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Breaking Tradition: 5 Wedding Planning ‘Rules’ You’re Free to Overlook!

Traditional wedding planning was based on rules and even more rules. Luckily, we aren’t bound by endless customs and traditions when planning our wedding today. While it isn’t wise to toss all the rules, beliefs and wedding etiquette aside, few can be ignored so we can realize our vision of the perfect wedding.

So, what are they? Let us find out.

1.It is the bride’s family that pays


With weddings getting bigger and more expensive everyday, it is not such a good idea to place the entire financial burden on the bride’s family. The couple can sponsor their wedding themselves, rely on funds from the groom’s side or even split the expenses. What matters is that you have the desired wedding, not who pays for it. Also remember that it is only right that the people footing the bill have a say in how the wedding ought to be. So, if you and your parents or in-laws disagree on the guest list or wedding menu, try to find a compromise that works for everyone.

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2.Your wedding dress should be white

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Although white is the most popular option in wedding dress colors, you don’t need to choose it. In fact, white wedding dresses became popular only in the 19th century, before which, brides wore dresses in different colours. So, if you aren’t smitten with white, pick any colour that appeals to you.

3.The groom shouldn’t see the bride before the ceremony

This was believed to be bad luck. Superstitions aside, photographers today encourage couples to click a few pictures together before the ceremony. This allows them to get the best shots, when the bride’s makeup is fresh. It also allows them to effectively capture the first reaction of the groom when he sees his bride in her wedding attire. This is a memory that the couple will often cherish, and so this is a good way to do it right.

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4.You can have only one Maid of Honor 

More and more brides are now opting to have two Co-Maids of honor, if they have two favorite girlfriends. This makes sense, as it wouldn’t be nice to choose one over the other when both ladies are equally important to the bride. It is also more practical, as they can divide the bridesmaid’s duties and ensure everything sails smoothly, putting the bride’s mind at ease.

5.Weddings have to be expensive

Not necessarily. You can choose to keep the wedding small and meaningful if you do not have the budget for a big wedding. After all, it isn’t about throwing a big party or starting your life together on a big debt. It is about celebrating your love as a couple, with the people who matter most to you. Whether you can afford a wedding party with thousands of guests or you choose to get married with only your closest friends and family attending, you will still be pronounced man and wife. So, plan a wedding within your budget, and make sure you get the best deal you can afford.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Tradition: 5 Wedding Planning ‘Rules’ You’re Free to Overlook!

  1. There has always been an argument about who pays for what. What can’t it be split between both families?

  2. I guess if someone was going to pay for my wedding, I would have to allow them to have a say in how it was planned, right?

  3. Very good points. So many “traditions” have been slipped into a wedding it is hard to remember what you should do and things you can forget about.

  4. Perfect. My mom does not believe me about some of these. I will be sending this to her to read.

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