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Wedding Tips for the Groom


Not a lot of focus is placed on the groom on the wedding day, but obviously he is a pretty important part of the celebration. While everyone is fussing over the bride’s dress and making sure that the flowers are just right, there are some things that the groom should be doing to make sure that he survives the big day too.

Express your Opinion

Your bride will probably ask your opinion at one point or another and it is best to have one to offer. Even if you do not involve yourself with much of the planning, make sure that you choose a few items that are your own idea. Even though it may be all about her, you should be represented at the wedding as well.

Have Fun

Walking around registering for gifts for your new home may not be your cup of tea, but try to make it a fun trip. Besides, you can add some things to the registry that will help you out in your new home. You may even find that some of your friends are willing to pick up the item just for you. You should also remember that the items that your bride is choosing are something you will have to live with too. You want to make her happy, but you should like the items as well.

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Give your Bride a Break


Wedding planning is stressful, especially if your groom isn’t involved at all (hint…hint). Make sure that you give her a break from time to time so that she won’t lose her cool before the big day. Cook her dinner, watch a movie or better yet chip in with the planning details. Having you by her side will make it all worth it. It may even be helpful if you suggest hiring a wedding planner to help with some of the more difficult details as well.

Control your Side

Whether it’s keeping tabs on an unruly groomsman that is late for everything or keeping your mother from calling your fiancé every day about wedding details, it is important that you help your bride maintain some order when you can. Make sure that you and all your guys are fitted and ready for the wedding when it arrives and help your bride to avoid blowing a gasket because of stress that has been created from your side of the aisle.

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Be Sentimental


To make the day even more special for your bride, plan a sweet surprise for her on your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be anything huge; sometimes sending a fresh bouquet of flowers or a nice note can make all the difference in the world. Plus, if you follow the tips listed above, your bride will be more than ready to meet you at the end of the aisle in front of your closest family and friends.

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  1. This awesome, thank you! Hhope everything turned out well in my big. Everyone should READ this who are getting married this year. There’s still time!!!

  2. I think a groom that helps with the planning and things like that is worth keeping around for a lifetime 🙂 I am going to share this!

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