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Personal gestures that mean a lot: Write your own Thank You notes

The gifts have begun arriving, and aren’t you a Happy Girl!

While receiving gifts is fun, do not forget the associated task of sending a thank you note for the thoughtful gifts you receive.

Your wedding can really drain you of all energy, and by the time you are settled into your newly married status, you may just have had enough of wedding-chores. It may seem a practical solution to get your thank you notes printed at a commercial service, and mail them to your wedding guests, but that doesn’t sound so thoughtful, does it?

There is an old-fashioned pleasure to sending a thank-you note, and the receiver will also appreciate your gesture. It isn’t impossible to do, and also conveys that you value your relationship with the person. So, make it a point to personally write your thank you notes and here are some tips to help you with it.

Send your thank you notes on time

Thank you notes have to be sent out soon after the gifts arrive, and you should make sure you do so within at least a month after your wedding. So, don’t postpone writing your notes, as it is easier to get through the list if you do so soon after you receive the gift. Make a list of who sent you what, and sit down to write your note soon after. You can either mail them all after the wedding, or send them out a few days after they arrive. If you are making use of stationery with your married name on it, make sure you do so only after you are married.

Use good quality stationery

Rather than getting the entire thank you message printed by a commercial vendor, have your fold-over notes printed with a monogram with your initials. Choose good quality paper in white or ivory, or heavy card stock and send your notes in style. You can even match the color to your wedding invitation or wedding color palette, so it forms a befitting conclusion to the rituals related to your wedding.Write with a good fountain pen or felt-tip pen, so it looks neat. Make sure you write the message yourself, and the receiver will be pleased you did so.

Keep it personal

Don’t rush through writing your notes, or use the same impersonal wordings for all. Find inspiration from samples on the internet, but make sure you make yours unique. Make it a ceremony, and do just a couple at a time. Write them when you are free and in a good mood, and make each one out separately.

Acknowledge the gift you received from the person, and convey your gratitude with a few simple words. This will help you remember the gift you received in the years to come, and also tell the sender that you genuinely appreciate their gesture. If you received cash, mention what you intend to use it for. Sign your name, stick the stamp and send it out.

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Romantic Garden Weddings

One of the most romantic wedding styles that you can choose is a garden wedding. However, since they are outdoors, there are always additional things that you need to plan for over the normal wedding planning items.

However, with a simple guide, you will be able to plan your beautiful outdoor wedding and have the most spectacular wedding ever.

Consider the Flowers


One of the best things about a garden wedding is the natural landscape that will be included in the wedding planning design. Usually, this will consist of tress, grass and flowers that are in season during the time of the wedding. The flowers are definitely something that you will need to consider because you may need to choose wedding colors that coordinate with them depending on how involved they are with the decorations.

The Weather


Another issue that you will find with outdoor weddings is that the weather can easily mess up even the best laid plans. However, there are ways that you can plan for this as well. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case the weather is uncooperative. Another idea, however, is to have a tent ready so that the wedding can be held as planned. Having a large supply of fancy umbrellas can also be a helpful addition if rain is in the forecast.



Keep in mind that you will need to plan a location that the musicians can set up in order to play for the wedding. Even if you are not having a live band, you will need to have a location that is flat and dry for the DJ to set up. It is also best to have this area be covered so that the musical equipment is kept safe and guests are able to enjoy your selections.

Wedding Dress


Another item that you will need to consider is the dress that you are wearing. While long dresses may be beautiful, they will also drag the ground. This means that there is a chance that mud, grass and other stains may appear on your dress. Instead, it is best to go with a dress that will not drag the ground and become damaged and dirty.

Winter Weddings


Think it’s too cold to have a winter garden wedding? Think again! Winter can make for a beautiful outdoor wedding complete with twinkling Christmas lights and a snow covered background. Of course, you will want to make sure that your guests are prepared for the cold. It may even be a good idea to have a tent with some space heaters available. However, if you are looking for a romantic and beautiful garden wedding, winter may be the perfect time to make it happen.

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5 last things to do on the day before your wedding

Your wedding day is finally here!

In the hectic pace of planning and arranging everything, you are likely to overlook some detail or the other. To avoid any last minute snags, here is a checklist of things to do the day before the wedding. Follow this and the last few hours leading up to your wedding will be relaxed with everything under control.

Put out your wedding dress and accessories

Not only should you lay out your wedding dress, you should also inspect every detail one last time. The last thing you want is to find a missing button on the morning of your wedding and panic over it. Do it the day before and you have plenty of time to fix any likely problems.

Also arrange all the things you need in the morning—your make-up, inner-wear, perfume and accessories in one place, so you needn’t run around searching for anything once you start dressing. Make sure that everything is arranged in a location, that nobody has access to, so nothing is tampered with.

Call your vendors for last-minute confirmations

Although you are certain that everything will go perfectly, you can still call up all the vendors and ensure everything is as per plan. If anything, it will put your mind at ease to know that everything is progressing smoothly, and not be worried of likely issues.

Hand over your emergency bridal kit to your MoH and run the plans by her

Every bride has to have an emergency bridal kit for any likely mishap on the wedding day. Put your kit together with all the essential fixes, and hand it over to your MoH the day-before, so she can carry it with her to the venue. Also, spend some time sharing notes over the duties of the bridesmaids and ensure that you and your MoH are on the same page. She can then see to it that the bridal party handles their responsibilities as per your expectations. Get your MoH to check that the bridesmaids are all set for your wedding day, their dresses are in order and they are aware of all other necessary details.

Prep your house and check with out-of-town guests

Photos will be taken from the moment you wake up on your wedding day. So, get your house looking great and neat on the day before, and you needn’t worry about it in the morning. Put out a few baskets to corral any strewn items and just tuck them into corners to sort out later. Also, co-ordinate with out-of-town guests and make sure they are where they ought to be. A good idea would be to entrust this responsibility to family or friends, and just check to see that everything is as per plan.

Spend some time relaxing on your own

You have a stressful day ahead, so make sure you get some “me” time the day before to relax and unwind. Indulge in a scented bath or home facial, listen to some calming music or take a nap. Imagine a perfect wedding day and it will be just that. Rejuvenate yourself and you will be ready for the long day ahead of you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Rehearsal Dinners

Typically, it is up to the groom’s family to plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner. Because the bride and her family will be mostly consumed with the wedding planning process, this is normally planned by the mother of the groom.

Some brides do not see the rehearsal dinner as an important part of the wedding. However, this is a great time to celebrate with the wedding party and to enjoy each other’s company before the big day. You will also need the time to practice for your wedding as well.



The first thing that must be decided when planning a rehearsal dinner is the budget that you have to work with. This will help to guide the remainder of the planning process. Usually, the more people that are planning to attend the rehearsal dinner, the larger your budget will need to be, so make sure that you have a guest list in mind when planning the rehearsal dinner.



Some decide that a theme is necessary for the wedding rehearsal, but this is not a requirement. If you are choosing a theme, you should select one that works with the wedding, but does not overshadow it. It may be helpful if you talk the theme over with the bride, because she may prefer something that completely contrasts with the theme of her wedding.



Next, you should select a venue. Sometimes, the best place to have the rehearsal dinner is at the wedding venue because this will make it easier for practicing purposes. However, many people also choose a location that is separate from the wedding planning process in order to make the rehearsal dinner special and unique. You may even make the decision to simply rent a special room at a local restaurant as well, but remember to plan ahead if this is the case.



Finally, you should decide what food will work the best for the dinner. You will probably want to talk this over with the bride so that you can make sure that the food you select will be something that she enjoys. Choosing a restaurant is a simple process because you will not need to worry with preparing food or having it brought in. However, if you choose to cater the event or prepare the food yourself, make sure that you have plenty for everyone and that there are plenty of dishes and serving utensils available.


The rehearsal dinner can be a fun event to be enjoyed by the entire wedding party. If you are planning a rehearsal dinner, be sure to consider the items above when you are going through the planning process. By planning ahead and developing a to do list, you will be able to eliminate much of the stress that is normally associated with rehearsal dinner planning

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