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Keeping your Wedding Memories Alive

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After your wedding, when life has returned to normal, no one will really remember your wedding quite the way that you do. You’ve spent months and months planning your wedding and when it is over, you may feel a bit disappointed to let the excitement die.

There are many ways that you can make sure that you and your new spouse remember your special day well into the future. Some of the best ideas are listed below. Warning, most require planning before the wedding takes place.

Celebration Cake

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One of the most common traditions regarding remembering a wedding is eating a piece of the wedding cake on the first anniversary. This means that you will need to protect a piece of the cake for an entire year. While this may seem impossible, it can be done.

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First, wrap the cake in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil. This will provide it with an additional layer of protection so that the taste of the cake is preserved. Foil alone can make the cake taste strange, so this is an important step. You should also keep the cake in the back of your freezer because this is where the temperature stays the most constant.

Protect your Bouquet

You can also use your bouquet as a decorative item. If you used fresh flowers, there are many different ways that you can preserve it. To protect the bouquet itself, hang it upside down in a dark place for about two weeks. You can also remove the petals and put them in a bowl to dry. This will allow you to make potpourri from the bouquet, just make sure that you put the bowl in a dark place.

Fresh flowers and petals can also be pressed between the pages of a book to dry. This will allow them to dry flat so that you can add them to your wedding book. It usually takes a couple of weeks for this process to be completed as well.

Storing your Wedding Gown

If you have chosen to purchase your wedding gown, you should act quickly in order to preserve it. You should first take the gown to the dry cleaner immediately following your wedding; within one month.

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When selecting the proper way to store your gown, make sure that you choose a box that is acid free and that you protect your gown with acid free tissue paper. If the box has a window, it should be made from acetate, rather than plastic because it is also acid free.

Make sure that your tiara or any accessories made with glue, metal and rubber are stored separately because they have the power to damage the dress and cause brown spots to appear. Storing the dress properly after it has been packaged is also important. You should always store your dress lying flat, in an area that maintains a constant temperature. It is also good to check on the dress every year so that you can make sure that it remains undamaged.

Final Tips

There are many ways that you can preserve your wedding day memories. One fun option is called Petal Wishes. This fun display item gives wedding guests the opportunity to write a special message to the bride and groom on their wedding day. It can then be displayed on the wall or on a shelf as a decorative item.

Remembering your wedding is a great way to connect with your spouse and to celebrate your union. By applying some of these ideas, you will be able to remember your special day for many years to come and will always look back on it with fondness.

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  2. Most people would love to keep their wedding night alive with the ideas that you provide. I have also heard of couples that toss all of the stuff into a box and do not look at it for many years to come.

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