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Choosing the right music for your wedding: Band or DJ

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Planning your wedding involves several decisions and choices, including the choice of music. The success of your wedding reception is greatly determined by the music for the event. You have to make the important choice: a live band or a DJ. So, which of these do you go for? Let us look at the pros and cons of both, to help you decide.

The importance of choosing the right kind of music

Music has the power to set the right tone for an event. The right choice would complement the theme of your wedding, and enhance the experience for you and your guests. To make this happen, you should be closely involved in selecting the tunes to be played.

Before you decide whether you want a band or a DJ, sit down with your partner and discuss the genre of music that should set the tone of the evening. As your guests will be from different age groups and with differing personalities, not all of them may enjoy the same music as you do. Make a list of your favorite numbers, and also include some popular tunes and traditional favorites. This way, there will be songs for everyone to tap their feet to. Both bands and DJ’s should be able to play a variety of tunes, so this shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate.

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Live band or DJ: Making the decision

Once you have an idea of the music you want, it is time to decide who is to deliver it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages associated with bands and DJ’s.

The energy of a good wedding band is far more than a DJ can generate. The quality of sound will be better, and a talented group of musicians can awe the crowd with their performance. Also,a group of performing musicians are a visual treat. But this comes at a price! Bands are costlier than DJ’s, so you should accommodate this factor into your wedding budget. Good bands are fully booked months in advance. So, if you intend to go with a live band, do your research ahead of time and book them early.

If you are going by a recommendation, make sure you listen to the band’s music before signing the contract. If you cannot attend a live performance, ask for tapes of previous recordings. Just make sure that it has the same musicians who will be performing at your wedding. Discuss your song selection with the band leader and see if the band can comfortably handle it.

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There are two main benefits to having a DJ—the cost and a guarantee of what you get. It is easier to select a DJ; you just have to just zero-in on a charismatic candidate who has the necessary musical equipment to play the music you want. Since the original tracks will be played, you needn’t worry about how it will sound. Even with the DJ, ask for a record of his previous performance, and make sure that you like the way he conducts it.

If you are planning a wedding in Kelowna, you may consider local Kelowna DJs who are familiar with the wedding venues and have experience catering to similar events. They may have a better understanding of the flow of the reception and how to keep the guests entertained.

Either way,make sure that you entrust the task to professionals who handle their responsibilities seriously. Have all the details added to your contract, and discuss all possible concerns, to avoid any disappointments later.

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6 thoughts on “Choosing the right music for your wedding: Band or DJ

  1. Still can’t decide, but I know now their advantages and disadvantages, these tips have been useful, and all the best with my research.

  2. I think you are likely to pick a music choice that is familiar with the wedding party, family and guests so that everyone can have a great time!

  3. Great points! A bands entertainment value and energy can trump a skilled DJ but not always! A skilled DJ team with an MC and AV techs can cost more than a band as well as the fact that a band can only play for so long. Our DJ sets at some functions have been over twelve continuous hours before and not many bands can even come close to that endurance through longer events and still need a DJ to fill all the gaps and breaks.

  4. Great tips! If the bride and groom decide to go through a wedding band, do you think they can choose the exact setlist? Or do wedding bands prefer having their own setlist and will only allow you to add some songs?

  5. It’s great that you mentioned how music may influence how people feel at a gathering. My pal is about to get married. I’ll advise her to get music for the ceremony so that the atmosphere is appropriate.

  6. Thank you for mentioning that not all of your guests might appreciate the same music as you do because they will be from a variety of age groups and personalities. My sister desires a wedding. I’ll advise her to hire a wedding DJ and select music that is appropriate for all age groups.

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