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How to Teach your Fiancé Wedding Etiquette


One of the hardest things to understand for some people is wedding etiquette. It can be very complicated and many people do not understand the reason for it. If you have found that your fiancé is hesitant to learn more about wedding etiquette, we have developed some tips to help you get them on the right track.

Watch what you Say

The first thing that you should do is to avoid using the word etiquette. Instead, try using words like good manners and considerate. It may simply be that your fiancé is avoiding certain things because they feel like a tradition. However, good etiquette is necessary when planning a wedding both because it will help keep everyone’s feelings healthy but will also help keep your planning process organized and efficient.



You can also remind your fiancé to think about your guests. It is a good idea to think of the wedding as something that will reflect on the two of you as a couple. For this reason, it is a good idea to remind him about the other guests that will be in attendance for the wedding. While this may not be an important factor for your fiancé, your fiancé may be concerned about what you think as well as their parents and other family members that are important to them.

Choose your Battles Wisely


This is something that is a good idea to learn before you become married. Try to let the small stuff go and only focus on the bigger issues. While it may be difficult to let some things go, you should only argue about things that are truly important and will make a difference to the wedding planning process.

With this in mind, you should also make sure that you consider the consequences of not following wedding etiquette as well. Consider how you would feel being a guest at a wedding where etiquette was not followed. Pointing this out to your fiancé can make a huge difference in their attitude and may make it easier to convince them of the importance of wedding etiquette.


Your wedding can be a very stressful thing to plan and having a fiancé that is not concerned with the importance of wedding etiquette can make it even more stressful. However, if you follow these tips, you will be able to teach your fiancé why these things are important and how they can improve their actions to make the planning process easier for you.

By helping your fiancé learn more about wedding etiquette, it is likely that they will become more comfortable with the situation so that they are able to fully enjoy the wedding process as well. In addition to these benefits, you will also know that your wedding guests will be much more relaxed if wedding etiquette is followed properly.

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The Importance of Wedding Invitation Etiquette

One of the first, and most important, tasks that any bride to be can accomplish is taking planning their wedding invitations. Not only does this help you to know the number of guests to expect for the remainder of your big day, but it will also help you to develop a plan as to who you wish to celebrate your union with.

There are many things that go into planning who to send an invitation to and it is important that you understand some of the basics when it comes to invitation etiquette before you send out the announcement to your closest friends and family.

The Invitation

The first thing that you should consider is the invitation itself. The main portion of the invitation gives guests the basic; where and when the wedding will be. Beyond that, there are many other items that may be included with the invitation as well. It is always a good idea to include RSVP information. This will help provide you with a way to know how many guests to account for.

You should also provide any instructions that may be beneficial to the guest, such as specific places that they should sit or maps in case the venue is difficult to find for out-of-towners. You can also include information regarding the reception if it will be at a separate venue from the wedding location.

The Timing

There is also a proper time that you should send your wedding invitations out. For example, it is best to mail them no later than four to six weeks before the date of the wedding. This should give guests the proper amount of time to plan a gift purchase, make travel arrangements and choose the outfit that they will be wearing to your wedding.

However, if you are having a winter wedding, especially if it falls around the holidays, you should give your guests at least eight weeks’ notice so that they can arrange their schedules properly if they plan to attend. It is also best to provide eight weeks’ notice during the summer because guests may need to arrange their vacation plans around your wedding.


When you are selecting the wording for your envelope, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For starters, it is common for words to be spelled with traditional British spellings, like ‘honour’ and ‘favour’. All dates, times and addresses are also traditionally spelled out.

These wording options are used because they help make the wedding feel formal. If you are ordering your invitations, this has probably already been selected for you. However, if you are customizing them, you may want to keep this in mind.

How to Address the Envelopes

When you are filling out the mailing address for the invitation, it is customary to use proper titles on the envelopes, such as Mrs. and Mr. You should also spell out all names and avoid using abbreviations and nicknames. When you are including military titles, they are always written in regards to rank.

Final Thoughts

When you are preparing your invitations, there are many things that you should consider. For example, you should keep in mind that there will likely be a few additional names that you have not accounted for. It is best to order about 25 extra invitations in order to account for these additional guests.

If you are having a small wedding or are limited on the number of people that you can invite, it may be a good idea to send a note to some of the people who did not receive an invitation that explains the situation.

Finally, it is likely that your caterer will require a final head count a couple of weeks before the wedding. For this reason, it is important to stay on top of guests as they send in their RSVPs. You may need to make a few phone calls to determine who will be in attendance and if you wait too long this could make the process stressful.

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Wedding Guest Etiquette: Do’s and Dont’s

Wedding etiquette isn’t reserved just for the bridal party. You don’t want to be the guest that shows up at a wedding under or overdressed, bring uninvited guests and doesn’t RSVP. Here’s a guide to some do’s and dont’s as a guest at a wedding.



Once you receive your invitation, make sure you RSVP as soon as possible. It’s easy to put it off and forget about it, but it makes the bride and grooms lives easier when they know how many people to expect at their wedding. It’s costly when paying per plate and you don’t want to put them out by not RSVPing.

Dress as the Style Suggests

Regardless of what kind of wedding it is, make sure you dress the part. There’s nothing worse than showing up for a casual wedding on the beach in a three piece tuxedo. If you are unsure of the attire for the wedding, just check with the bride, groom or any of the bridal party and they’ll be happy to inform you.


No Uninvited Guests

If your wedding invitation didn’t have a “plus one” on it, then don’t bring a plus one. Parents, this includes children. The couple may not have the budget for your uninvited plus one (not to mention room or food) and may want to have an “adults only” wedding, which they are completely entitled to do.

Drink Too Much

It’s easy to have one too many libations when its an open bar, but please be considerate of other guests and of course, the bride and groom. There’s nothing wrong with a couple drinks, but it can get awkward when someone decides to have one or more too many and that can make other wedding guests uncomfortable. Don’t be “that guy”. Drink in moderation, but a wedding isn’t a place to get drunk and rowdy.

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Wedding Etiquette Tips for the Bride and Groom

Outdoor wedding reception

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life and you and your family and friends will want to look back on it with fondness, never bad occurrences because of ill-mannered brides and grooms. Your wedding day can also be very stressful, but if you keep these tips in mind on your special day, your guests will remember everything happily and not still talk about the time that the groom was giving a speech after having one too many or how the bride didn’t say hello to certain people.

Visit with Each Guest

There’s no doubt that during the reception there will be lots going on, but don’t forget to visit every table and take a couple of minutes to speak with everyone. They’re just as happy to be there as you are to have them there, so make sure all of your guests feel like they’ve been acknowledged by both the bride and groom and don’t forget to thank them for coming to share your special day.

Mingle as a Couple

It’s easy to want to break off from your new husband or wife and hang out with your friends at the bar, but make sure you make time to talk to your guests as a couple. You just got married, and plenty of people will want to come and congratulate you; it’s just easier when you are both together.

Be Mindful of Your Alcohol Consumption

There’s always someone that gets too drunk and ends up embarrassing themselves; you don’t want that to be you, especially on your wedding night! Make sure you pace yourselves because there is likely to be lots of toasts with champagne, wine at the tables and friends and family wanting to have a celebratory drink with you.

Remember Your Bridal Party

They’ve likely spent money on suits, dresses, shoes, accessories, makeup and more (the average bridesmaid spends $600!), make sure that you get a nice thank you present for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Make sure you budget and plan ahead for this; this isn’t a spot to save your money. Make sure they not only know how important they are to your special day, but how thankful you are. Need some tips on finding the best bridesmaids gifts? This article will help you!

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