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5 tips to make sure your wedding dress is sold online

Wedding dresses hold memories, but cannot always be kept forever. Many brides choose to sell their wedding dress after their weddings, and often do this online. There is huge demand for pre-loved wedding gowns and you can easily find a bride who can give your wedding dress another chance. Here are some tips that will help you make sure your wedding dress is sold online.

sell online

Get it cleaned and ready for sale as soon as possible

Nobody wants a wedding dress that looks shabby. Whether you intend to sell your dress or save it for yourself, get it cleaned immediately after the wedding. Wedding dresses should be professionally cleaned and boxed, so they do not age. If there are any stains, make sure you have it specifically targeted and your cleaner gets it out. Have it displayed in an attractive manner, so that your buyers feel you have taken the pains to care for your dress and they think it is a worthwhile investment.

Be reasonable with your price

Don’t expect to recoup the entire amount, even if you sell the dress just days after the wedding. The reason women look at used wedding dresses is to save cash this way, or else they would just go with a brand new one. The Daily mail suggests that used dresses be priced at 50% of their original cost, if they are in excellent condition and less than two years old. This way your buyer gets a better deal going with your gown, than choosing a similar one on sale.

Advertise in all the right places

Make sure that you place your ads wherever possible and with all the relevant details. You can never be sure of where brides will look for their dresses. Also, put aside some time when you can attend to potential buyers who want to look at the dress.

Support your advertisement with real photos

Brides searching for second hand dresses want to see a clean, well-maintained dress that they can use as such. So, post a few pictures of yourself wearing the gown and make sure that these pictures look good. The pictures that you post online should clearly show off the various features of the dress, including the details in the front and on the back. Have it taken without the veil or other accessories, and the pictures should be well-lit and clear. If there are any interesting details, like embellishments, add close-up pictures of them and supporting descriptions to make it more attractive.

Give plenty of information regarding the dress

List the information provided by the manufacturer, including the model number, original price and dress size. Also, write about any alterations you have made and whether they are reversible. If the dress has any damages or stains, make sure you mention that too. Buyers want to know all that they can about a dress before considering your offer, so the more details you provide the sooner they will be convinced whether they want the dress. If you are ready to negotiate, fix your limits so you don’t make a hasty sale that you will regret later.

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The Right steps to finding the Best wedding planner

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The term “wedding planner” broadly encompasses a number of services. Who you choose to hire for your wedding, should depend on what you want them to do. You can select between full service wedding planners and partial services. Either way, the final intention is to reduce your stress as the big day approaches, and have everything on track, in time.

We will now look at how you can find the right wedding planner from the numerous options available.

Full-service planner, a “day of” coordinator or Part-time Professional

If you want a professional to handle all the details of your wedding and you can afford it, choose a full-service planner. They will take care of all tasks including hiring and decorating the venue, creating invitations, booking the florists, caterers and band, all the way up to sending your thank you notes.

A day-of coordinator will take charge for everything on your actual wedding day. If you prefer to plan and execute everything yourself, but want help on the day, this is the ideal choice for you. Part-time professionals can help you perform chosen tasks. For example, you can hire them for décor suggestions, assistance with booking vendors etc. They charge a flat fee for the service they provide, and it is hence less expensive than a full-service planner.

Factors to account for when booking the service

The most important factor when booking a planner is your budget. A full-service planner is expensive, and they may cost up to 10 to 20% of your total budget. A “day-of” coordinator charges a flat fee for his job, and relieves you of the pressure of handling things on the day.

Compare costs of various planners and shortlist the option/options that seem ideal. Make sure that the names on the list are all professionals who are experienced and well-trained. The next part is conducting interviews to zero-in on the right choice.

Interviews and decisions

At the interview, obtain references of past weddings your wedding planner has conducted. Ask them how they work, how they handle emergencies and what ideas they can contribute to your wedding. The basic idea of this discussion is to determine how well the two of you can work together.

You will be spending a lot of time with your wedding planner, so it is important that you strike a rapport right from the start. You should be comfortable discussing your ideas, and he/she should welcome your ideas and be ready to build on it. If you are struggling to convince him/her of what you want, it is obviously not the right choice.

Discuss what will be included in the cost and make sure all the terms and conditions are included in the contract. Once you have finalized everything and your wedding planner has begun the planning process, be in touch regularly and ask for updates on the progress. With the right person to help you, you can be certain that your dream of having the perfect wedding will be realized with no difficulty.

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Choosing the right music for your wedding: Band or DJ

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Planning your wedding involves several decisions and choices, including the choice of music. The success of your wedding reception is greatly determined by the music for the event. You have to make the important choice: a live band or a DJ. So, which of these do you go for? Let us look at the pros and cons of both, to help you decide.

The importance of choosing the right kind of music

Music has the power to set the right tone for an event. The right choice would complement the theme of your wedding, and enhance the experience for you and your guests. To make this happen, you should be closely involved in selecting the tunes to be played.

Before you decide whether you want a band or a DJ, sit down with your partner and discuss the genre of music that should set the tone of the evening. As your guests will be from different age groups and with differing personalities, not all of them may enjoy the same music as you do. Make a list of your favorite numbers, and also include some popular tunes and traditional favorites. This way, there will be songs for everyone to tap their feet to. Both bands and DJ’s should be able to play a variety of tunes, so this shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate.

Live band or DJ: Making the decision

Once you have an idea of the music you want, it is time to decide who is to deliver it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages associated with bands and DJ’s.

The energy of a good band is far more than a DJ can generate. The quality of sound will be better, and a talented group of musicians can awe the crowd with their performance. Also,a group of performing musicians are a visual treat. But this comes at a price! Bands are costlier than DJ’s, so you should accommodate this factor into your wedding budget. Good bands are fully booked months in advance. So, if you intend to go with a live band, do your research ahead of time and book them early.

If you are going by a recommendation, make sure you listen to the band’s music before signing the contract. If you cannot attend a live performance, ask for tapes of previous recordings. Just make sure that it has the same musicians who will be performing at your wedding. Discuss your song selection with the band leader and see if the band can comfortably handle it.

There are two main benefits to having a DJ—the cost and a guarantee of what you get. It is easier to select a DJ; you just have to just zero-in on a charismatic candidate who has the necessary musical equipment to play the music you want. Since the original tracks will be played, you needn’t worry about how it will sound. Even with the DJ, ask for a record of his previous performance, and make sure that you like the way he conducts it.

Either way,make sure that you entrust the task to professionals who handle their responsibilities seriously. Have all the details added to your contract, and discuss all possible concerns, to avoid any disappointments later.

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