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What to look for when choosing your wedding shoes

Choosing the perfect shoes to go with your wedding dress can be a challenge. We have gathered some tips that will make you look amazing and will surely help your feet last throughout that special day!

1. Choose the right size

Getting the right shoe size is essential for your comfort – especially on occasions, when you’re expected to stand up or walk for long periods of time. Your best option is to try several sizes and make sure you’ve chosen the right one. Round and open-toed wedding shoes are the most comfortable pairs out there – stick with them to avoid getting sore toes.
Bear in mind that if you’re planning a summer wedding, you might need a slightly bigger size, as your feet will naturally swell a little.


2. Wear them before the occasion

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You’ve chosen the perfect pair of shoes and you feel comfortable in them – great! But as you know, new shoes can cause soreness or even hurt your fees in the beginning. That’s why is important to put on and wear your new shoes a few weeks before the big day. In this way, if you experience any type of discomfort, you’ll have enough time to make the necessary adjustments or stretch the shoes.

3. Stay away from high heels

Sure, 7-inch shoes might look great in the shop, but don’t get a pair for your wedding, unless you’re used to wearing them on a daily basis. Remember: you’ll spend most of the day walking, standing or dancing, so you need the most comfortable shoes you can possibly find. According to experts, the best heel size is 3 inch (7.5 cm) – it is still very elegant, yet comfortable and looks equally good on taller or petite women.


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4. Decorated shoes

They might look amazing but if your wedding dress is below your ankles or with floor-length, better stick with more simple models. Crystal encrusted or beaded shoes might damage your dress; however, if they are your dream shoes, you might want to run a piece of fabric, similar to that of your dress, over the shoe. If the fabric stays intact – great but this tip can save you a lot of troubles and embarrassment.


5. Take the shoes to the fitting

Your dressmaker will need to know the exact height of your shoes in order to match the dress length to them. Wear your shoes to the fitting to avoid any last minute panic. Also, buy your shoes in advance or check how long it will take for them to get delivered.

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If you’re still struggling with planning the perfect wedding or choosing the right dress – check for this and more great tips!

2 thoughts on “What to look for when choosing your wedding shoes

  1. You’ve included some good tips here. I never would have thought of beads or decorations on the shoes getting caught on the dress. I had a interesting shoe experience at my daughter’s wedding. I decided to wear some very high heels because they made my legs look good. I was not used to this kind of heel and within an hour my feet were killing me. Luckily I had brought another pair to dance in. They quickly became my emergency replacements.

    I noticed that for awhile the style in our area was for brides to wear cute white high top tennis shoes with their wedding dresses. I loved it! Did that catch on anywhere else or was it just Utah?

  2. I just found my dream pair of shoes, it was royal blue structural wonders and really look spectacular and fit on my feet. I really loved it!!!

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