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5 tips to make sure your wedding dress is sold online

Wedding dresses hold memories, but cannot always be kept forever. Many brides choose to sell their wedding dress after their weddings, and often do this online. There is huge demand for pre-loved wedding gowns and you can easily find a bride who can give your wedding dress another chance. Here are some tips that will help you make sure your wedding dress is sold online.

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Get it cleaned and ready for sale as soon as possible

Nobody wants a wedding dress that looks shabby. Whether you intend to sell your dress or save it for yourself, get it cleaned immediately after the wedding. Wedding dresses should be professionally cleaned and boxed, so they do not age. If there are any stains, make sure you have it specifically targeted and your cleaner gets it out. Have it displayed in an attractive manner, so that your buyers feel you have taken the pains to care for your dress and they think it is a worthwhile investment.

Be reasonable with your price

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Don’t expect to recoup the entire amount, even if you sell the dress just days after the wedding. The reason women look at used wedding dresses is to save cash this way, or else they would just go with a brand new one. The Daily mail suggests that used dresses be priced at 50% of their original cost, if they are in excellent condition and less than two years old. This way your buyer gets a better deal going with your gown, than choosing a similar one on sale.

Advertise in all the right places

Make sure that you place your ads wherever possible and with all the relevant details. You can never be sure of where brides will look for their dresses. Also, put aside some time when you can attend to potential buyers who want to look at the dress.

Support your advertisement with real photos

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Brides searching for second hand dresses want to see a clean, well-maintained dress that they can use as such. So, post a few pictures of yourself wearing the gown and make sure that these pictures look good. The pictures that you post online should clearly show off the various features of the dress, including the details in the front and on the back. Have it taken without the veil or other accessories, and the pictures should be well-lit and clear. If there are any interesting details, like embellishments, add close-up pictures of them and supporting descriptions to make it more attractive.

Give plenty of information regarding the dress

List the information provided by the manufacturer, including the model number, original price and dress size. Also, write about any alterations you have made and whether they are reversible. If the dress has any damages or stains, make sure you mention that too. Buyers want to know all that they can about a dress before considering your offer, so the more details you provide the sooner they will be convinced whether they want the dress. If you are ready to negotiate, fix your limits so you don’t make a hasty sale that you will regret later.

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4 thoughts on “5 tips to make sure your wedding dress is sold online

  1. As long as the price is good and the photos make sense to the buyer, I cannot see any reason why the dress would not sell.

  2. I would always support my local shop before anywhere else. That is just how I was raised and it only makes sense that you give a little back to them as well.

  3. Photos are a must and do not forget to advertise it as many places as you can handle. The more eyes the better for you!

  4. It was easy for me. Dress off, dry cleaned, packed away until things were settled and then online and sold in about two weeks. Worked great and I felt good knowing someone else was able to enjoy it.

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