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Cherishing the Elders: Tips to Ensure Your Older Guests Feel Valued and Comfortable at Your Wedding!

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When planning your wedding, you should ensure all your guests have fun and enjoy every moment. There may not be too many old people attending your wedding, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to set some time aside and make a few special arrangements for them. Here are the small things you can do to ensure they are comfortable.

Look at their stay and transportation.

When an older guest or couple confirms that they will be attending, you should check their accommodation and transportation plans with them. Give clear directions and share the schedule so they can plan their day properly.

You could lend a helping hand with transporting them to and from the venue, so they do not face any hassles getting there. Coordinate with other guests or put a bridal party member in charge of ensuring they are taken to and from the function. If the wedding and reception are at different locations and they have their vehicle, you could ask them to park at the reception venue and take them from there to the wedding venue and back.

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Check for disabled access at the venue.

It is a good idea to check ahead for wheelchair access at the venues. Similarly, if there is a staircase or narrow steps to climb, it is sensible to assign someone to assist your older guests to make it inside comfortably. If it is a church wedding, ask that they be seated at the ends of rows so it’s easier for them to settle in and step out. After the ceremony, make sure someone walks them out.

If your guests have to wait outside before they can enter the venue, make sure there are seating arrangements. Otherwise, ask them to arrive at the venue on time so they do not have to be kept standing.

Assign a bridesmaid or groomsman the duty of taking care of them.

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Put someone in charge of your elderly guests while they are at your wedding. Ensure that this is someone considerate and sensible and can help them appropriately. Please place them in charge of checking their charges regularly and ensuring everything they want is handled. When a particular person has to handle this responsibility, you know who to turn to should these guests need assistance.

Seat them with company.

Planing the seating arrangements so the older guests keep each other company is a good idea. At the reception, arrange comfortable couches in a warm area where they can relax and chat with each other if they do not want to dance. Have coffee and tea nearby so they can help themselves. Please encourage them to join you on the dance floor by including tunes in your playlist that they are likely to enjoy.

Be punctual and stick to your shared schedule so they do not have to wait around and become uncomfortable. Make sure they go home safely with fond memories of your big day.

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  1. This is a BIG one. There are many older folks in my family and his and it would be too bad if they were not having a great time like everyone else. Great tips!

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