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Wedding Traditions and Traditional Wedding Dresses

Weddings will never go out of style and the wedding traditions will continue into the next decades and traditional wedding dresses will always be options for the traditional brides.

Popular Wedding Traditions

If you have gone to wedding several times you won’t miss the wedding traditions – ceremonial kiss, throwing rice or confetti on the couple, couples sharing the first slice of cake, and lots of flowers. A popular practice for the bride is having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. These are traditions that have its roots back in ancient times and evolved to suit following generations.

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At the start, white wedding dresses were not the style. Any dress as long as it was special was a wedding gown. Also, wearing white bridal dresses were exclusive to royalty because white fabric was hard to find as it was difficult to clean. Throughout the centuries, white was and still is the favorite of brides.

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White bridal gowns give more meaning to the wedding, thanks to tradition. Although today’s brides are going for other colors, white is still rules and goes well with all wedding colors/motifs. A white wedding dress is perfect for a cool outdoor wedding, a beach wedding and more; hence, there is no end to the versatility of white bridal dresses. No matter the new color trends in wedding dresses, the white wedding dress will be top choices for first-time brides because it symbolized virginity and purity. The ceremonial kiss is the couple’s seal of commitment. This was practiced by ancient Romans and picked up and modified by various succeeding centuries. It could be a shy kiss on the cheek, forehead, or a lingering kiss on the lips.

Throwing rice on the bride and groom and the couple’s sharing of the first slice of wedding cake have symbolic meanings. Rice and the wheat used in wedding cakes was a wish for fertility and abundance. Although throwing rice is banned from some church premises, there are newer ways to wish the married couples good luck. As a romantic alternative, couples are greeted to a sight of lovely flying butterflies when they emerged from the church after the wedding service.

Reliving the fun tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – is affirming close family ties and wishes for good luck. Brides borrowed “old” white traditional wedding dresses if this is a practice in the groom’s family and the ‘borrowing’ bridges the gap between the old generation and the new.

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Something borrowed reflects a matter of trust. Brides borrow a clip or a piece of jewelry from close friend or loved family member. The symbolism here is about her enduring relationships with her loved ones, family and friends. In the matter of something new, this is the wedding couples’ hopes for the future – success and good fortune.

The groom always places the wedding ring on the bride’s third finger of the left hand. According to tradition, a vein ran from this finger directly to the heart. Placing the ring on this finger symbolized the man’s heartfelt love.

In conclusion wedding traditions and white wedding dresses, make a perfect match for the traditional bride.

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