedding, as these are associated with the ocean. However, if you want a casual look, go with colorful options like corals or shells in your jewelry, and it will look great. These dangling coral earrings are simply perfect to dress up your white attire with a little pop of color, and it is just apt for a beach wedding.
Image Credits: Naomi King, via Flickr
Image Credits: Naomi King, via Flickr
  • To go with your coral earrings, get an equally attractive coral necklace. The bright pop of pinkish orange will instantly color your wedding outfit and make you look like a sea princess, all set to be wed where surf meets turf. This coral necklace has a darker tone, and is perfectly complemented by the blue turquoise beads. The silver pendant adds a vintage touch and gives it a beautiful personality.
Image Credits: Wayne Noffsinger, via Flickr
Image Credits: Wayne Noffsinger, via Flickr
  • If there is one wedding where foot jewelry doesn’t look out of place, it has to be a beach wedding. Dress up your pretty feet with beautiful accessories, as you will be trotting through the sand and they will highlight your beautiful feet.
Image Credits: Alex Lupo, via Flickr
Image Credits: Alex Lupo, via Flickr


When we think of glamorous, the image that immediately comes to mind is plenty of glitter, sexy outfits and large signature style jewelry. When you choose a dress that has all the elements that make it captivating, you can wear just minimum jewelry to complement it. Take care to not overdo the jewelry, or you can end up looking over-the-top and cluttered. Here are some jewelry options to add a touch of glamour to your wedding day look.

  • If your wedding dress has a strapless neckline, bring on the bling with a loud and bright necklace. Gold is the ideal metal to use, as it instantly adds more glamour to your look. If not, opt for sparkles with gems in your necklace. Consider big motifs and large pendants for a striking finish. If you have a color theme for your wedding, don’t hesitate to consider a necklace with colored gems for that unique touch.

  • If an eye-catching necklace doesn’t appeal to you, choose big, bold earrings instead. If you wear your hair in an up do, draw focus to your face with dangling earrings. Instead, if you leave your hair down, a big stud is a better option as it will not get lost within your tresses. Remember to stick to only one statement piece of jewelry; either the earring or a necklace. If you will be wearing both, keep them small, so you don’t look like you belong in a costume parade.

  • Go bold with a big headpiece if you want to look really glamorous. We think it is most effective when hair pieces are placed on the side of the crown, instead of at the center. If you really want to look glamorous, you can wear a tiara. After all, it isn’t everyday that you can dress up like a princess, and get away with it.
  • Don’t forget that your fingers and arms can also revel in some extra attention. Consider adding a bright, brilliant bracelet to your ensemble, especially if your dress is strapless and you will be showing off your arms. If not a bracelet, then you should consider a big, statement ring for one of your fingers, that will pop with sparkle. Don’t forget to ask your photographer to spare some extra attention to pictures with your bouquets, and your fingers will get all the glory they deserve.


Finding the jewelry to match your outfit is a critical part of completing your bridal look. With these tips, it should be possible for you to get a start and identify what would suit your style and personality most.

Now, why don’t you tell us which of these styles best describe you!

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How To Find The Best Bridal Look For Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is just for fun…whether or not you believe in the twelve zodiac signs is totally up to you. However, many women do enjoy checking their horoscopes and reading about the characteristics of each Sun Sign. If you love astrology and beauty tips, you’ll also love this quick guide to the best makeup, hairstyles, and wedding gowns for your sign. Today, we’ll focus on the first six signs of the zodiac. Stay tuned for the others next week!


You’re the zodiac pioneer…you want to set trends and look fabulous while you’re doing it. Your fresh, bold approach to fashion can make you quite fearless. You like to take chances! For your wedding day, you should highlight your face with modern makeup that focuses on your eyes and lips. You’ve got strong features that become very glamorous with the right lipstick and eye makeup. Tone down any ruddiness in your complexion with a tinted moisturizer, then conceal imperfections. A light dusting of translucent powder should be enough to highlight your skin.

Red and white are your “magic colors” – use a  strong red lip color (Lancome Mars is a wonderful red, with copper shimmer ) or bold ruby gloss on your wedding day. If you want a more subtle red, consider a lip stain. Eyes can be highlighted with a touch of silvery-white eyeshadow on the brow bone.

For your white wedding dress, look for modern details like one-shouldered styles, chic embroidery, or glossy, shiny fabrics. You may have the desire for a fairytale wedding – Aries is very romantic! Aries brides often choose wedding dresses with voluminous skirts to get the right effect.

Diamonds are your birthstone – treat yourself to bridal rings that feature this gorgeous stone – you’ll probably want a solitaire..the bigger, the better! Celeb Aries – Lady Gaga (imagine what her wedding gown would look like!)


You’re the Earth Mother of the zodiac. Capable, practical, and nurturing, you can also be quite single-minded and even stubborn. You should bring out the gentler, more feminine aspects of your personality and appearance on your wedding day. This can be achieved by choosing touches of baby pink or pale blue in your makeup, sash, bouquet, or bridal jewelry.

Natural fabrics will appeal to you – you may feel most comfortable in a simple and elegant slip dress made of real silk or satin. You hate anything fake! Your skin is probably quite lovely – many Taurus women have soft and smooth complexions. Use a touch of bronzer, such as Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess, to highlight your glowing skin. Natural makeup will be best for you – anything pinky-brown or soft pink will appeal to you.

Necklaces with rose quartz or other semi-precious stones can add a little bohemian beauty to your bridal gown. Your throat is one of your best features, so be sure to choose a special pendant for your big day. A filmy veil may seem romantic – however, many Taurus women choose to keep veils short and quite simple. Wearing your hair down and keeping accessories to a minimum will probably make you feel most comfortable. Celeb Taurus Bride – Jessica Alba


You are a chameleon – you’re fun, social, and always changing with the times. You’ll be the bride who wants to enjoy the latest trends as you marry. You may opt for touches of bright color in your wedding outfit – yellow and green are your magic colors, so perhaps a bouquet featuring these cheery tones could work for you. A sash in a vibrant hue will make you feel more fashionable as you marry.

You’ll love experimenting with different looks before your wedding – look for a well-stocked bridal boutique that offers plenty of options. Take friends along to help you decide. Your hands are always beautiful – compliment them with bridal rings that have a little artistic or sculptural flair. Schedule a manicure and treat yourself to a special nail color for your wedding. You also have pretty lips – Gemini is very kissable! Use a pretty gloss in a fun color like rich plum or berry to play up your mouth.

Many lovely Gemini women, such as actress Annette Bening, look wonderful with short hairstyles. If you’re one of them, you may want to skip a veil and just show off some fresh, stylish highlights. If you have long hair, experiment with high-fashion up-dos that aren’t too old-fashioned. Modern is the way to go for Gemini! Gemini bride-to-be Natalie Portman is sure to dazzle with a chic bridal gown and the coolest accessories.


You’re sweet and sentimental – tradition matters so much to the Cancer bride. You’ll want to wear something borrowed and something blue. You’ll also remember every moment of your romantic wedding day. For you, a traditional wedding gown will always be your first choice. Look for a bridal dress that is very feminine – a classic hourglass silhouette will highlight your chest and waist – and these are often the best features of a Cancer woman’s figure. A fuller skirt, perhaps with a crinoline, will look terrific on you.

You should consider a veil – you’ll love the romantic feeling it brings. For you, makeup should be in sun-kissed pastel tones that are subtle and appealing – gentle coral-pink lipstick, peachy blush (Rose Silk Cheekers blush by Covergirl is wonderful – and cheap!) and shimmery eye shadows in pale gold and cream will flatter. Pearls will make you glow – consider wearing a  classic strand on your big day.

Don’t be too severe with your hair – your soft, childlike beauty is flattered by tousled waves or curls. Cancer brides may cry on the big day – your tears of joy will look much prettier if you remember to wear waterproof mascara! Famous Cancer Brides – the late Princess Diana


You’re a regal woman who is blessed with charisma and confidence. You have so many wonderful physical attributes, and you also have the personality to carry off the boldest wedding styles. For you, the challenge may to to tone down your dramatic tendencies when you choose a wedding gown and accessories. Many Leo women enjoy the “costume” element of a wedding – however, they often look best in sleek lines that show off their natural beauty.

Unless your hair is very dark, you should treat yourself to a few golden highlights before your wedding. A suntan will always make you feel more beautiful – whether it comes from Mother Nature, or from a tanning salon or self-tanner. Try not to go too far with tanning – keep it subtle to look more natural at your wedding.

Your gown should be dramatic, with high-fashion details you’re proud of. You will want quality and uniqueness – you don’t want to look like every other bride. Adding a touch of scarlet or golden yellow to your bouquet, bridal jewelry, or makeup will make you feel confident – gold and red are lucky colors for Leo. Lipstick possibility – Russian Red by MAC. Celebrity Leos – the late Jackie Kennedy, Madonna.


Humble and down-to-earth, you are also quite meticulous about details. Planning your wedding may be stressful, as you want to take care of everything yourself. Staying healthy and relaxed as your wedding day approaches is really the most important beauty tip I can give. Don’t be afraid to delegate some tasks to others – even if they won’t do them quite as well as you would.

Your beauty is quite refined – you will look best in sophisticated designs that are elegant and more subdued. You may not want to embrace the over-the-top princess look at your wedding – instead, you’ll want to look pulled-together, womanly, fresh, and immaculately groomed. Look for a gown with simple lines and just a touch of embellishment – you will want fine craftsmanship, and you’ll be willing to pay for the best if your budget allows it. You are interested in art and design – you’ll appreciate hand-beading and unique details, as long as they aren’t too flashy.

Even cheap wedding dresses can be fine choices if you examine seams, fabric, and quality carefully before you buy. Getting a deal is always a thrill for frugal Virgo! You should highlight your eyes when you do your makeup – a subtle eyeliner in soft brown or charcoal grey can add definition without being too harsh looking. Use blush to give your face a softer appearance – your lips will look best in neutral lipstick – Clinique Blushing Nude is very nice. Use a clear gloss to add shine.

Overall, subtlety and attention to detail will work best for you. Anything tacky or too frou-frou will make you unhappy. Your shiny, healthy hair will look glam in a sleek up-do – consider a chignon or half-up, half-down style.  A French manicure will look clean and elegant – your bridal rings will be shown off to their best advantage. Virgo Bride – Faith Hill

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Romantic Wedding Accessories You’ll Love

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts. – William Shakespeare

It’s February 14th, and the spirit of Saint Valentine, who sacrificed so much to unite lovers, lives on in all of us! Today, candy, paper hearts and velvety red roses are used as tokens of affection, and enthusiastic brides-to-be become even more excited about their own upcoming wedding days!

To celebrate the beauty of romance and commitment, we’ve put together an exciting list of the loveliest wedding accessories…these special touches will add polish, glamor, and style to your bridal gown.

To be the most romantic, stunning bride you can be, choose these ideal wedding “extras” and wear them with your own white wedding dress. You groom-to-be will be thrilled when you walk down the aisle, adorned in all the traditional wedding accessories of a truly gorgeous bride.


To feel like a princess as you marry, don a sparkling, shimmering wedding tiara worthy of royalty. Today’s affordable designs offer old-fashioned beauty and a reasonable price tag!

Luckily, rhinestones and cubic zirconium give the look of icy diamonds, without the sticker shock! Indulge by placing a glamorous tiara upon your head – you will feel amazing! Your groom-to-be will have tears of joy in his eyes as you stand before him.

When you wear a tiara, you will still have plenty of options for beautiful wedding hairstyles. Buy your tiara early on, and spend some time experimenting with different looks. Work with a stylist to find the perfect hairstyle for your white wedding dress and headpiece – you can go for a sleek, shiny blowout, or an ornate up-do – either style will compliment the twinkling gemstones on your special “crown”.


The perfect wedding shoes offer comfort, sleek, satiny fabric, and total coordination with your gown, veil, tiara, bridal rings, and other wedding accessories. You’ll feel like Cinderella with her glass slipper as you find the perfect choice for your own outfit.

Today’s hottest designs offer fashion-conscious embellishments that add an extra shot of beauty to traditional slingback or sandal styles – crystals and pleating are popular details that make the prettiest wedding shoes stand out.

If you’re tall, or averse to wearing high heels, you can even enjoy a feminine ballet slipper in pure white!

Whatever you choose, make sure you go all out! When you’re at the bridal shop, make sure you remember that you will keep these precious shoes forever, and treasure them for years to come! Some brides opt for a little shot of color in their wedding shoes – pale pastels won’t stand out too much, so these shades are quite appropriate with pure white wedding dresses. Silver and gold metallic styles also compliment any type of wedding gown – and Carrie from Sex And The City would definitely approve!

Capes And Jackets

Evoke old-world romance with a cute little fitted jacket or wedding cape. This soft, romantic style will add a sense of timeless beauty to your bridal gown. A cape or jacket is a wonderful way to add visual impact and originality to your outfit, and these designs can be so affordable.

If you want to add individuality and romance to your wedding outfit, slip a cuddly, yet sophisticated cape or jacket over your wedding dress. Faux-fur makes these choices animal-friendly and reasonably-priced. If you’re so inclined, slide on a pair of long satin gloves as well. For cool-weather weddings, this accessory can be practical as well as beloved. Your friends and family will smile when they see you all decked out like a queen on your special wedding day.

Treat Yourself To The Best Wedding Accessories…You Deserve Them!

Many women compromise when it comes to wedding accessories, and then feel sad when their outfit doesn’t quite measure up. Don’t deprive yourself of the right accessories for your wedding – you deserve to make your dreams come true. Wedding dresses are major purchases and they represent a significant investment – therefore, they must be balanced with the correct accessories.

Every bride wants fairytale romance – and every bride-to-be deserves to feel special on her big day. When you plan carefully and choose the headpiece, shoes, and other accessories of your dreams, you will be happier, more confident…and more beautiful! Your wedding photos will become treasured keepsakes that evoke the most romantic memories ever! Whether you love low key elegance or wild, trendy styles, you will find something perfect for you at our bridal boutique!