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Flattering Wedding Dresses That Show Off Your Best Feature

4710Every bride has her best physical features that should be highlighted during her special day. Choosing a wedding dress style to flatter the bride’s body type is a common method for deciding which type of dress to wear. Once a bride decides which wedding dress styles would be best, she can select the perfect wedding dress by considering which show off her best features. Brides deserve to feel confident and special in the most flattering wedding dresses.

Focusing solely on what type of wedding gown should be worn based on the bride’s body type can feel more like trying to hide problem areas. Brides should consider shopping for a particular style of wedding dress based on what is most flattering for her. This can be a source of confidence on that special day. An additional boost is available by selecting the perfect gown that both flatters her body type and shows off her best features.

Every woman has favorite physical features. Some examples are her beautiful eyes, ample bosom, slender waist, feminine curves, long legs. Brides can start by knowing which wedding dress style is most flattering such as a ball gown, A-line, sheath, mermaid, or drop-waist dress. Then, she can narrow the selection to those that show off her best feature.

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Videos and images of brides with large breasts who are half falling out of their wedding dresses have been passed around the Internet for years. They have become symbols of what not to wear. Showing off your cleavage does not have to be obscene. However, some bridal advice websites urge brides to hide any hint of cleavage. That’s a bit extreme. A bride is a woman, after all. She shouldn’t feel like she has to hide that fact. If you have a large bust and you would like to show it off modestly, a moderate V-neck may be the best neckline to show off your breasts without being inappropriate.

The form-fitting wedding dress styles tend to show off feminine curves more than the fuller or loose-fitting gowns. The mermaid style is a favorite for showing off curves. With the modern trend of having fuller buttocks, brides may be more likely to opt for more form fitting versions of the styles that suit their body types best in order to show off this feature.

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Long legs can be shown off by wearing a short skirt or one with a slit. Again, modesty is important. A bride can accentuate the positive without going to extremes. Many styles of wedding dresses are perfect for showing off a slender waist. Consider the bodice with sculpted fabric that attracts attention to the waist. Accents like small satin flowers along the bottom of the bodice also flatter a small waist by drawing attention there.

How can a wedding dress show off beautiful eyes? Some wedding dresses have colored accents that could highlight the woman’s eyes. Makeup and accessories also can be used to complement the bride’s eyes and make them more noticeable. Often, some simple touches can be the most effective. Otherwise, the makeup and accessories end up drawing too much attention themselves rather than flattering the eyes. Brides should feel like they have chosen the most flattering wedding dress for their special day.

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  1. I guess it depends on what you feel is your best feature 🙂 The dresses you post about here are very beautiful and totally show off the the curves which is sexy as hell!

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