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Roles For Young And Older Children At Your Wedding [2024]

Roles For Young And Older Children At Your Wedding

Many couples choose not to invite children to their wedding. However, there are other couples who not only decide to invite children to their wedding but also look forward to including them in the ceremony.

Let us face it, having children in the ceremony makes it all the more pleasant and exciting. So, if you want your child or other children from your family involved in your wedding, here are some ideas on how you can have them participate.

Roles for very young girls and little boys

Flower girls are the most prominent role little girls can take care of. Choose their attire to either match the pattern or style of your wedding dress, or so it goes well with the bridesmaid’s dresses. Since your flower girls will usually be very young children aged six years or younger, it is good if you stick to a knee-length or calf-length dress. Keep it simple and manageable, as you cannot expect a little girl to sit still for long and have her dress stay crisp and clean for much time.

If your wedding dress has a long train, you can also have one or two little girls as your train bearers as you glide down the aisle. Just make sure they can handle their role and have them practice their act with you before the wedding day.

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Little boys can be ring bearers; the cutest way to dress them up is in a suit that matches the grooms. Please discuss with the parents to make sure that the children will be comfortable wearing the attire you choose, or you will have them fiddling and complaining instead of being cheerful and excited.

Roles for older girls and boys

Girls ten years or older can be a part of your wedding party as junior bridesmaids. While they needn’t dress up exactly like the rest of the bridal party, make sure that their dress’s colour and pattern match the wedding theme.

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Boys of this age group can be junior groomsmen or ushers. They can also hand out programs or manage the guest book. Plan their role based on the child’s personality and whether they would be okay with performing the tasks you want them to.

While you can expect older children to behave and not create a scene at your wedding, you cannot always say the same of younger children. Unless they are familiar with such formal occasions, you must be prepared for last-minute tantrums and tears. Before you decide on including children in your ceremony, ensure you can take this in your stride should the situation arise. Talk to the parents and find out how you can make their children comfortable.

If parents are bridesmaids or ushers, you can have the younger children complete their roles and join their parents on the stage. Else, have them directed to the front row, where they can sit for the rest of the ceremony and not create distractions.

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With some luck and planning, everything should go smoothly, and the children will fondly remember you for honouring them with a role at your wedding. For more wedding day tips and advice, visit us on Best for Bride.

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  1. I always liked seeing the children part of the big day.

  2. These are good tips. There are always one to two children that can be given tasks to make them feel like part of the process.

  3. Rings, flowers, or bubbles. Either way, that is the only job that I have seen the children with.

  4. Very good post! There will be children there for sure, so you might as well keep them busy, right?

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