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Wedding Guest Etiquette: Do’s and Dont’s

Wedding etiquette isn’t reserved just for the bridal party. You don’t want to be the guest that shows up at a wedding under or overdressed, bring uninvited guests and doesn’t RSVP. Here’s a guide to some do’s and dont’s as a guest at a wedding.



Once you receive your invitation, make sure you RSVP as soon as possible. It’s easy to put it off and forget about it, but it makes the bride and grooms lives easier when they know how many people to expect at their wedding. It’s costly when paying per plate and you don’t want to put them out by not RSVPing.

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Dress as the Style Suggests

Regardless of what kind of wedding it is, make sure you dress the part. There’s nothing worse than showing up for a casual wedding on the beach in a three piece tuxedo. If you are unsure of the attire for the wedding, just check with the bride, groom or any of the bridal party and they’ll be happy to inform you.


No Uninvited Guests

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If your wedding invitation didn’t have a “plus one” on it, then don’t bring a plus one. Parents, this includes children. The couple may not have the budget for your uninvited plus one (not to mention room or food) and may want to have an “adults only” wedding, which they are completely entitled to do.

Drink Too Much

It’s easy to have one too many libations when its an open bar, but please be considerate of other guests and of course, the bride and groom. There’s nothing wrong with a couple drinks, but it can get awkward when someone decides to have one or more too many and that can make other wedding guests uncomfortable. Don’t be “that guy”. Drink in moderation, but a wedding isn’t a place to get drunk and rowdy.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Etiquette: Do’s and Dont’s

  1. This is a very good list of tips for the guest. I have been to a couple of weddings in my day where at least one guest could have used tips like this 🙂

  2. Don’t drink too much is a good tip. Unfortunately, where I am from that is how you celebrate EVERYTHING lol. However, it is still a good practice so that you do not make a scene and embarrass yourself.

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