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Head Table, Kings Table or Sweetheart Table

If you don’t recognize one or more of the table settings in the headline, you aren’t alone. Many engaged couples tend to agree to whatever layout the facility catering their reception would like to do, but the style they do it in (usually head table style) is not the only style available when organizing a reception.

Head Table

This traditional table layout is one that everyone is probably the most familiar with. The tables set up in the front of the room allow all of your guests to see you and your bridal party, but they actually aren’t very comfortable to sit at. It’s hard to carry a conversation with anyone but the person sitting beside you and if anyone in your wedding party has a plus one, chances are they’re at another table with some strangers. While the most popular, a head table is not ideal for all couples.

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Kings Table

A kings table is either a large round or rectangular table (depending on the amount of people) in the middle of the reception hall designed to cater to the entire bridal party, their plus ones, and sometimes even the parents of the bride and groom. This gives everyone a chance to interact much more easily with one another and not feel like they are presiding over people at the front of the room.

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Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table is a great idea for a bride and groom who would like to let their bridal party sit with their plus ones. This table designed only for the bride and groom can be decorated in whichever style is chosen and will give the newly-married couple some time to talk about their day as well as enjoy a romantic first dinner as husband and wife.

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