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Roles For Young And Older Children At Your Wedding [2024]

Roles For Young And Older Children At Your Wedding

Many couples choose not to invite children to their wedding. However, there are other couples who not only decide to invite children to their wedding but also look forward to including them in the ceremony.

Let us face it, having children in the ceremony makes it all the more pleasant and exciting. So, if you want your child or other children from your family involved in your wedding, here are some ideas on how you can have them participate.

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Radiant and Expecting: Essential Wedding Dress Tips for the Soon-to-Be Mommy Bride!

Getting married when you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to look matronly on your wedding day. There are plenty of choices for expecting women, so they can look fantastic on their big day while they celebrate their journey towards motherhood.

When choosing a wedding dress, the question you should ask yourself is whether you want to hide your bump or flaunt it. Here, we have rounded up some tips to help you choose the right wedding dress in both scenarios. Join us as we discuss them.

Conceal your bump with a gown with a raised waistline

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A raised waistline is one that lies above your natural waist. In such a design, the focus is shifted to the bust area. You find this in gowns with empire waistlines. When there are several layers of fabric that flow away from the body, it is easy to hide your bump. Another idea is to wear an overlay skirt with an interesting waistband at a height where your bump will be conveniently concealed. Asymmetrical waistlines which drape towards one side of the body instead of at the centre, are also a good option.

Flaunt your figure in an A-line or trumpet gown

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If you want to show off your new silhouette, you can do so with an A-line gown or trumpet gown that fits you snugly. Go easy with the embellishments and details, as you do not want to look too cluttered. A gown with a satin finish will be slimming, while it still draws attention to your figure. While altering your gown, don’t make it too tight as you will feel and look uncomfortable in it.

Size the gown right

You cannot predict how much you will grow in the months leading up to your wedding. So, choose a dress that allows you to accommodate the changes in your size and shape. As a rule of thumb, add one inch per month for the months remaining up to your wedding date, and then order a dress one size larger than what this corresponds to on the size chart. This means there will be enough fabric to take in, if you do not grow as big. It will also easily fit you, even if you grow bigger than you expect to.

Choose a flattering neckline and sleeves

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Your overall look will also depend on the neckline and sleeves of your wedding dress. V-necklines elongate your torso and make you look slimmer. Similarly, a strapless or sweatheart bodice allows you to emphasize the slimmest part of your torso—the neck and shoulders. Also choose sleeves that add the illusion of length. Three-fourth sleeves and cap-sleeves are stylish and good options to try.

When choosing your wedding dress, make sure you are comfortable in what you wear. It should allow you to breathe and not stifle your movements. Have it hemmed to the right length, so you do not risk tripping over it. Also pay attention to the shoes you wear. Avoid high heels, instead go for a good looking but comfortable pair of peep-toes or flats.

Your wedding is a big day, and make sure you have fun as you celebrate it with all the people in your life who mean the most to you—including your little bun in the oven! For more wedding tips and advice, visit us on Best for Bride.

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Cherishing the Elders: Tips to Ensure Your Older Guests Feel Valued and Comfortable at Your Wedding!

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When planning your wedding, you should ensure all your guests have fun and enjoy every moment. There may not be too many old people attending your wedding, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to set some time aside and make a few special arrangements for them. Here are the small things you can do to ensure they are comfortable.

Look at their stay and transportation.

When an older guest or couple confirms that they will be attending, you should check their accommodation and transportation plans with them. Give clear directions and share the schedule so they can plan their day properly.

You could lend a helping hand with transporting them to and from the venue, so they do not face any hassles getting there. Coordinate with other guests or put a bridal party member in charge of ensuring they are taken to and from the function. If the wedding and reception are at different locations and they have their vehicle, you could ask them to park at the reception venue and take them from there to the wedding venue and back.

Check for disabled access at the venue.

It is a good idea to check ahead for wheelchair access at the venues. Similarly, if there is a staircase or narrow steps to climb, it is sensible to assign someone to assist your older guests to make it inside comfortably. If it is a church wedding, ask that they be seated at the ends of rows so it’s easier for them to settle in and step out. After the ceremony, make sure someone walks them out.

If your guests have to wait outside before they can enter the venue, make sure there are seating arrangements. Otherwise, ask them to arrive at the venue on time so they do not have to be kept standing.

Assign a bridesmaid or groomsman the duty of taking care of them.

Put someone in charge of your elderly guests while they are at your wedding. Ensure that this is someone considerate and sensible and can help them appropriately. Please place them in charge of checking their charges regularly and ensuring everything they want is handled. When a particular person has to handle this responsibility, you know who to turn to should these guests need assistance.

Seat them with company.

Planing the seating arrangements so the older guests keep each other company is a good idea. At the reception, arrange comfortable couches in a warm area where they can relax and chat with each other if they do not want to dance. Have coffee and tea nearby so they can help themselves. Please encourage them to join you on the dance floor by including tunes in your playlist that they are likely to enjoy.

Be punctual and stick to your shared schedule so they do not have to wait around and become uncomfortable. Make sure they go home safely with fond memories of your big day.

You can find more wedding-related tips and advice at Best for Bride.

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Tips to choose the right pair of wedding shoes

DesireAs much as your wedding is about looking fantastic, it is also essential to feel comfortable in what you wear on the day.

You will be spending hours on your feet, and a pair of ill-fitting shoes may ruin the entire experience. Although it may look great, you do not want to end up with blisters, sore ankles or pinched toes from wearing a pair of shoes that aren’t up to the task. Then again, you don’t want to compromise on the look either.

So, what do you look for when choosing the shoes you are to wear on your big day? Let us find out.

Comfort is king

Let this be the main determining factor when you start looking for your wedding shoes. Good shoes should be constructed with extra padding and cushioned soles that make it comfortable to wear for hours at a stretch. Consider the height and structure of the heel. Make sure you choose a comfortable height (3 inches at the most). If you aren’t used to wearing high heels but still want the added inches. Choose platform heels or kitten heels to feel comfortable. Choose ones that are open toed or round, so they don’t pinch.

Another factor to consider is the venue where your wedding will be held. For an outdoor wedding, choose wedges or flats, while flat heels are best for beach weddings. Break them in, by walking in them before your wedding day. This way, you’ll be more comfortable in them on your wedding day.

Budget sensibly

Your shoes  are on special duty on your wedding day, so set aside a higher budget than you would for regular shoe shopping. Put aside roughly 10-15% of your wedding dress cost for a suitable shoe.

To compliment your wedding dress, you would have to find one that matches the white of your wedding dress. Shoes, like gowns, come in various shades of white. The best way to find a matching shoe is to carry fabric swatches of your dress to find the shoe color that goes with it.

Choose the right size and design

Make sure that you go shoe shopping in the afternoon, when your feet swell the most. At the store, try on shoes in both greater and smaller sizes, apart from the one you think is right, to determine the best fit. Walk around in it, and see if it feels snug or slippery.

If you will be wearing a long wedding gown, or one with an embellished hem, make sure that your shoe doesn’t tug on the fabric and cause damage to it. It is a good idea to choose your shoes after you get your wedding dress, so you can choose one that will match perfectly and also be comfortable.

Make sure you take your shoes to your wedding dress fittings, so that your dressmaker can adjust the hem of your bridal gown to the right length by adjusting for the heel height.

Keep these points in mind and you are set to put the right foot forward, when you go shoe shopping!

Visit us at Best for Bride to browse through our shoe collection and all your wedding needs, shopping advice and more!