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The Groom’s Guide—How involved should you be in wedding planning?

1Congratulations on your engagement! Now that the inevitable’s happened, and your lady love has agreed to share her life with you, what do you do next?

Don’t be surprised if your level-headed and practical fiance has already taken on her new part-time job—wedding planning, and while you are wondering about what colors and flowers she talks about all the time, don’t forget that you too have to be involved in planning your marriage. Well, atleast to a certain extent! If you thought the safest thing to do is to nod “Yes honey”, we have some news for you! Better listen to what’s going on, or you’ll regret it later.

While your bride goes ahead with planning “most” of the wedding, here is information on where you should step in and lend a hand!

Money matters

When a woman becomes a bride, cutting down costs suddenly becomes an alien concept. This is where you enter the show. Be there when she plans the guest list and the venue. This will account for a huge part of the wedding budget, so make sure you help with sorting out who has to be there and who doesn’t.

Similarly, set a maximum amount for booking the venue and decorating it. Women are often taken in by the look of a place, and once they are bowled over, there is no taking it back. So, take the initiative to search out alternate venue locations before going to see her suggestion. Ease her into the idea that she can get what she wants for a lesser price. Make it your responsibility, and not only will your bride remember how considerate you were to help her, you will also save some money.

Often ask about the wedding, and offer to help

There is usually a point in the engagement when the bride bursts out into tears and complains that the groom doesn’t care about the wedding. Well, you do, but not with the obsession that she has! But, for her sake and yours, ask about the plans and progress every now and then. Lend a ear when she pours out her frustrations over which shade of peach goes with the green in the décor. You may not have the slightest idea of what she is talking about, but peace with reign!

Your few responsibilities include finding a good tux, picking your groomsmen and getting in shape for the wedding. So, do these with gusto, and she will be proud of you.

Be involved in things that matter to you

You do not have to touch the invitations, flowers or wedding shopping. Let her handle it. Where the cake is concerned, make suggestions only if you are asked. Nevertheless, go along and enjoy all the tasting sessions she plans.

Instead, concentrate on the wedding music. Be involved in deciding which songs ought to be played, and definitely those that shouldn’t be.

One mistake grooms make is to avoid the wedding registry. It’s your folly. If you want other gifts besides than silver tea cups and pretty home ornaments, you will have to register at places of your choice too. So, make sure you do!

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Choosing the right music for your wedding: Band or DJ

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Planning your wedding involves several decisions and choices, including the choice of music. The success of your wedding reception is greatly determined by the music for the event. You have to make the important choice: a live band or a DJ. So, which of these do you go for? Let us look at the pros and cons of both, to help you decide.

The importance of choosing the right kind of music

Music has the power to set the right tone for an event. The right choice would complement the theme of your wedding, and enhance the experience for you and your guests. To make this happen, you should be closely involved in selecting the tunes to be played.

Before you decide whether you want a band or a DJ, sit down with your partner and discuss the genre of music that should set the tone of the evening. As your guests will be from different age groups and with differing personalities, not all of them may enjoy the same music as you do. Make a list of your favorite numbers, and also include some popular tunes and traditional favorites. This way, there will be songs for everyone to tap their feet to. Both bands and DJ’s should be able to play a variety of tunes, so this shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate.

Live band or DJ: Making the decision

Once you have an idea of the music you want, it is time to decide who is to deliver it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages associated with bands and DJ’s.

The energy of a good band is far more than a DJ can generate. The quality of sound will be better, and a talented group of musicians can awe the crowd with their performance. Also,a group of performing musicians are a visual treat. But this comes at a price! Bands are costlier than DJ’s, so you should accommodate this factor into your wedding budget. Good bands are fully booked months in advance. So, if you intend to go with a live band, do your research ahead of time and book them early.

If you are going by a recommendation, make sure you listen to the band’s music before signing the contract. If you cannot attend a live performance, ask for tapes of previous recordings. Just make sure that it has the same musicians who will be performing at your wedding. Discuss your song selection with the band leader and see if the band can comfortably handle it.

There are two main benefits to having a DJ—the cost and a guarantee of what you get. It is easier to select a DJ; you just have to just zero-in on a charismatic candidate who has the necessary musical equipment to play the music you want. Since the original tracks will be played, you needn’t worry about how it will sound. Even with the DJ, ask for a record of his previous performance, and make sure that you like the way he conducts it.

Either way,make sure that you entrust the task to professionals who handle their responsibilities seriously. Have all the details added to your contract, and discuss all possible concerns, to avoid any disappointments later.

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Finding the Perfect Music for your Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, one of the many portions of the ceremony that you will need to put focus on is the specific music that will be played at certain times. This music can be extremely important to both the bride and groom and it is best to come to an agreement on the music that will be played with your groom.

There are many different things that you should consider when you are selecting the music for your wedding. For example, the setting of your wedding may make a difference as to which music is allowed to be played. You may also need to consider the guests that will be in attendance and choose a selection that is suitable for them to hear. Regardless of your specific taste, it is a good idea to review the following tips before making your final decision on the music that will be played during your ceremony.

Consider the Venue

One of the most important considerations that you should make is where you will be getting married. Many churches require a certain style of music to be played and may request options that are religious friendly. You should get with your contact person at the church in order to determine what is allowed.

If you have not chosen a religious venue, it is likely that you will be able to have very few limits placed on the type of music that you have chosen. However, it is still best to select music that is not considered offensive so that the guests at your wedding do not feel uncomfortable.

Who will be singing the song?

It is also important to think about who you would like to sing the song. It is common for at least one solo artist to sing a song during a wedding and you should consider the person who you have in mind when selecting the music for them to sing. Make sure that they are comfortable singing the song that you have chosen and that it is an option that will work well with their voice.

Be Involved

If you have a wedding planner, it is likely that there are several areas of your wedding that do not require your personal attention. However, for this aspect, you will probably want to be personally involved because the music that is played during the ceremony can be very special to both the bride and groom. You should select music that is special to both you and the groom so that you will have the memories of your wedding whenever you hear the song in the future.


The music that is chosen for a wedding ceremony is something that should reflect the couple’s personalities and interests. It is intended to show how the couple feels about one another and to give them a moment to reflect on the day with one another. When you are ready to choose the perfect music for your wedding day, be sure to select music that will be memorable for both you and your new spouse.

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